Your failures are your own old man!

  1. Out of curiosity, what are millennials and zoomers doing that others are not? I know a few and don't see any differences in life choices.

  2. Millennial: no kids, minimum consumption of all goods, i grow a garden, am growing mushrooms to replace meat in my diet, I maintain and keep my car with 150k miles on it going so I don’t have a payment.

  3. And I'm not trying to point fingers here. If you have any good ideas for what we commoners can do to change things, please let me know.

  4. Millennial here. My wife and I completely turned our life upside down in the last year once we started to grasp the full scale of the ecological predicament:

  5. occupy wall street popularized protest and solidfied the language of the 1% fucking the 99% into the cultural lexicon. ows was also mostly millenials. a lot of the revolutionary spirit of ows evolved into other movements like blm and indigenous pipeline resistance. unfortunately the unaddressed racism evolved into the maga bullshit. the zoomers were the ones mostly on the front lines during the uprisings last year.

  6. I'm a late millennial and I choose to not buy online whenever possible, I cut out certain foods that use way too much water, I try to limit my meat and I have one of the smaller garbage bin options for weekly pick up so I'm limiting how much I throw away.

  7. Millenials, zoomers, etc tec it is just a market segmentation, they tried to classify them by social psychology, but as you can perceive it may not be working, they have same life choices.

  8. Well I for one am in the process of establishing the first location of an organization I am hoping to grow into a nation wide dual power network

  9. Making tiktok videos and running onlyfans accounts. They’re totally going to save the world guys.

  10. Millennials and Zoomers can’t do much because the old fucks won’t stop clinging to power and your selfishness is killing us. Yes, you’ll die before the worst of climate change. Step aside and let the future control its fate gramps.

  11. This meme represents an immature tendency to blame older generations for our problems without acknowledging one's own contribution to the same problem in the present day.

  12. Life choices are irrelevant in stopping this. Your individual contribution is negligible compared to industrial emissions. The only life choice which can change things is choosing to force the system to stop

  13. Depends where you look around I guess. I certainly don't think all millenials or zoomers are making drastic changes, but that doesn't make for as good a meme

  14. There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: those who would sow division through artificial divisions of age, and the boomers.

  15. Really, I'd consider people with more years of pleasant life compared to younger people who are going to go through hell two seperate classes at this point. Rich in a different way.

  16. This whole thread feel like an attempt to misplace anger via agism, rather than blaming power. Like the majority of poor old fucks have anything to do with this. There are old with power and control and their are young with power and control.

  17. IIRC, there are studies about how the Roman Empire affected the global climate and surrounding ecology. Boomers as a political bloc might be less progressive but our impending extinction is an issue of civilization, not a few generations jumped up on their privilege.

  18. I'd give you a way to prove I ain't some psyops agent but I can't think of one that'd cut it. The post is just pointing out the frustration of boomer collapse users telling us younger kids there's no hope, after they've already enjoyed the nice times.

  19. Millennial checking in. We all fucked fam. Sorry. Unless you wanna start committing eco-terrorism, none of us have any chance

  20. Can we stop acting like these classes are so cut and dry? Some of each group feel/do the same thing like trying to make things better and some don’t care at all.

  21. Gen X here - we colored on both sides of the paper to “save the trees”. recycled newspapers in school contests and returned glass bottles for cash. After Atari we played outside, drank water from hoses. We ddnt have gogurts, single use plastics or even wore backpacks. Now - We have solar, hydroponic gardens & chkens. Gen X ers like & want change - being a “granola” “tree hugger” “garage”. Less talk, more do.

  22. You’re right, we didn’t have the lunchables and the gogurt packages filling up the landfills, but gen x are the ones buying that crap today.

  23. There were tons of backpacks when I grew up but the other stuff is sorta true but just like boomers only a segment was hippy, cruchy, etc, etc (so many names. with my ponytail and riding a bike I remember some preteens yelling out hipster to me. Thats what makes a hipster eh?). We got the slacker tag but can't say it was not well earned. It was more of a not going to do what we are supposed to rather than do nothing though. Lots of toys made of plastic. Especially action figures. Ill continue to do what I can but I have my limits. I will wager my lifestyle against any other american who is not old order or living at the dancing rabbit.

  24. FYI- half of Gen X is with y’all. We’ve been screaming about people throwing batteries in the regular trash and idiots dumping medication in the toilet our whole lives. We’ve been voting for people who claim to care about sustainability. Some of the boomers were the ones who used to chain themselves to trees to keep them from being cut down. I don’t see you guys out there doing that, so idk.

  25. I mean just the other week you had kids climbing mining equipment and welding themselves to train tracks here in Aus to shut down a power planet. It happens, it just isnt trendy news like it once was. This post is more directed at collapse people who's reaction to the situation is "lmao get fucked not our problem", not at people actually doing shit.

  26. I thought I'd be broad, a lot of the people on here that say us younger people have no chance aren't quite boomers but aren't quite millennials

  27. as others have more eloquently put, you are a fucking idiot. There is no fucking fixing it, most boomers don't believe in collapse (economic or climate) Gen-X especially the younger gen-x are just as equally fucked and will live long enough to watch the world burn.

  28. It does say that it's gen-Xers and boomers TALKING about collapse, not ones that aren't. And if you're gonna say there's no hope and not gonna do anything about it, well you're just as good as they are leaving us to die aren't you.

  29. My wife and I are GenX: We don't eat meat, I purposely did not have children, and we are practicing minimalists. We've developed a plan to go car free which is intended to be permanent in the next 2 years. We're also going on a serious flying diet, permanently. We are careful about what we buy and who we buy it from, avoiding places that have poor labor or environmental practices as best as we can. What else would you like me to do?

  30. Whoa whoa whoa....don't lump us Gen Xers in with those fuck bags!! We've been just as fucked as the rest of you by those guys AND we've been dealing with it for longer.

  31. yea, this. i cannot afford to buy a house 10 years ago. 10 years ago the same statement was true. the “dream” is like a dollar bill on a string that’s yanked ahead every time we ever came close to it.

  32. lol no, millennials and gen z will have it even worse. theres more of us, and we are younger, so we will live through the consequences for longer.

  33. Complaining about he problem while still living your life as a heavy consumer in the developed world and wishing you had more money so that you could do that even more is not "desperately trying to fix the situation."

  34. Damn, it sure does suck that young people want to be able to enjoy the luxury that their older generations had before them doesn't it.


  36. Thought I'd add them together cause a lot of the people who've just given up on us younger generations aren't quite boomers.

  37. Damage mitigation is something to work towards. Fair few people talking about how bad things will be don't even do that, leave it for us younger generations to do instead.

  38. Generational discrimination is lazy. There are good and bad people all over the age spectrum. Unite the former and call out the latter.

  39. I'm a gen x'r. I didn't make this problem, and I know no generation has the spine to fix it. Get fucked lol.

  40. Of age zoomer here, I welcome the collapse. No gods no masters, let’s burn this mother to the ground and piece it back together.

  41. Gen Xer here. Never learned to drive, never lived the suburban lifestyle, never had kids, gave up beef 20 years ago.

  42. Millennial here, someone is going to have to be dragged from a throne and publicly executed to even begin to unravel this ball of horseshit we call a society.

  43. I'd say that boomers and gen-xers on here aren't like this XD. They're more apathetic, which is just the equivalent of leaving us younger generations to die.

  44. There's a popular AskReddit thread happening currently. TONS of boomers and gen-x-ers saying "Oh well, I'll be dead." Fuck. You.

  45. Exactly. Same attitude exists on here. World's doomed younger generations are screwed. Since we're older should be make any big sacrifices in the name of the next generation? Nah, we'll be dead by then it's their problem.

  46. Don't try to fix it ,you must swim over to and behind the boomers ,an drown them as well... The future must be turned into the present.. they helped create it ,they are going to go through it ...sink them as well ,no mercy

  47. Which boomers and gen-xers have you been talking to? I would say a general apathy is more their style, not actively waiting for collapse.

  48. Fellow millennials, you're fooling yourselves. The boomers are right. There is no hope, save for the blessed fact that once this is all over, there will be no human suffering ever again.

  49. Then get to prepping. We can still keep trying to fix things. With prepping, you can make sure it won't hurt as much. There is still time.

  50. The truth is that if they had the money they would be doing the same as the boomers. You think rich millennials and zoomers are moderating their spending? Think again.

  51. You don't "fix" predicaments. You fix problems, you adapt to predicaments. By definition, anything you try to do to fix a predicament will make it worse.

  52. Maybe it's just because there's a vocal minority of gen-X and boomers who don't care about us younger generations who are upset about being called out :P

  53. You see kids there is this invisible force scientists call inertia & it's one of the most powerful things in the entire universe & no matter how many little memes are created inertia is going to turn all the humans into bug 'Splat!' on the windshield.

  54. Generation X shouldn’t be put on this meme. We’re the generation that has been most active in trying to reverse climate change. WTF are Zoomers and millennials doing, other than bitching about it?

  55. How you toss in the Gen xers? We never have two ducks about any of this pond just liked it neglected us

  56. im a millennial and fully on the side of inevitable collapse and no hope. enjoy life while i can mindset.

  57. Really though, the "enjoy life while I can" mindset is just going fuck everyone who isn't me, I don't care about their problems.

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