Any good Korean restaurants around here?

  1. This sounds like the kinda place I am looking for. Will check it out, thanks! My kids love octopus and in the town we used to live in, the korean restaurant was so surprised the kids (age 3 and 6) wanted octopus that they just kept bringing them food to try. Every time we went it was our family + 5 staff having some random dinner together.

  2. Seoul kitchen, a cup of peace, and Korea house are all IN Boulder. If you’re Korean or from Cali you’ll be disappointed. (I’m Korean) Small portions and general quality is lacking. Check them out. I personally am a fan of Seoul kitchen. If you go to aurora you’ll have better luck. There’s a small Korean community there and they got some decent stuff.

  3. Thanks. I lived in korea for a number of years and am definitely challenged to find the same in the US. Every once in a while I stumble on a good authentic place.

  4. In 2017 there was a super bowl commercial for Verizon and a new phone, possibly the pixel, because it was Verizon + google.

  5. Yo! Can you write in Korean? I need to write a thoughtful personal letter to some native speakers and would prefer not to use Google translate. I have tried several different spots including a Korean language club and no one could help me. I will pay hard cash money.

  6. Is it associated with the Seoul Kitchen in Aurora? That place is really good. Though, I realize that’s a pretty common name for a Korean joint.

  7. Silla in Aurora is the best I’ve come across, mr Kim in Aurora also is pretty solid for kbbq.. mr Kim has much fresher never frozen meat being next to Pacific Ocean as their butcher.. silla has way better food (soups, seafood stews, kimchi/scallion/ seafood pancakes etc) but unfortunately they serve frozen meat which is noticeably just less ideal than mr Kim’s

  8. we just went there— definitely tasty, but not really authentic korean. A nice addition to the neighborhood though!

  9. IMO, the only good Korean food in Boulder is if someone knows how to cook it and invites you over.

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