Are curved monitors really that much better?

  1. Literally no noticeable difference after the first minutes of use. It's useful if you have an ultrawide and that's about it. I own 3 curved displays, and IMO it's almost entirely a marketing gimmick that only offers a noticeable benefit for screens wider than your immediate FOV.

  2. Not at all. I hate them. Especially if you want to watch movies on it from a distance. I had a 32inch with only 1800R, I was trying to watch a movie from like 2meters. I hated it. Imagine 1000R with 27inch or 32inch. So bad.

  3. They add a debatable “level of immersion” but the eye adapts to them quickly so it just becomes another monitor really. I had one but switched back to a normal one. Weirdly after using a curved monitor for so long the normal monitor looked like it was a reversed curve lol. Really weird

  4. Screw what everyone else says, yes it is a huge difference. It just feels more immersive and right compared to flat. I would highly recommend a curved monitor.

  5. Yes and no. It really does depend on the panel and monior size. Due to the fact that most of the curved monitors are using a TN or VA panel, they use the curvature because of the panel bad viewing angle, on this panel types the curved monitor is better but only for over 27 inch monitors. If you choose IPS which I would recommend it’s not worth it. Also take in consideration that the curved monitor will feel smaller and eill be harder to fit to your setup.

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