Spot the six differences between the two panels! Reply, "got it" once you find all six.

  1. Oh wow, I used to do the Slylock Fox puzzles out of the Edmonton Journal every time I visited my Grandma as a kid!! Possibly even this exact puzzle?? Although I had to click on your profile to figure that out, at first I thought I was just having mad deja-vu. (Also, got all 6!)

  2. So nice that you have those memories reading my Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids puzzles and comics at your grandmother’s house! Makes me happy. And glad you solved all six tonight. All that practice growing up paid off! Ha!

  3. Thank you! I get paranoid about forgetting one or putting an extra one in! When you have done ad many of these as I have, it happens!

  4. You know what? I'm going to count the clock having its shade misaligned on the first picture as one cause it's taking me too long lol

  5. I feel this is building up to you posting one with only five differences and seeing how many people reply with "Got it!"

  6. I got it!! I kept looking at the apple juice in the fridge expecting it to be the difference but that wasn't it

  7. Got it! This is a good one! But I saw you mention in an earlier comment you sometimes create more and I think I found one but I don't know how to make a spoiler tag to tell you 😂

  8. Aaaaand finally got it. I'm honestly surprised which detail took me the longest to find. It seems like it was one of the more obvious ones

  9. Useless Life Pro Tip: if you can do those 3D magic eye puzzles, you can employ the same technique on images like this. When you cross your eyes, the differences will stand out in the composite center image. Ta-da. Now you can solve these in second.

  10. Got it, always enjoy these types of puzzles. My dad loves hidden object games. Sadly my mother hates me for introducing him to them and putting some on his computer. One Big Fish account sign up later and I think he currently has over 400 H O games... sorry not sorry mom 😁

  11. everyone got stuck on the last one but i was stuck at 4 for a long time then finally found it and then six (finally) not too long after lol. just had to keep pushing, and they clicked.

  12. Tilt phone sideways, un-cross your eyes so the images overlap, and you'll be able to see all 6 in less than a minute!

  13. Got it. but only after a major brain breakdown. This really brings back memories. Loved these in the local paper as a kid even though I seldom got them all. Awesome art!

  14. Wow, I always enjoyed the Sunday comics growing up, especially Slylock. How cool to see the actual artist here on Reddit!

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