It's that time of the year again

  1. Had this happen to me on Thursday. I was already stressed from a huge workload throughout the week and on Thursday morning got two new "drop everything this is your top priority" projects get assigned to me and both had to be done by EOD Friday. I won't get into details but both projects were time consuming, almost completely manual processes that would have been fine for a team but I'm one person. Long story short, I get it all done and sent off by 3 pm Friday.

  2. It's about time people start calling this what it is, lying. If something has to be done quickly, give me a reason and I'll make it a priority. If not, I'm going to make sure it's done to a high standard in a reasonable time.

  3. Had a client at my last job hounding us daily for a project that they'd only just ordered and which would be ready in two weeks. Sometimes multiple emails a day, at least one every single day, checking on our progress.

  4. The corporation I work for literally behaves like this but instead of clients it’s the nepotistic owner/CEO. He makes these weird and immediate demands for projects that then trickle down through management, who are all of course trained to not say anything besides “yes!”, and once the staff is burned out pushing through the project in an outrageously short time, it usually just sits in a shelf for a year or so, by which point most of the non-managerial staff has been cycled out and the whole process begins anew.

  5. Until 10 days later they say it's not right and you have to do it again on top of what you're already working on

  6. I don’t know, I once got that message after almost identical circumstances, only for the person to respond less than two hours later. Sometimes people continue to check their emails even when officially on holiday, especially if they said they wanted something on a particular date.

  7. Yup. Out of office, but still reply is not uncommon. The one that gets to me is the huge push to get something done and then when I ask about it days later they say they haven't even looked at it yet.

  8. Yeah same here. Also one morning a request came in that needed to be done in 24hrs. I didnt get a chance to do it that morning so I sent out an acknowledgement email in the afternoon just to let them know it would be done. I got their out of office for the week, so I relaxed. Next day, got a chaser.

  9. Ugh. I turn off all work-related notifications when I'm on vacation. If I can't get my mind off work for a couple of weeks, it's not a vacation.

  10. It's understandable that people want to wrap things up before vacation and might tie up a few loose ends in the early days of their time off so they can focus on relaxing.

  11. I busted my ass on my vacation, on a beach, for eight hours to finish a project for a client who dropped it on me that morning. Sent the finished project back and they say, “sorry, turns out it wasn’t a priority after all.” The upside was that I charged double my rate for that bullshit.

  12. I would never do that. The client can try the following: 1. eat my ass 2. stop being an ass 3. realize they don't even know what they want and leave me alone for a week

  13. Too relatable. First time this happened I kept a team of ~4 working until midnight to finish, only to find out it sat on my client's desk for 2 weeks untouched because they went on vacation and it "wasn't a priority" and my internal client didn't want to push back.

  14. This is why the client doesn't always get what they want. If you constantly bend over backwards for clients, the only thing you get is a broken back. Compromise is the root of any relationship, and if a client isn't willing to compromise or allow for reasonable expectations for output, then they're not worth the $$$$.

  15. The classic turn in assignment 1 milisecond late and you get failed on the class but then it takes the whole semester for them to grade it.

  16. Except at school you know what you have to do and by when weeks in advance, if you miss the deadline it's on you. Additionally, each student writes one paper, and the professor receives dozens to hundreds of papers to review

  17. Literally just finished a deployment on Friday that was the "get this done or the project is over" deadline. Felt this in my soul.

  18. From my experience, people usually want you to do a project ASAP and nag you about it several times during a single day, then you upload a WeTransfer or sth at 5:00 AM, and after two weeks they tell you to upload it again because the file expired and they haven't looked at it yet 🤷

  19. If I commit to a project delivered by X, you’ll get it by X. Doesn’t matter to me if you don’t actually need it. That was my commitment and whatever happens next I still delivered.

  20. I read this as client wanting this before vacation. "Before tomorrow" is before end of business day. Sending this at 11:59 is useless. Client has to look at this while on his vacation now.

  21. That's when you just relax for the next 10 days. If the recipient isn't going to be there, you can't do anything else.

  22. I work in marketing and handle creative projects for internal clients. These are departments within the company that need flyers, pamphlets, web pages, etc. I often get requests through Workfront that need to be done in less than 5 days and when I respond to get more information I get an out of office that they are on vacation for 5 days. It’s usually something attached to an executive so “it has to be done”. The client has to review the work before I can finalize it.

  23. Part of the problem is our tendency to not want to call out risk. If integrating a product is going to take one week, it's wise to set a deadline of two weeks for the constituent parts. In case one of them slips, you still have a chance to finish the product on time. But this relies on each individual's appetite for risk and is very inefficient, since ultimately there are very few true deadlines like Christmas.

  24. I procrastinated so hard on a science project that i only had a day and a half to start and finish it. It was a 6 page info-thingy about a charity. I crunched for hours, just getting it done, and i finally submitted it around 10 minutes before the deadline. I get to school on monday and since only three other people had finished it it was extended by a week. Then another week.

  25. In my career as a software engineer, I have never once stayed up late or all night working when it seemed dire and necessary and it ended up being necessary. Get your sleep. Take care of you. Run your process faithfully and don’t break yourself.

  26. Omg Hhahahaha this happens so much in sales like they’ll be all desperate to set up a demo and have a deadline then suddenly don’t even show up to the demo and have a vacation response

  27. In software dev and I'm glad I don't have to put up with this shit. My rules are firm: scope or deadline - choose one.

  28. Dont tomorrow is always questionable i always ask a time as well like 00.01 is tomorrow 12.00 is tomorrow And 17.00 is the end of tomorrow because i go home in time BYE!

  29. A boss did this to me once. I hadn't seen my sister in decades, and she was going to be in town one day on the weekend after some training seminar. I asked if I could take a day off on the weekend (this was a programming job), and he shook his head and said he really needed me to keep working.

  30. As someone who's worked at ad agencies, this happens all the time and it's infuriating. And yes, when they get back they ask for a shitload of changes and they HAVE to be done before OED. Fuckin' kill me now

  31. So, the guy in the picture sent the email AT NIGHT asking for the project to be finished before tomorrow.. so whoever get the email will have only some hours AT NIGHT non-office working hours to finish the project. Being more than once in the other side, i can say that this guy deserves way more punishing than a mild frustration.

  32. Remember: the business contact might be on PTO but their company might need the project. It's also possible that the person puts the automated reply, but the project is important enough that they can review while on PTO.

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