Poor Falco

  1. tbf there hasnt been a real "new" mario kart since like 2014. its not like they're pumpin em out every 2 years or anything.

  2. To be honest I'd like to see a game set in the F-Zero universe where Captain Falcon has long-since retired from the sport, and goes into MMA.

  3. I came here to say: He's a bounty hunter, right? He could've been bounty hunting all this time. Makes me wonder what they could do with a spin-off of that sort...

  4. I would atleast like a modern remaster of a game. I mean, what would they really change in a sequel, slightly faster mode?

  5. Oh my god.......Star Fox Racing!!!! You race Arwings. You can pick from Fox, Peppy, that dog, or Falco. Or the 4 members of star wolf. Plus banjo or kazooie, because fuck it.

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