Don’t forget to vote today for Cardano! We are now tied with Tron 😬🗳✅

  1. It means we will get more liquidity from the outside of our community. It means more exposure. It means more new comers. It means a larger community. It benefits all of us.

  2. i feel like this is a bullshit poll. ADA has been tied with Tron the entire time. within a point over the past week. I'm an ADA holder, but something is awry

  3. is there a reason why bitpay wouldn't look at this and decide to add both or even all three top voted-for coins?

  4. I will only If they remove Charles he is literally making things worst and have no clue how to help both investors and the project. He is totally lost in his delusions

  5. You can't post the link in the topic. It gets automatically deleted. You can just post it in a comment of somebody.

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