Cmv: offspring should solely belong to the woman

  1. You Americans clearly do. Every time I try to say that hitting the is wrong, you would never hit someone else for discipline in your life. And they defend it

  2. Well, consider a young woman who has no useful family and no marketable job skills. She meets a guy; they have sex; he takes off. She decides not to get an abortion. A baby is born. Now not only does she have any money or any valuable skills, she also has little or no time to work.

  3. What about a situation where a woman has the child but wants nothing to do with the father, while the father wants to be in his kids life. If the child solely belongs to the women, wouldn’t that give her the right to keep her kid away from his father? I don’t think that is a fair for the willing fathers of the world as well as the single parent kids. I think stable willing fathers deserve some level of inherent custody of their kids. This is especially true in a situation where the father is more fit to parent. If a father want to be in my kids life, and his kid wants him in his life, the mother shouldn’t be able to Deny her kid the right to have a father.

  4. “To start off with, this post will revolve strongly around abortion, but that is not the topic I'm really discussing. This will be from a pro-choice view.”

  5. Setting aside the... strange choice of title, your argument seems to be about the perspective of the parents - It's the woman's choice whether or not to bring the child into the world, so if the father doesn't want the kid, why should they be on the hook for the kid?

  6. The woman doesn't have the autonomy to decide if she is ready for a child, she had the autonomy to decide she doesn't want to be pregnant, and the fact that this means she's not a mother is entirely irrelevant. Men have the same rights that women do, the right to bodily autonomy and therefore abortion, and should not get an extra additional right.

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