Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: "Never ever use a vaccine that cannot block transmission when you are on the battleground. If you have a vaccine that can not prevent the transmission, you cannot control this pandemic. The virus will escape. You cannot win this. It's impossible."

  1. Not only that, but they'll ban you from several different subreddits for simply commenting on a subreddit that challenges the narrative.

  2. Should be obvious to anyone that microscopic germs can't be micro managed no matter how much power hungry corporations and politicians claim otherwise.

  3. Make a vaccine that doesn’t work, and then blame the people who called out the bullshit. THEY must be the reason our shot isn’t working

  4. Well, considering the alternative--no vaccine--you gotta run with something that will protect people from severe disease.

  5. Remember when people got three injections for polio and still got polio/transmitted it to anyone else? Me either.

  6. False. Sub is against mass human experimentation of the mRNA gene therapy jab. It's pro-effective-treatments, such as Ivermectin, zinc quercetin, monoclonal antibodies, HQC, vitamin D, etc etc.

  7. Oh, just like the measles vaccine. It neither blocks transmission, nor does it prevent infection. Yet it's spectacularly effective in preventing people getting sick from measles.

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