How do you diagnose less obvious problems?

  1. If it's the original fat model of the xbox one. Remove and then re-seat the front panel ribbon cable. If that cable is not seated right it will cause a no power issue. Make sure it's fully inserted and the small section sits past the connector and the connectors tab is seated all the way.

  2. That’s what a lot of people keep saying but I’ve unplugged it and plugged it in multiple times and nothing. I remember I found a place on the power switch board that when I ran my finger across it it turned on the console and right under it did the disk drive, but shortly after I found that out it stopped working. Maybe the whole front board isn’t correctly plugged in but I feel like I’ve disassembled and reassembled it between 5 and 10 times. This isn’t even my first time I have another Xbox One fat that I fixed completely and had no issues with.

  3. So I notice the light on the power supply is orange when it’s plugged into the Xbox that doesn’t work but turns white when plugged into a different Xbox even before it turns on. Does that mean anything?

  4. If the only real variable is being opened up and put back together, I would suspect static buildup. Open it back up and "lay on hands" on the PCB. I know it sounds like hokum, but I've seen it happen when working on PCs.

  5. The general rule in the somewhat common occurence of 'it worked until I took it apart and rebuilt it" is that you just didn't rebuild it properly. Whether it was to clean for dust or change thermal paste or change the HDD, it is almost certainly something you missed or did incorrectly in the process of rebuilding it than some major, accidental damage.

  6. I really wish it could be but I just did the whole process a couple more times and can’t find anything. I don’t know what I could be missing. Unless it has some other problem I’m stuck. I even took the front off the rest of the shell so I could plug it in easier.

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