Musicals & Plays for 5y/o & under

  1. i almost never recommend aronoff shows for children under 13 unless they’re incredibly mature for their age. it’s hard for kids to sit still through the first half (usually hour and a half) then get a break and have to do it all over again for the second half. they’re bored. i sat next to a girl around 8 this week at My Fair Lady and she could not sit still, poor girl was bored to death. which is unfortunate for her, AND for all the people around her who miss parts of the show bc of talking, asking when it’s going to be over, asking questions about the show, wiggling, standing up and down, crinkling candy wrappers, etc.

  2. Whew! Thanks for the great response! I’m going to continue searching for JR shows and I’ll make sure to check out Cincinnati USA. Appreciate it!!

  3. Also interested in this and don’t have any tips, but wondering when and where the Moana Jr you mentioned is happening? Can’t find anything in web search

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