What is your all time favorite season of Buffy?

  1. This is my wife’s absolute favorite moment / mic drop line in maybe any show or movie ever. She walks around quoting it a weird amount. You deserve an award for posting it!

  2. I like to think of it this way: season five is objectively the best season of Buffy and I would never say otherwise. But subjectively, three is my favorite because of Faith and so much more. These truths can coexist, imo :)

  3. Seasons 5 and 3 are definitely the best. They have the most solid, consistent storylines. I don’t why Season 4 is so hated though. Sure, Riley and Adam are pretty one-dimensional characters, but that doesn’t ruin the whole season. It was the funniest Season by far.

  4. Four, I think, has the weakest Season Wide plot, but the best Monsters of the Week. You've got Hush, Something Blue, Superstar, Sunday the Vampire, Ethan Rayne and Faith come back - it's all pretty fun!

  5. Wow. The results of this poll and the overall season rankings match my opinion completely. Thats a first!

  6. S6. It's super flawed and parts of it are legitimately awful. I don't like the finale much... and yet. It really meant something to me at the time. I think it's brave how they just let every character spiral into their worst selves. I love the way the season opens - it's all so harsh and terrible being without Buffy and then when she comes back we're feeling this total emptiness and discombobulation right along with her. Spike's 'every night I save you'. Actually pulling the musical episode off so well it set a benchmark for TV shows breaking format in that way. The intensity and brokeness of it all.

  7. I feel like I'm the only one who dislikes season 3. I actually can't stand Faith until she kind of gets her redemption arc on Angel.

  8. I like season 3 a lot, but I find myself tuning out a lot during that season on rewatches. It's season 4 through 6 where my attention is really grabbed, and I can't wait for the next episode. Starts at Harsh Light of Day and fizzles after Seeing Red, but that's my reasoning for always putting 4, 5, 6 over 2 and 3, despite the fact that both 2 and 3 are excellent television (to be fair, all seven seasons are excellent television).

  9. It was originally 3 but after rewatching I realised how sluggish the first half is, barely anything is going on until episode 14 “Bad Girls” that’s when the season is kicked into gear (for me).

  10. I voted for S2, the storyline with Angel turning evil just had me so shook when I first watched it & I’ll never forget how excited I was to see what happened next. I actually would nearly vote for S4 though, I think although the main story was a bit weak it has SO MANY great episodes in it. I love that season.

  11. I’m here for you on that. I think SOME!! And see I said some I’m not saying every person (a few of you have valid reasons) people just hate when something is ending, and from there you hate every single thing about it. MANNN!! S7 is no where near TRASH!!

  12. Yeah I have no clue how anyone could honestly think Season 6 is the best. Especially considering Season 6 being so dark and depressing was a big reason why SMG had enough and called it quits with season 7.

  13. S3 and S7, it’s a tie for me. COME AT ME ALL YOU WANT!! Mr.Trick, The mayor, Ethan Rayne, Faith,Oz, slayerfest 98, Graduation. Don’t get it twisted season 3 THE SHIT!!! But me I’m one for endings man, BECAUSE EVERYTHING HAS TO!!!! And for me S7 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 everything about it. FROM BENEATH YOU IT DEVOURS. Buffy getting her ASS KICKED!! By that ubervamp, getting kicked out her own house, Dawn actually not being annoying and helping somebody else when she realized she wasn’t a potential, Willow going to pick up faith outta no where, Willow pulling off a true power move and giving EVERY!! Potential actual slayer power,I LOVED IT!! It wasn’t S8 of thrones.

  14. Wow, my favorite seasons are almost exactly opposite to these results 😆 Season 4 is hilarious, surprised it's so low.

  15. I voted S02, but if I could cheat I would merge the second half of S02 with the whole of S03 and pick that lot.

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