Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: "There are certain [vaccine] lots that are extremely dangerous and lethal, deadly... There is no innocent explanation for this... This is compelling evidence for premeditated mass murder."

  1. There is more than enough evidence to put thousands of people behind bars or put to death for their crimes against humanity unfortunately we live in a country of laws with a broken and corrupt government judicial system and judges

  2. Heard something recently about ivermectin and heavy metal toxicity esp Mercury and that it possibly allows such heavy metals to cross the blood brain barrier. Some article talking about teslaphoresis

  3. Jessica Rose researched whether 5% of vax lots caused 100% of adverse events. The answer is "no," but she did document variability in adverse events between lots. Plus she has pretty diagrams!

  4. Hope she is in contact with Reiner. Wonder how the first group of researchers missed this. Is it because the batch numbers are incorrectly keyed into VAERS?

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