saw himself on confidentially incorrect, doubles down.

  1. I can't stomach all the tiktok shit that's everywhere now. It's like having a podcast for a minute if it didn't have an audience or anything to provide to society.

  2. The claim that "nobody describes themselves as having been born in the 1900s", even if true, has literally nothing to do with whether or not people actually were born in the 1900s. I mean, he probably doesn't describe himself as a crazed weirdo, but that has nothing to do with how true it is.

  3. That's also not the extent to which people were calling him out. The other reason was for thinking the 1900s were "Victorian," when the Victorian period ended January 22, 1901.

  4. I agree. When we are born, we aren’t 1 yet, we are in our first year though. It takes a year until we are one. A century takes well, a century to be a century old

  5. But if you're trying to describe someone born 20+ years ago, saying "born in the 1900s" is a pretty accurate was to phrase it. "The 1900s" covers the 90s, 90s, 70s, 60s.... all the things the guy in the video was listing off.

  6. It will become more prevalent as we move past mid-century. There were commonly references to "he/she/they were born in the 1800's or before the turn of the century" in the mid to late 1900's.

  7. I've been trying to explain to my 10 yo. why we don't refer to decades as the "1900's." I had to give up on him understanding, so yes, there is someone who does that. He does a great 1990's accent. It's a surfer dude.

  8. Also people refer to the 1600s, the 1700s, the 1800s to refer to when people were born. Her whole point was if you were born in the 1900s, meaning you are older than 22 years old (or whatever), you shouldn't be lying. So her point was completely legitimate, he just jumped the gun in trying to make a snarky "reaction video" putting down somebody and now everybody is laughing at him.

  9. He doesn’t care so much that he made a video explaining himself. That’s a lot of extra steps added to “I don’t care.”

  10. “I dOn’T cArE iF yOu BeLiEvE mE” says the dude who will definitely make another video tomorrow

  11. When I don’t care about something, I make sure I focus every ounce of attention I can muster on it. Don’t care? Ha, I dont care so much im going to make several videos about it. I lay awake at night rehearsing comebacks, practice my speech in he shower, and ask anyone who will listen for their thoughts on the matter, because I just soooooo don’t care. Haha like this doesn’t even matter to me right now! I even typed out this long winded comment just to show you how much I don’t care! Checkmate, you’re the loser, not me. I don’t even care about this anyways.

  12. Damn it… I made a Charles Manson joke on the other post, and got nothing. You’ve proven yourself my better.

  13. He's also wrong by saying they mean victorian, victorian age ended in 1901, which would leave 9 years in accounted and seeing he's being pedantic over the semantic I can be here as well.

  14. Yes! As someone born in the 60’s, I was fascinated that my great grandmothers (who were alive into the 70’s) were born in the 1800’s.

  15. in a sense he’s right, as a rule folks are more specific - because who is asking what century you were born in, it’s usually obvious - “which ‘20s tho?” is unlikely to be a question you need to ask

  16. That's pretty much it. He's not wrong technically, but he's kind of missing the whole point. I'm not sure if she did it on purpose, but part of what makes it so funny is that she ends up suggesting that anyone over 21 it doesn't really matter how old they are they are just ancient as f*** and might as well be walking around in top hats and waistcoats and corsets. It's probably why she was out on the internet. It's kind of funny to just lump everyone together like that. So he's not wrong but he's totally missing the subtlety

  17. Yea, he said "do we look victorian to you?" in the original video. When she said "1900s" he was thinking "19th century."

  18. I like how he filmed this in front of collectible comics that are in a place where the sunlight will absolutely fade them.

  19. I… get his point but he’s taking this -way- too seriously. It’s a generational thing, now that people born after the turn of the century reach adulthood. How they see the 1900s as ancient history is how my gen x generation saw anything that happened up until the 60s. There’s no way or reason to correct this way of phrasing either. Yes when my 1970s born ass said the 1900s it was referring to the turn and the early part of the 1900s, but the lexicon has changed. I’m sure my grandparents and great grandparents didn’t call the period of time at the turn of the century as the 1900s after all. That was something done in the latter half of the century. Now that the 1900s is over, the lexicon is changing again.

  20. Don't even think it's purely a generational thing. I was born in the 80s and I still consider the 1900's to refer to the century, in line with how we refer to older centuries.

  21. I'd say you sum it up pretty well. England gives rise to a certain kind of crank that this guy is very typical of.

  22. The British accent gives him +1 credibility but dressing like a homeless guy is a -1 and then the point he’s making is kinda meh so we’re back at having no opinion on any of this

  23. Dude, it's Reddit. It's the conversations you have in your head, between you and your friends, or between people in queue that you don't actually take to a debate. Half of the comments are just karma fodder and someone who thought up a funnier way of saying what someone else said. Get over it.

  24. Bullshit. He said "do we look victorian to you?" so he knows damn well he was thinking "the 1900s" was over a century ago.

  25. He is definitely wrong for hanging those comic books on a wall in a room with that much direct sunlight. Even in UV protected bags they will fade over not much time and be ruined.

  26. Might be a regional thing. I'm also from UK and if someone meant a specific decade they would never say the 1900's lol, we would say, as he had said the 90's, noughties, 20's etc

  27. While that's how most people go about it, it isn't wrong to refer to the 1900's as such. It is wrong to confuse the 19th century and the 1900's

  28. Oh yeah?? Well I think this man should narrate a video series about ancient history. So there.

  29. This is like the "wiping sitting down vs standing up" thing all over again. There's a group of people who use the 1900s to refer to a decade and another group who use it to refer to a century and we didn't know the other existed.

  30. People who refer to the 1900s as 1900-1909 are wrong though. 1900s is pronounced nineteen hundreds. The word "hundred" is in the name. It refers to a hundred year period.

  31. My kids say “your old, you were born last century! That was like last millennium?!” So I think I will refer to my self as being born in the 1900’s

  32. His comment is pretty much “I know you are but what am I?” I guess I missed the point of the first go-round, I thought it was posted in the confidentlyincorrect sub because of the girl’s comment, not his.

  33. He is technically correct in the sense that the Victoria era ended around 1901, which was a part of the same century that I was born in but only just.

  34. He doesn't care what we think so much that he has to tell us how much he doesn't care what we think? OK.

  35. I mean guess in modern times we dont but in the future people will describe the 90’s as part of the centuries just like how now we say the 1800, 1700, etc

  36. Thing is, he's half right, half wrong. We never referred to the 20th century as the 1900s, but that's because it's the most recent one and individual decades were still very relevant. We've always referred to the 19th century as the 1800s, or the 18th as the 1700s. Now that we're nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st century, individual decades of the 20th are beginning to lose relevance, especially to those born since it ended. It doesn't surprise me that the entire century is starting to be referred to as the 1900s, just like this century will eventually be referred to as the 2000s.

  37. He has the 19th century confused with the 1900 s. They are not the same! In the same way that a child living in his 1st year of life is not 1 years old. When he turns 1 year old he enters into his 2nd year of life. It’s that simple. I was born in the 20th century which means I was born in the 1900s. There I said it.

  38. No, this is a response to a response of a response. Original video was someone saying “respectfully, if you were born in the 1900’s etc etc” and he corrected them saying the 1900’s is 1900-1909 which is correct. Yes it can also mean the whole century but he doubts that’s what she meant and this sub tried to say he was wrong. Although you can see that lots of people myself included actually agree with him. I would never say I, nor my parents even, was “born in the 1900’s”. It’s a stupid linguistic technicality like “bi-monthly”.

  39. Who is arguing with this guy? It’s like talking politics with a far right wing American. They are idiots that will refuse to understand anything other than being offended.

  40. Remember the meme that went around a while ago that said men with really long hair are either super good looking or weird and you can tell by the kind of shoes they wear? I think we all know this guy ain’t wearing Vans lmao.

  41. The entire video, his right eyebrow was moving all over the place and his left was absolutely still. Looks like he's done this all his life to the point he has permanent wrinkles next to just one of his eyebrows.

  42. While I’m not going to claim Wikipedia is definitive or anything, the “1900s” article is about the decade, not the 20th century. While wiki doesn’t define reality, it does seem to reinforce the idea that the common usage of “1900s” would be to refer to a decade. Especially because we already have a phrase for the century (20th century).

  43. I kind of like how he says the internet thinks I'm stupid or whatever close to that. That's not a unique phrase usage. But it's kind of an interesting way of looking at how we think of the internet and those on it .

  44. He is getting 1900s and 19th century mixed up, which is funny because he ACTUALLY looks like he is from 19th century England. Especially in his original post. I thought that’s why he was so offended, and thick.

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