Second British passenger reveals he and five F1 colleagues were ordered off Air Canada flight by police

  1. Why is it that the most heavily regulated industries are also the ones with the most abysmal customer service?

  2. In a word, competition. Heavily regulated industries tend to have high barriers to entry, which discourages new market entrants that might otherwise compete by offering better service. As things stand, there’s little business incentive for airlines, banks, telcos, etc. to meaningfully improve their level of service. If there was a business case for it, I have no doubt these companies could improve very quickly.

  3. I'm not saying they definitely were breaking the rules but just remember that pretty much everybody who was doing something wrong will say "I did nothing wrong" especially the kinds of people who get drunk and cause problems.

  4. So you think all 30 different people we’re all breaking some sort of rule that no one on the plane has come mount on said what it was that the airline can’t even say what it was?

  5. Among the passangers removed from a retired couple from the UK and a pregnant woman. Not exactly the loud, party type. A BC Couple was also removed while wearing N95 masks.

  6. F1 is the most exclusive motorsport in the world, there’s not a chance they’d risk their careers getting drunk and rowdy on a plane. These people are legitimate professionals I trust them over the clowns at Air Canada all day.

  7. Never use air canada if you can avoid using them , they are probably the worst aviation compagny in north america

  8. Ever flew with United, American or Delta? All major airliners suck in North America. I won't take air canada when I am going elsewhere than North America, but they are muchbetter than every major US airliners. If I am going elsewhere I will try to take Singapore airlines, Qatar or Emirate. But Air Canada is much better than the American airliners.

  9. Having flown United, Delta, Continental, Southwest, West Jet, and Porter, I disagree with this statement.

  10. I like Alaska for western-NA, Air Canada or Delta for US/Canada routes, Southwest for US domestic (that all-door loading tho), and Delta for long haul hops that connect through the US. But, if possible, I always fly long-haul with the Middle Eastern or Asian airlines. Emirates/Singapore/JAL/Qatar/etc.

  11. Look at the source, the Daily Mail. Take everything with a huge serving of salt. I can't believe that tabloid is allowed to be posted here.

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