Should I get the Geek Squad Insurance for A90J 65’’?

  1. Get it. It covers burn in, and not only is it the only place to do that, but burn in is also one of the few things you can control. When you’re getting a year or so towards the end of your contract, just let it burn in and claim it and you get your money back as a credit.

  2. Yep, got the 5 year on my X900F. A horizontal line appeared in the panel, called the geek squad warranty line, dude asked me to email a pic and five minutes later I had an eGift card for the RETAIL price of the tv when it was new. Not what I paid for it on sale, mind you. Sold the old TV to a friend (full disclosure on the line, which was only visible on solid, dark colors like red) and snagged a 65" x95j on sale.

  3. So are you saying that if I buy the 5 years insurance, I can just ask for a full store credit to buy a newer model between year 3 and year 5? I do need to show the burn in or other damages though.

  4. You have to account for warranty being part of the overall price. But to answer your question, yes you should get it because geek squad is one of the only ones that covers burn-in and just having peace of mind in case ANYTHING else happens is worth it.

  5. Isn’t 2 years a waste of money? Manufacturer covers the first year and most credit cards cover the second year. Years 3-5 may be worth it.

  6. I don’t know if you have the option, but when I bought my A8H I bought the Magnolia 5 year plan which was just a flat $250 and covered burn in. It’s essentially the exact same warranty as the GS one, it’s just not based on a percentage of purchase price. Look in to it.

  7. Yes, get it. Five years. Particularly if you want to upgrade in that time span. Something will malfunction on the TV, allowing you to upgrade under warranty. And, unless something's changed, BB warranties actually cover burn-in, so ...

  8. He'll yeah I bought my a8h with the 5 year. Even I wanted an a90j, I figured I'll just upgrade to a master series when it go out so I don't have to drop the whole 4 g's at once.

  9. You can 100% negotiate that price. The guy you’re talking to at Best Buy does not care what this might cost the company but they’ll get commissioned on the warranty. Work the price.

  10. Does it only work if I go to a Best Buy store in person? Does it work on the phone? I am planning to order it online and get the A90J delivered to my home.

  11. I’ve purchased many geek squad warranties, and I’ve negotiated all down to 50% but when you use it, the savings from the warranty will be deducted from the purchase price of the item.

  12. Consumer Reports and others say that if you buy extended warranties, you’ll pay more than the occasional repair or replacement would cost. I am not saying you should follow this advice; I merely present you with the information.

  13. Televisions break all the time, also if it doesn't you just find a way to fry it, because electrical surges are covered.

  14. It depends if it was a floor model, hell yeah. If it’s your secondary TV or very little hours being used daily on it, hell no.

  15. I always buy them on my main TVs and have used them for 2-3 main TVS i've bought in the last 10 years. They ask for a pic or come to your house and then give you store credit. They rarely fix TVs if ever. If this is your main TV which I assume it is then you're probably going to put some miles on it

  16. So are you saying that if I buy the 5 years insurance, I can just ask for a full store credit to buy a newer model between year 3 and year 5? I do need to show the burn in or other damages though.

  17. Either get the max coverage (5 years) or nothing at all IMO. The only attraction to it is that it covers burn in and basically means you don't have to worry about anything your whole use.

  18. That’s pretty steep. I would roll the dice at that point. Tv prices keep coming down and most people are ready for a upgrade with technology increases at the 5+ year mark anyway.

  19. So apparently Total Tech from Best Buy runs $200/year and everything you purchase from Best Buy receives receives Geek Squad

  20. You can usually haggle the price down for the 4 year one. I got 4 year for price of 2 on a tv and receiver on 2 seperate occasion in 2 different stores.

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