I just got done watching Season 4 for the first time and…

  1. I love season four and how it doesn't feel like the gang is in high school anymore. The changes were refreshing and also made the gang more realistic.

  2. I so agree, season 4 is definitely one of my favorites. It's one of the consistently more funny seasons, and I really like the comedic side of Buffy. And I don't hate Riley as much as others do, and the severe faults that you can find with him later I think are mostly due to just shitty writing that makes no sense anyways so I pretty much just handwave a lot of it away.

  3. I've always thought that Season Four is the weakest with the Big Bad - no one, I think, particularly argues for Adam's charisma - but has some of the strongest character beats and Monsters of the Week. On just Hush, the Faith two-parter, and Superstar, it would be fantastic.

  4. My husband isn't a huge Buffy fan but he happened to watch Superstar with me. Now we'll randomly say "that Jonathan is so hot right now" lol

  5. It's a fun season and has some pretty great individual episodes. Plus this is peak Spike. Most people seem pretty down on the "Big Bad" of the season in the Initiative + Adam which I can understand, and many just don't like Riley so it sours the season for them. Hot take: Riley was the best partner for Buffy.

  6. They spent the whole next episode trying to explain to you why they couldn't revisit that idea in the future (though YMMV for how well they achieved the execution of that explanation).

  7. I feel like it’s a good comfort season cause the over arching arc isn’t that heavy or doesn’t need as much emotional investment as the others.

  8. People rejected the idea that Buffy could be with anyone else other than Angel. Riley was a replacement for Angel, and fans turned on the idea.

  9. Really? Is that why? I thought it was mostly because people didn't find the Initiative plotline very engaging.

  10. That's not it. I pretty much don't like any of Buffy's bf's. I suppose, on balance, Spike gets the win but mostly because he shows such real emotion.

  11. It suffered from a variety of different factors. It focuses mainly on a completely different setting (people hate change). Two characters who have/would have had major parts left with little-to-no notice, meaning that the writers were left scrambling to pick up the pieces of broken plot to find a working storyline. Spike is going through a weird transition period where he's all pathetic and neutered, which becomes fun later but is just blah when the plot device is finding its feet. As a result he, Giles and Xander are in a limbo where they can't really have plots revolve around them because they're not based on the main set, but they have to do something, so they're reduced to secondary or tertiary characters where needed, occasionally chiming in to do some big thing. And Riley ... doesn't have a hell of a lot of personality and often fails to entertainingly carry his half of plot. Where Boreanaz and Masters were charismatic and conflicted, Blucas often opted for the safer and more predictable way to play his character, failing to interest audiences.

  12. Yeah, I adore season 4 - it's one of my favorite seasons, and I have never gotten the dislike. I think a lot of folks on this thread are absolutely right that it was just a lot of change very fast in a way that alienated fans who don't like change. And of course it is definitely true that Adam is one of the weaker big bads, and if a memorable big bad is something that you really value in a season, I can understand why this one might not be for you.

  13. The big bad storyline fell a little flat for me, but it has some of my favourite stand-alone episodes, the Willow/Tara Romance, neutered-but-still-and-asshole Spike, Giles singing on multiple occasions, Anya becoming a member of the group, all of which I loved.

  14. Well yea it’s better than angel season 1 and take all these opinions with a grain of salt. Buffy is considered one of the greatest shows of all time so when ppl shit on it for whatever reason it’s just the internet and they prolly love that part of the show also. I think that the weakest point of the show by far is season 1 and that seasons 2-7 are the best tv I’ve ever seen but that doesn’t mean I don’t love season 1.

  15. THIS!!! The bane of every "high school" show is what to do when HS is over. 90210, Dawson's Creek...all struggled figuring out the post high school world. Some of the convoluted plot devices those shows came up with trying to get everyone in the same room were breathtaking lol. I thought BtVS did a pretty good job considering the loss of two mains being spun off (Angel and Cordie).

  16. I don’t think OP is trying to say Season 4 is the best season overall, only that it’s the best season so far, in her opinion, if she was comparing it against S1-3, so I don’t think there’s necessarily a need to debate why a later season is better if she’s specifically comparing S4 against S1-3. .

  17. Season four is completely fine in my opinion. It just gets hate coming off 2 and 3 which are so good. It honestly has some of the best episodes in the series. Even the overall arc isn't bad, Adam could've been better. Or if the actress playing Maggie didn't get a big head and want control over her characters arc as if she was a series regular or something. Also with Seth Green leaving and them having to quickly write him out I think they did pretty well considering two actors up and wanting to leave.

  18. The 'control over the character arc' thing was always a bit of Joss spin. What it appears to be in reality was that Crouse wanted to know where her character was going so that she could plan around parenting her daughters, and figure out scheduling and such.

  19. i haven't watched it in a while, so i'm not sure my memory is the best, but i still love giving opinions.. i don't hate the season. there were a lot of unlikeable characters for me, like riley, dr walsh etc. really didn't like the weird oz cheating moment? i liked the introduction of tara. spike was funny in that season. i liked seeing giles at his apartment and with a tiny tiny glimpse into his life, like his girlfriend for a moment. and i liked the environment change. maybe people didn't like the jump from hs to college and it felt too different, but i liked the new stuff. i really love the first (?) episode of buffy getting used to college life and definitely related to it when i started college, it was therapeutic to watch i guess, seeing someone else struggle and feel lonely/homesick and just overall confused. hush was a good episode too. not sure how i feel about adam as a villain, he was just alright. the focus felt more on college life to me, just because i personally couldn't care much about the initiative/adam. overall, not the season i think of as my favorite. but not my least favorite. good and bad episodes.

  20. I also really enjoyed season four! Although, it may be in part because I was also in college when I first saw it so to me it felt slightly more connected to the season. Not that my college experience included an Adam or the initiative. But there were definitely some Parker-typeesque situations that’s occurred lol

  21. I don't think there's a bad Buffy season tbh, people just like it more or less based on the tropes they like or dislike

  22. Whilst it's not my favourite season, I have always found season 4 very watchable. It would be my go to season if I wanted something on in the background or something to fall asleep to.

  23. S4 was weird for Buffy fans originally coming out of S1-3. I used to hate it but now I love it and it's one of the seasons that aged very well.

  24. I agree. It's my favorite season for all the reasons you list - there's a focus on fun, there's great pacing, different evolution of Buffy & Willow. I like the Initiative as a through line plot a lot.

  25. I feel the same way! Whats funny is that season 4 is where I initially stopped watching when it first aired. I was super team Angel and couldn't relate to the college storyline (I was just in high school at the time).

  26. Season 4’s individual episodes are the best of any season. Season 4 as a whole over arching plot isn’t very good IMO. Plus I do think you need to watch season 5 before you really see why no spoilers if you haven’t seen it

  27. Agreed, I love Season 4, I love the comedy of it and also the last episode. Beer Bad gets so much hate but I think it's hilarious.

  28. Adam and the initiative stuff was always out of place in the series and it has not aged well. I understand the writers wanted to put a modern spin on the supernatural stuff that would be at odds with what Buffy was accustomed to but it was just dumb and you can tell in the quality they had another plan for the story that they had to abandon last minute.

  29. I don't hate season 4, but it is my least favorite and I think for me it is a certain character I don't care for and the big bad wasn't as exciting to me as other seasons.

  30. Watching it when it was on air definitely shaped how i felt about the season. It seemed so anticlimactic and it was definitely a change from the previous seasons. There’s just a huge difference in how i experience a show like buffy irl/spaced out over years vs binging in a few months. That said I think it has some good qualities and episodes. I think Riley was boring and I didn’t love Tara at first (I don’t like “timid” types) I just think like most that the end seemed thrown together

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