🌲 Welcome, from the new mod team! 🌲

  1. EXCELLENT!!!! Extremely loyal Bob Ross fan from childhood here! Agree with all above rules and yes, the Netflix documentary, while very upsetting, is necessary watching. Since we love Bob and Steve we cannot support anything that hurt them and only support Bob’s vision and his son Steve. I live very close to New Smyrna Beach and will be taking a class at Bob’s museum/workshop there. All Bob fans can Google it. It’s where Bob came from and ultimately returned with Alaska in between. “It’s your world and you can create anything you want in your world”. 🤗

  2. I'm happy to see that Bob Ross Inc won't be promoted anymore, nor will the merch. The ghouls behind that garbage are money-grubbing back-stabbers.

  3. I'm really happy to see this! I don't have the time to mod on my hands, but I'm excited to see a team that cares about Bob's wishes, legacy, and pushing back against BRI.

  4. I usually rebel against any mod and mod team because no sweaty nerd is going to get power over me after my time in Iraq. But you. I like you. I appreciate that you are taking the sub in this direction towards the family and away from bob ross inc. You have my support. I would love to join the mod team but I’m active on Reddit all of 10 mins a day when I’m pooping. But you bet this sub will be one I visit every time. Keep up the good work sir or madam.

  5. Thank you for these kind words :) I view being a mod as more owing a service to the community you love, rather than holding a power over them, and I hope I do not let you down!

  6. I don't agree with this, but if you're the mods, it's your call. Either way, hopefully this also will lead everyone here to stop bringing up that documentary every other post and make you the devil if you bought a Bob plushy. Look, I agree it's crappy his family lost the rights. But that's business and legal 101, and they all agreed to a 1/4 split without plans to ensure they kept ownership through family dynamics. And like it or not, their company and use of his likeness is probably THE reason a large amount of people are still being exposed to his amazing personality and work. It's made him into a continued cultural icon... More so than if we didn't see his image everywhere. And it's all the positives of his personality and life's work that get to keep being already to others in New generations. Would it be better to be an obscure thing no one knows about or gets to experience and fades away? You may think so, but I don't.

  7. If I can work backwards through your comment, you have some important points here that I would like to address...

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