Billionaires racing to send exploration teams to find and extract rare earth minerals and oil from Greenland as glaciers rapidly melt.

  1. And just today, Reddit served me up an ad for a new "trading" service that lets you "invest" (i.e., wager) in predictions of natural disasters and other events.

  2. They're the psychopaths that haven't been able to rise to the top. At this point, I'm convinced a third of the population has these traits.

  3. The consequences of our industries have caused vast environmental destruction, so what should we do about it boys?

  4. Infinite growth is impossible when on a planet with finite resources. So once they reach the limit, the next step is to squeeze those below for all they're worth.

  5. It's too bad that "Greenland" doesn't just swallow up these invaders and ruin their missions. Imagine if the last contact was always just "We've landed, will check in later."

  6. Dammit. They're literally going to the lengths of the earth for the energy that is killing us. That's tweaker shit, and companies are both the dealer, and the asshole carpetsurfing for the last shard or piece of crack.

  7. Why not invest in asteroid mining if they are willing to spend massive amounts of money on rare earth minerals? My head is spinning. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

  8. Exactly, there's an astronomical (forgive the pun) amount of resources in our solar system, where they could pollute to their hearts' content.

  9. Maybe it was the plan all along? The Uber wealthy in the 30s thought hey If we can just get The world warmer and melt those caps the treasures will find! Put industrialization into overdrive boys!

  10. Obligatory comment: Related to collapse in the environmental field. Capitalist companies and billionaires are seizing the opportunity of our Earth's ice caps melting to make more money. Key figures such as Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and more, are taking part of and funding these resource-endeavors.

  11. Usually I don't comment on videos that say nothing in two sentences, but just wanted to point out that it could be more profitable to prop up share prices by announcing big discoveries now, than to actually mine and export rare earths in Greenland, which would require a bunch of new infrastructure, some sort of price competitiveness, etc.

  12. Billionaires are PSYCHOPATHS. There's been plenty of research done to establish this link. Capitalism is a system built by psychopaths which in turn rewards psychopathy.

  13. They could make their fortune much faster and trickle down far more good jobs if the Pentagon tried their nukes on Groenland so as to make the glaciers melt away sooner as well as to tell Putin they mean business.

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