Rian Johnson Planning to Write 'Knives Out 3' After New Year's - The second film, Glass Onion, is now in select theaters

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  2. Such a shame Glass Onion won’t get a physical release with a commentary track and some making of stuff. Knives Out had some great features on the disc.

  3. It’s might actually get one at some point. A lot of Netflix films have been getting blu-ray or 4K blu-ray releases from Criterion like The Irishman, The Power of the Dog and Roma. If they release it as well you can be sure it’ll have plenty of extras.

  4. I dont know why studios dont release special features like this to youtube. Making of documentaries were amazing during the DVD era. They caan make money on them on youtube and its free advertising for the film.

  5. I used to think there wasn’t much of a market for physical media anymore, but the last 6 months have taught me that notion is dead wrong. Now is it as big? No, definitely not, but people are still into it. Final Space is a show that I love dearly, and seeing that get tossed into oblivion has show me the true value of having physical media.

  6. Rian will likely do an “in-theater” commentary that he releases online - he did it with both Looper and Knives Out.

  7. Rian always does his own independent commentary regardless of the DVD (with the intention of you listening to it in-theater). I don't see why he wouldn't do it for this

  8. Why isn’t that stuff available from the streaming service? Are they really just withheld to encourage physical sales? Even iTunes purchases are often lacking in deeper tidbit stuff.

  9. I’ll be interested to see how he goes about keeping things fresh yet again for the third one. Without going into spoilers, these movies now clearly have a theme, but what separates Knives Out from Glass Onion is that one is a lot more about heritage whilst the other focuses upon opportunity in more ways than one.

  10. I heard speculation that if knives out was about old money, glass Onion about new money, KO3 would be about borrowed money and KO4 blue money

  11. Interesting, I actually felt like this movie utilized him mostly in the same way, minus most of the beginning of the movie (which admittedly might be what you’re referring to).

  12. I would love to see the next cast either be a group of strangers (on a train, or a boat etc), or spread across a town, with Blanc having to do more active investigation as part of the mystery.

  13. He wrote Glass Onion while he was on the awards trail for the first Knives Out. So it’s gonna be a similar thing where he’s writing the third film in between going to all these awards shows and parties.

  14. Watched Glass Onion today, it was fine. Didn't particularly like it tbh. But that being said, I hope he continues writing such original murder mystery movies.

  15. Yeah it fell a bit flat for me as well. I didn’t like how you couldn’t really solve the mystery because the film deliberately hid things from you. Knives Out 1 proudly gave you all the evidence you needed to crack the case before the climax.

  16. As someone who loved Knives Out, I loved Glass Onion even more. It was way funnier and I thought the pace was a lot better and he leaned into the campiness even more. 10/10 movie experience, I would gladly watch 5 more of these movies

  17. "Of course it'll get made. It's going to be the best Star Wars experience ever... As soon as I finish everything else I actually value."

  18. A couple of reviewers who are always very honest about their reviews have said that this is ok but not anywhere near as good as Knives Out. Just seemed that certain characters were over the top for the sake of being over the top.

  19. Just got home from the theatre. The first one was much better. Glass Onion had its moments but was too predictable and just not as fun as the first.

  20. I really excited for the Knives Out universe. I liked the first one quite a bit and can't wait for the second one. Bring it on, Rian Johnson!

  21. Sounds like the offer is still open on Lucasfilm’s end, but Johnson’s having too much fun making Knives Out movies. With the amount of money his Star Wars movie made and the great critical response, I don’t see his project getting dropped unless he drops it at this point.

  22. Orrrrrr hear me out, Daniel Craig, in space, same southern accent. But it’s all Star Wars on say like that stupid casino planet from TLJ. No context as to how Daniel Craig’s character got there, he just knows there’s a murder and he’s gotta solve it.

  23. I don't mind if he did star wars but only if what he did was its own thing, that is basically independent of the Skywalker saga or the series

  24. I actually enjoy TLJ, but I will say, I would infinitely prefer him keep making movies that interest him rather than bring him back to SW. Looper and Knives Out were so creative and interesting, I want him to make blockbusters fun and interesting again.

  25. Saw it at midnight last night and Rian Johnson showed up at the theater (Regal Union Square)! Sold out show, had a good time. I figured out the twist quicker than i did Knives Out but i think the writing was better in this one tbh despite some of the character acting being over the top

  26. I am again asking Rian Johnson to make a Knives Out movie where Mark Hamill plays the murder victim as the ultimate troll (and also because Mark Hamill would probably be awesome in one of these).

  27. Just saw Glass Onion and loved it just as much as the first movie. What happened to the planned sequel “Murder on the Mediterranean” where Daniel Craig played Blanc and his twin brother?

  28. Why do the studios let this talentless hack continue to make films. There are so many better writers out there, including writers of color. Send this milk toast mediocrity home.

  29. The headline for the post is the first that I’ve heard of a Knives Out sequel. Have I been living under a rock or are others in the dark?

  30. Dude, we had like two years of news that said: "X person is gonna be in Knives Out 2". It ended up being so much of them we figured half the world's population was going to star in that movie.

  31. it's been publicized, but you do have to be paying attention at the right time. Netflix wasn't pushing this movie as much as they probably should have at the start so it got a bit of a late bloom

  32. I think when the dust settles and we get new Star Wars movies, I can see Rian come back at around 2029-2031 with his trilogy.

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