BREAKING: The Supreme Court of the United States Has Overturned 1973's Roe V. Wade.

  1. The leak was to lock in the conservative opinion. Robert's wanted to limit it to the 15 weeks cut off which was the focus of the suit anyway.

  2. It's privacy in general they don't like. Not just medical/marital. Like the kind of privacy which would come in useful if the feds started creating a gun registry.

  3. I like how they waited until a Friday when they could have done this earlier in the week. Best riots happen on the weekends

  4. It’s all about timing and none of it is done on accident. I’d be willing to bet the leak was on purpose as well because they wanted to get people worked up on the issue before they ruled on it.

  5. Came to say the same thing. I wonder how soon pallets of bricks will start appearing on street corners.

  6. Riots are great PR to distract from the decision. I promise you, conservative media will endlessly shout if a protester so much as litters.

  7. Higher rents prices, higher gas prices plus inflation means we all have to get a 2nd & 3rd job to just eat and keep the lights on. We can’t afford to miss work in order to protest/march/riot….all by design

  8. And the people with power just sitting back laughing at all of the Americans fighting with each other over it

  9. Because they get to have as many abortions whenever and wherever they please without any consequence. "Rules for thee but not for me" every time with these human rights issues that only exist for the working class.

  10. Totally part of a calculated plan to play dominoes with the American psyche so everyone loses their shit. More shootings on the way and less food...

  11. That’s not exactly what it is. You still have the rights, you just don’t have to be read them when you’re being arrested.

  12. You’d have to be fucking stupid not to just shut up and call a lawyer anyway. Watch one episode of any of the dozens of crime dramas available and it becomes abundantly clear that you should do the bare minimum:

  13. No they didn’t. The Miranda rights still exist but was limited it what people can do. Failure of Miranda rights can no longer be used to sue police for failure to read them and you can’t use lack of Miranda be read to conclude a civil rights violation was committed. These are significant limitations but did not make in unconstitutional. Basically it still helps as a defense and evidence exclusion but no recourse to those that purposely don’t abide by Miranda.

  14. Both sides of the political isle are so funny. One side wanted forced vaccines and now they are demanding bodily autonomy. The other side cried about vaccine mandates but wants govt to decide what a woman does with her body.

  15. Well said. I didn't want mandated vaccines, let people decide. I didn't want any abortion ban either, let people have the freedom to decide

  16. At this point I’m convinced the United States government wants to watch the middle and lower class burn

  17. They need to realize that from a healthcare perspective this has only made pregnancy even more life threatening for the person. The most common cause of death in pregnant people is murder, most of the time by a man involved. And being illegal does not stop something happening, only that it happens in unregulated and unsafe conditions. Women are not once mentioned in the constitution and that fact is being thrown in our faces every day. I served in the United States army for 4 years and used to be proud of a country that doesn't even recognize me as a human being

  18. More division, more in fighting, more us and them. Seems pretty perfect if you ask me. They have us focused on this so we don’t focus on them.

  19. This is us focusing on them. There's a loud and over represented minority making decisions for everyone.

  20. Whatever it takes to keep the two party system in place. Every time it seems like the right and the left lose faith in their side, something like this comes up to rally the troops and divide everyone up again. Disrupt the two party system and the career politicians get voted out.

  21. This is all about division, the ones in charge couldn't give a shit about an unborn life, especially if that start going after other liberties.

  22. inb4 people celebrate the government removing rights from people, because that's always been a good thing and never opens the door to social movements involving removing more rights....

  23. The entire Roe v Wade stood on the government has no right to the information between you and your doctor. If this is no longer the case and the government does in fact have the right to forcefully obtain medical information then I'd like to be told directly instead of this argument being boiled down into prolife/pro choice

  24. Y’all are absolutely right that this is manufactured but not in the way y’all are thinking. For the last couple decades, Christian fundamentalism has taken a hold of primarily the right wing of the United States. Essentially, this has bred a new political philosophy of Christian fascism. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is the party of the technocrats and corporate “woke” but still capitalist nonetheless. The common people? They’re going to get fucked by further limitations to bodily choices, to a culture war that has been brewing since the civil war, we must unite to remove the hatred of partisan politics and figure out how to work together to solve our fiscal problems and provide equity to all the working class.

  25. In the case of etopic pregnancies/increadibly young pregnancy/rape, can't they just use castle doctrine? If the fetus creates a clear risk to life, surely the woman is entitled to self defence?

  26. Well, time to rip my uterus out and sacrifice it to some ancient god or goddess that is pro woman and ask for help

  27. This is the type of stuff we need to be noticing + sharing with others. This ruling is just the main attraction, designed to get attention. The real stuff is happening behind the curtains; this event leads to another + another. Just more astrology, HD, magick + esoteric meanings behind it all.

  28. I agree and I got the vaccine, people should feel safe getting it and if they don’t then I don’t see a reason it should be forced on them.

  29. I completely agree. All medical procedures should be informed and decided by the person who body it is. It's been a dark couple of years and it's just been getting worse

  30. I think we are way past fixing anything. Votes don’t matter, same people are going to pull the same stunts, red/blue - doesn’t matter. No one cares about Americans anymore

  31. I’m ok with abortions if you’re ok with me not injecting experimental vaccines in my body. I personally couldn’t give a shit what anyone else does. I think drugs should be legal too. You want to take them go for it. I don’t care just leave me alone.

  32. To be fair, the ruling didn’t make abortion illegal across the country, they just ruled that the constitution doesn’t give the federal government the power to regulate abortion, so it is up the the voters in each state to determine their own rules

  33. Yea this is where I'm at. It's infuriating watching the hypocrisy from both sides. It's mind boggling to me how many people still faithfully adhere to the 2 main political parties in this country.

  34. Isn’t that already established in law though? You have the right to not get vaccinated. Even the OSHA rule was struck down by the Supreme Court earlier this year.

  35. In case anyone needs a submission statement or needs me to hold their hand and explain why this is a conspiracy, they are coming for more rights next. Thomas used this decision to call for the revisiting of contraceptive rights, gay marriage rights, and your right to privacy in the bedroom. Unelected representatives taking away rights should concern everyone, especially people in this sub.

  36. I wonder why he left off interracial marriage, wouldn't overruling that follow the same logic as the others?

  37. “When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.”

  38. Whether you are for against abortion all this achieves is it makes safe abortions harder to find. Until the underlying issues that drive need for abortions women will continue to seek them out. The real kicker here is that one of the leading drivers of abortions is financial constraint, so all America has achieved here is to put more lives at risk, by forcing those cannot afford to travel to a location for a safe abortion to have to risk illegal underground abortions.

  39. This is just doomer speak. Somebody in 1960 was saying the same thing about nukes. Sebodybin 1940 said the same thing about the wars. Somebody in 1812 saw the British fleet and said the same thing.

  40. Probably to distract from something.............. But what?? What's current thats super important that no news channel is covering? 🤔🧐

  41. Let me pull up the list of conspiracies for the month.... I think today is, "Torturing people with beam weapons remotely".

  42. Well the report of the meme stock debacle was released today and showed the financial system as we know it is a complete and utter fraud.

  43. They want to force poor people to have poor babies because more people = cheaper labor for their corporate sponsors.

  44. It means that is up to the state to decide whether abortion will be legal or not in their state. So there will still be states where people can get abortions. On the flip side there are plenty of states that will severely restrict the guidelines to getting an abortion if not outright banning it.

  45. It means individual states can ban abortion. Federal protection is no longer. It is still legal in states that make it legal--- basically "blue states."

  46. They’re trying to push people to their limit. Imagine the anger of 2020 but now add the fact that everyone is living paycheck to paycheck. This is going to get ugly.

  47. Some context that might help some people to understand what's happening here: the way the Founding Fathers set up our country's government, each state is basically its own country, capable of setting its own laws. They reasoned that the people in Vermont, for example, may well have different ideas and values from people in Virginia. Since we were founded on the principle of being a country by, for, and of The People, the people of each state would be able to set their own laws to reflect their own customs.

  48. I agree and want to further your argument. The original Roe v. Wade decision was predicated on a really weak reading of the 14th Amendment. When you're relying on the "penumbra" of the Constitution, (i.e. the soft shadow outside the main shadow cast by a light. This word was also used in the original analysis that led to the decision at first) you're not on very stable ground.

  49. Pelosi has been in congress since 1987. She and other legislators could have passed federal abortion laws numerous time. And they didn't.

  50. This is a fine but conservative take. It falls apart for me when you say each state is it’s own separate country. While that is true, each state is also part of the whole. The beauty of the constitution is that it allows simultaneously competing governments to cooperate for the betterment of the whole. Importantly, there are many federal laws that prevent states from acting in a certain way, for the specific reason of keeping the people as a whole more free. That is, many federal laws prevent states from enacting laws that curtail American’s rights. So Roe v Wade is NOT federal government interfering in peoples lives, it is in fact the very opposite. Roe v wade was the federal government telling states that they cannot infringe on American’s rights, until viability. It allowed the states to enact laws, while at least making the states give Americans some time to choose for themselves. But what we have now in individual states is exactly what you’ve described Canada as. Canada is subject to a queen. Well now states are subject to their governor and state legislator which seems to be filling up with people very ignorant of the law. Of course anyone can just move to a different part of the country where they like the laws right? Well that’s not the America I know, where everyone has the same basic rights. And while some may move to a new place, many do not have the means.

  51. I think you’re off by a lot comparing Canada vs the US when it comes to rights. Both countries have constitutions and a bill/charter of rights. Both can be amended, changed or wholly thrown out by virtue of the directions in those same documents.

  52. Sure, but there's at least a dozen states that already have extremely restrictive abortion laws ready to go. Some of them probably are in effect already.

  53. Yea I don’t like the government telling us what we can’t do with our bodies. I am against stupid vaccine mandates and this. Less government in my life the better.

  54. The decision is crazy enough, the signal in the decision that the SC will potentially go after contraception and gay rights next is even crazier. But not unexpected given the conservative mindset on those issue.

  55. They’re wanting to raise population levels for the upcoming resource wars that are going to be caused by climate change. Also with the economy going the direction it is the military will probably be one of the better looking options for young adults., especially those in poverty stricken conditions.

  56. At the end of the day people should have control over their bodies even if you may think it’s morally wrong. Abortions, vaccines, sex change, etc. What you do to your body is none of my business.

  57. Just totally energized the Dems. What probably would have been a good mid term for the GOP will be a bit more in question.

  58. Wow!! Sitting back and watching people completely flip out and loose their minds over this. Just as people were beginning to unite over covid mandates .

  59. Josh Hawley explained it: They want liberals to move away from purple states and into blue states so that the Republicans' electoral college advantage gets bigger.

  60. This sub doesn't want the government to force you to have a vaccine, but does want the government to force women to have a baby.

  61. From a conspiracy standpoint I’m pretty confused about why the government wants more middle and lower class babies.

  62. First, the Supreme Court made it an individual person’s decision, and now they are making it the government’s decision, and people are happy about that? Not to mention the fact this was a huge blow to our right to privacy. It’s all bad and a lot of people are cheering it on. Pretty crazy.

  63. My heart goes out to the children that will be born into families that didn’t necessarily plan for them. Leads to neglect :(

  64. Well Portland will burn tonight. Great, and here we just finally got most of the boards down, windows fixed and damaged undone from the last peaceful protests.

  65. I don't understand this is it legal or illegal now? If it's up to the individual states then what's the big deal?

  66. I’ll just say this, the government shouldn’t say what you can or can’t do with your bodies. Whether it’s abortions, vaccines, or whatever else, no one should be forced to do something they don’t want. This is why I can’t support any political party. Also, this ruling gives the states the right to choose. So if you’re unhappy with the ruling, work to elevate good candidates in your state and help them get into positions of power.

  67. The pro and anti people need to come to a compromise on allowing abortions till the first 3 months or something like that.

  68. This is a midterm preparatory ruling and nothing more. With Biden's numbers tanking because he's a useless and worthless piece of shit, this was orchestrated to ensure that as many people as possible will believe the outcome of the midterms, regardless of the fuckery involved. Because economy and citizen security pale in comparison to individual bodily autonomy.

  69. Thank you Mr. Trump for the 3 SCOTUS judges you installed to make this day possible!

  70. If one political party does something so egregious that no one will associate with them, it will drive the United States into a one party system that no one can disobey.

  71. So then do the right to lifers not see this? They see it as a victory yes but do they not see the real issue ? I don't get it… Maybe they just don't expand their knowledge of other things that pertain to this issue because they're so focused one thing because I don't see this as too much of a victory and they do the right to lifers that is... I'm pro life but I don't see it as much of a celebration just because I know the underlying truth I guess??? I don't know:(

  72. "Body Farming" Birth rates were down 20% in 2020. We are in such a dire place with the economy that our government is forcing births to re populate the work force.

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