Dr. Peter Mccullough Becomes Emotional Speaking on the High Rate of Vaccine-Injured Myocarditis. "Under no circumstances, under any circumstances, should a young person ever receive one of these vaccines."

  1. I dont see how anyone would get their young kid vaccinated even with just a small chance of myocarditis. Risk/reward assessment just doesn't justify it.

  2. I disagree. The long term consequences to cognitive function as a result of getting COVID-19 are far worse than the minuscule chance of getting myocarditis. Especially when a recent meta analysis found:

  3. the former queensland chief medical officer, jeanette young, made a similar comment about not wanting to see an 18yo die from vaccine complications when the disease for which he is vaccinated is very unlikely to kill him in the first place

  4. My friend told me the other day It's morally deplorable to not get these vaccines. He's convinced they cause immunity and stop the spread. We all have to take them or we won't reach immunity. He's a smart guy too, or at least I thought.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Its nice we are finally getting more and more good info out and people with credentials speaking out. That is what will truly wake more people up id say

  6. What a clusterfuck group of lies presented by your link. It's like they are hiring 12 year olds now. They are getting desperate, that much is apparent.

  7. People in this sub also seem to have conveniently missed the joe rogan podcast where josh zepps refutes joe’s claims that more young people are getting myocarditis from the vaccine than covid, and then they pull up the evidence that shows the opposite is true.

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