Dr. Peter McCullough: "[The suppression of early treatment] is the most cruel and inhumane thing I've ever seen in my life... I anticipate that crimes against humanity will be filed."

  1. Local stare national Politicians and state medical boards are accomplices to mass murder The are no legal defenses or qualified immunity here I’ve been saying this for a year.

  2. I love how the messaging here quickly shifts from "it's just the flu" to "mass murder" and then back again - ignoring the fact that these two ideas are mutually exclusive.

  3. Not likely when they control the courts, the governments, the media, social networks, and just about everything else....

  4. Preventative / early treatment for nearly everything is shit on in society . Ever try to convince someone to eat healthy and exercise ? Everyone wants a pill to fix their issue . This is a theme we’ve seen in society for a while now just dialed up to 11.

  5. Lame ass court systems where justice is the illusion and the process just an expensive way to extort the public, sort of like prisons which have become more of a criminal protection agency instead of something intended to protect the innocent from rabid animals.

  6. Mark your calendar for January 23rd, 2022 for the “Defeat the Mandates” for a march at 11:30 am ET from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial followed by a rally. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. along with many others will be addressing the crowd. We are going to come together – black, white and hispanic; vaccinated and unvaccinated; Democrats and Republicans – to fight for freedom and to march on Washington in peace. The discrimination against the unvaccinated is an assault against the very fabric that makes us a free, democratic society. Go to

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