But it still works!

  1. I use dishwashing liquid to clean mine pretty much after every use. A thorough rinse, dry it in the oven, then a few seconds rubbing in some kind of cooking oil, and it's all good.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many different people on the internet and not all of them read the same thing.

  3. EDIT: This meme is just a joke. I'm making fun of some of the people on here who propagate the soap myth. I love this ongoing joke.

  4. Modern dish soap has no effect on seasoning, I swear I will die on this hill and it will be worth it. It will take any oil off, so you need to give it a light coating after it dries, but that's it.

  5. If we’re dying on the hill, let’s do it right. Modern dish DETERGENT won’t harm your pan. For soap to be soap, it has to undergo saponification, and the basic reaction during saponification (historically from the presence of lye) is what strips your pan.

  6. Uhh I use soap and water all the time and wipe with oil after im done. It's a cast iron pan not a surgical instrument. If season can't handle a little hot water and soap it's not seasoning your cleaning off.

  7. Yeah it's just a joke. I actually take really good care of mine. I'm just making fun of the puritans who treat cast iron like a religion. I just love this ongoing meme on this sub.

  8. No, because in a BBQ you are supposed to simply burn off whatever is stuck to the grates. Why scrub with soap & water when you can use fire? Lazy way == better way.

  9. Trying to be lazy by soaking cast iron does NOT work. Unless it's an unusually nasty burn-on, you're far better off using a scrub brush and hot water on it WHILE THE PAN IS STILL HOT. That's far away my preferred method. If I'm industrious, I'll give it a light wipe with Bacon Grease and heat it up again.

  10. Sometimes after something like steak I leave it to soak for five minutes in hot soapy water. Works for me!

  11. Modern dish soap has ZERO negative impacts on the seasoning. Whether or not you use it is fine, and up to preference, just don't want that old wives tale still spreading around :)

  12. This is a dumb meme and it's wrong. Everyone in this sub knows that you should clean your skillet

  13. I still don’t do proper cleaning with it cuz my grandmother taught me how she did it. Quite frankly, haven’t researched proper care either.

  14. Ngl. I wipe, oil, and call it good. Nothing sticks, ever. If it gets grody, I'll dawn and a scrubber. Oil, reheat, wipe. Done.

  15. I clean mine with butter. I get it ripping hot. Toss a cHunk of butter in there. Let it burn a tiny bit. Wipe it out. Done.

  16. I go on a 'run' with my cast irons. ie I'll use em for a few days then switch back to steel for a while.

  17. Seasoning is not the same thing as oil or grease. Yes it will take oil off the pan, you put it back on when it dries, but it won't do anything to the seasoning.

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