‘Counselor of the Year’ Busted for Child Porn Posed as Teen to Chat With Own Students, Feds Sa

  1. He’s got a promising career ahead of him in the Republican party. Maybe he can even be a supreme court justice.

  2. I bet the runner up is pissed and making discrete inquires about getting that award determination re-visited.

  3. As a male school social worker, I hope nothing but the worst for this piece of shit. Stories like this make doing my job so much harder. It's difficult enough to gain the trust of the families I work with, but then stories like this come out and suddenly working with kids as a male becomes suspect.

  4. I'm a male teacher, and I am right there with you. To abuse the trust between student and teacher (or in this case counselor) is heinous, and this infectious rectal polyp deserves to fall down an up escalator at just the right speed.

  5. She’s probably an antivaxer as well. For these people, it’s more important to never admit they are wrong or made a mistake than to protect themselves and their children from danger. Fucking hubris.

  6. I agree it'd have been way more fitting with Trump, but if he was honoured at the WH in 2016, it would still have been Obama, right?

  7. He’ll probably take 9 years in prison, get out after 4 for good behavior and then do it again. These sentences are never long or harsh enough.

  8. Why do these people save porn on their phones or computers or torrents? Is it not streamable like normal porn? Is it from the "dark web?"

  9. They build up collections that will get them into sites that will have larger collections. At least, that's what I've learned from various news sites that explain why people amass thousands, if not tens of thousands of photos/videos.

  10. Well, and they are (fortunately) dumb enough to expose themselves with their IP addresses when committing the crimes so that they can get caught (in his case: using Kik messenger on the phone, revealing his IP address)

  11. "West Virginia. Almost heaven." If I'm good, when I die I go to a place a little bit better than West Virginia?

  12. Not the point of the article but I always wondered if u started screen recording and opened Snapchat, if the person you were chatting with would know. Because if you take a screen shot of the chat it notifies them, but idk about a screen recording. Maybe that’s the work around?

  13. I haven't used snapchat in maybe a year and a half, but this is 100% how I used to save chats. It never notified them. Could have changed now though.

  14. How does he even get snap names, this fucking weirdo was literally asking for their names. Weirdo man

  15. There’s so many fucking pedophiles working in the school system actively. It upsets me so bad. For every time one of these guys is busted, 10 more are hiding in the shadows.

  16. Ours was one of the local hip youthgroup leaders. He was also a coach for a couple of sports. Everyone loved the guy and it was a bomb shell when this exact same news came out. Some of my friends were targeted by the guy with his fake Facebook profile.

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