If you had to eat at one restaurant in Cincinnati for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

  1. I love delwood, especially those sauces. Id love to buy those by the bottle. But affordable? Their chx sandwiches are a bit on the small side for $12

  2. Man that fried fish is 👌🏻 a nice saltiness in the breading. I rave bout it for days when we’d go at work and get it. We’d get family style and always got at least 2 plates of it cause everyone gobbled it up.

  3. The governor in milford. Fun drinks, and different specials every day to keep it fresh, constantly revising the menu, and good brunch with rotating pancakes. May be biased because I love diners and always tell people I don't like weird food, I like normal food done weirdly and they have some of the best stuff in that category IMO.

  4. So damn difficult to get a reservation there on the weekends. I just made one today for a Sunday in October. They had one time slot left.

  5. I can confirm it is microwave food and the entire Carew tower is falling apart. Entire chef staff quit months ago.

  6. You're not. You're paying double what it costs at equally fine steak houses. Hell, pop on over to Walt's Hitching Post and tell me that Ruby's steaks are worth 50% more money.

  7. I’ve heard significantly more people say it’s overrated and overpriced than say it’s good and worth it so you definitely are not.

  8. I love this place so much, I go whenever I can. They’re double BLT is so good and I always plan on getting it, but every single time I pull up I start questioning if I actually want the chicken salad or egg salad instead lol every dang time.

  9. I’ll eat the gravy cheese fries and some Goetta every day no problem. We don’t even need to make it a hypothetical situation, I’ll eat there every day just cause.

  10. I had the Max Max and Consentino last time and thought they were good but not exceptional. Any other recommendations? I’m definitely down to go again and try something else

  11. One if the best pizzas in the city! But you have to remind them not to burn it. They use a brick oven so the pizzas can burn quick if they're busy and not paying attention.

  12. I'm a long time west sider and this might be sacrilegious to say but I never really understood the hype behind Price Hill Chili. It was solid don't get me wrong but it was never a place that I would think of when I wanted to go out to eat.

  13. Might sound weird but i still havent found a place that does breakfast better than the echo miss the place since moving

  14. I tried it back in April and it was the worst steak I ever have at a “nice” restaurant. The mussels were also terrible. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go.

  15. A little over five years ago, my fiancé accepted a job offer in Lexington, KY, and my employer had a branch down here I could easily transfer to. So we moved to Lexington. Every day since, I have pined for the Cincinnati food scene like a dog who’s owner died. Cherish everything you people have. In no particular order I miss: Anchor grill, Precinct, Greek to me Gordo’s Sugar and spice Riverside Korean Findlay market A taste of Belgium Cock and bull Skyline and White Castle (they have some here… it’s not the same) Hoffbrau Haus NOT TO MENTION Italian food fest, goettafest, taste of Cincinnati, Oktoberfest (both Covington and downtown branches)

  16. I know it's a lame answer, and it is INCREDIBLY overpriced for what it is, but I can eat Skyline Chili every day of the week and NEVER get tired of it. Only stipulation is that it must either be from the one on Colerain near Cross County or the one in Reading.

  17. I'd try and choose someplace with an expansive menu that tends to get all the dishes right. Maybe Tea N Bowl or Sichuan Chili.

  18. I will get shat on for this, but I’m going with Rooted Juicery + Kitchen. If I’m eating something everyday, it needs to be delicious but also not something I’ll need to be walked around on a dolly after having it a few weeks.

  19. I loved their sides and salads but I went there for the first time in my life at 29 and was expecting to be absolutely blown away. I’ve cooked up choice cuts that were comparable to Ruby’s. With that being said, I’ll 100% be going back, just for other food.

  20. What do you get? I used to go weekly when it was the OG Melt and was so excited to see Nepalese cuisine but I still haven’t gone 🥴

  21. Bangkok Bistro in Hyde Park. I already get carryout from there like twice a week, and there’s so many good dishes to choose from.

  22. Not technically Cincinnati but Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia is pretty good. Also love Price Hill chili for the nostalgia if nothing else. Delwood is great. Galactic Fried chicken has a limited menu, but it’s banging food and the owners are SO nice. Definitive everyday though? I LOVE Maplewood.

  23. I have to take a few factors into account. Do I eat for free? Is it one sole location, or do I have access to several of its a chain? If I could go to any location honestly I’d probably pick gold star. I prefer skyline, but gold star has a lot more different types of food in the menu then just chili. They have locations all over the city, as well as PBS so I’d always be close to one.

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