Hotel Marcel, originally the offices of the Armstrong Tire Company, Marcel Breuer & Robert Gatje, New Haven, CT, 1969.

  1. I've lived in the New Haven area all 30 years of my life and was always fascinated by this building. You bet your ass I booked a night in it despite living less than 10 miles away. Honestly, this building is probably single handedly responsible for my interest in brutalism.

  2. Me too, I was so curious about it for years, passing by when driving up north. I was able to find out info from Google and so happy that it was acquired by someone who appreciates and values the architecture!

  3. It’s so crazy when Reddit has photos of places you see all the time! This building has always intrigued me and I always wondered what it’s history was.

  4. I drove by that building a lot going between RI and MD in college. I always wondered what it was. Thanks OP!

  5. New Haven CT is a mecca for brutalist and modernist architecture. Louis Kahn, Gordon Bunshaft, Paul Rudolph, Eero Saarinen. Just amazing. Highly recommend!

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