Reddit has become haven for gangs of bullies with snarky, smarmy, smug attitudes. This is straight-up demonic, anti-human behavior, and evil, yet they pretend to be on the side of good. Pull your massive heads out of your own asses: being a bully doesn't make you right even if others join you.

  1. Lemme fix this for you. The “Internet” has become a haven…people just suck and the web is the loud speaker for the fools

  2. Yes. The internet has become extremely tribalized with pretty well everyone doing this to each other. Little echo chamber teams.

  3. I truly beleive this is where the whole woke and cancel culture thing comea from. A very small percentage of the population buys into that shit but they also happen to be some of the most active people on the internet and others mimic them out of fear of being targeted. If social media didnt exist then neither would cancel culture.

  4. Try caring less about social media/internet discourse and you’ll be absolutely fine. Relax

  5. glad you found this subreddit, where public manic episodes are celebrated as long as you mention conservative talking points in run on sentences

  6. Don't forget the clueless triggered goofs who hallucinate everything is about liberal vs conservative and can't actually objectively analyze corruption (or anything!).

  7. Well you're not wrong at all, this is something I've noticed growing up. Many, if not most do NOT read the bible and simply spend an hour or so at church every Sunday (The first day of the week) and proceed to act like jerks and assholes throughout the days after. Where is their faith? Do they not know that every moment is subject to Him? They act as if they don't, is that faith? Are they believers to begin with?

  8. This should be the top comment on this thread. You have seen clearly through some type of conflict narrative. Keep sharpening those perception skills!

  9. You had me till the end. I agree with your message in general. Jesus is apparently who you worship, but this certainly doesn't hold for many, and many of those who it does not hold for are just as if not more honorable and holy still.

  10. the issue with it ending that way is that it betrays the rest of his message, it shows that it isn't speaking in general to everyone, it's speaking to people who disagree with what he believes

  11. "How dare you demonic bullies do antihuman activities. Can't you see you're not in the good side, you're on the evil side, with Satan?! Clearly I'm the good guy, just trying to help you people."

  12. Um... this is the internet we're talking about: What did anyone expect? It's a place for everyone, always had those aspects too and always will have them.

  13. The existence of a global communication network doesn't give you the right to treat someone poorly, in fact it gives you even more reason to behave properly.

  14. If you believe in God but vote in politicians who refuse to help the poor then you have turned your back on Jesus

  15. Speaking of conspiracies, why are we acting as though religion is the touchstone of truth and Justice? Religion is the most destructive conspiracy ever invented.

  16. It’s not a problem as long as you stick to subreddits that you’re actually aligned with. There will always be trolls but they’re a minority and that’s what the down arrow and mods are there for. Steer clear of the huge subs aimed at a general audience. They always argue.

  17. Are you sure that you don't have psychosis or schizophrenia? Because your big mad, like big crybaby mad. God doesn't like wussies.

  18. You almost made a bit of sense until you started using pointless and nonsense words like demonic and the religious bullshit. Are you a peasant in the 9th century, illiterate and naive? That's the kind of thing brainwashed cultists say after an entire life of indoctrination. Pedal your religious nonsense elsewhere.

  19. As soon as you called it demonic, I knew you were incapable of having an intelligent discussion. Sometimes I’m still shocked at how many modern humans still believe the Middle Ages shit. Good luck buddy. Try reading more books.

  20. You shouldn't allow a bunch of people who you don't even know affect you to this extreme. Try stepping away from the keyboard and start interacting with the general public. You will see that real life is much different than what is portrayed on social media.

  21. So, someone said something that made you feel bad huh? So you wrote all that? I just go play outside. Typically when the playground has bullies. I don't go. I certainly wouldn't stand at the top of the slide and say what you said..

  22. This is big in the conservative playbook. Make a fake enemy, pretend you’re being persecuted for your common belief, and play the victim card.

  23. See, here's the thing: you don't get to spout nonsensical theories that have been disproven time and time again, continue to deny the evidence against it when presented with it, and then when people tire of explaining it to you and dismiss you say "I'm being bullied! Be nice to me!!"

  24. Why does it always come down to god... This is just your religion. There are a bunch of people who believe in different religions - so what? Some people aren't sure, and some people believe all of them are fake. Again, so what?

  25. At least you can sign out. Some of us have to deal with Christofascists trying to force their religion down our throats irl

  26. So everyone else is the problem? It's not just you? Reddit works on a democratic system of likes, so I suppose none of that would make sense to you. Keep crying snowflake, you aren't special.

  27. Your point may come across better if your rant is easier to read... It looks like 1 giant sentence with no spacing

  28. I have no idea who this is targeted towards. Idk if this is a Republican ranting about being bullied, a liberal spasming out because they were being bullied, a religious nut job who is angry about no one caring about their god. I need some direction here. Who are you angry at?

  29. I dont know... I feel like if someone is doing something wrong we should call that person out on that. World without discusion where everyone are just patting each others backs is going nowhere.

  30. Nothing more annoying than some stupid religious person saying shit like they know it for a fact. “You are a child of the most high!” Lol

  31. Dude what are you talking about here? You speak in large generalizations and in a very vague way. Not sure how this is helpful. Also bullying is extremely broad. How about you use logic to disarm “bullies”. Not sure as to what your goal is but this posts gives off “give me attention” vibes.

  32. People are only like that online most of the time. It’s weird how a strange persona comes out when you’re at the keyboard and just a regular ass person that is too scared to make a dentist appointment irl.

  33. It’s the anonymity aspect of Reddit. Anybody can hide behind their keyboards. I’m guilty of it too when I get a rude response I tend to react poorly. It makes me want to stop using this app.

  34. This post is a perfect example of how the internet keeps churning out more and more ppl like Chris Chan. In real life, this kind of social unstable person would just suffer from exclusion - as ppl aren't willing to expend energy interacting with them, combined with better empathy face to face. But it's so easy, and often emotionally attached, for ppl to clown on these individuals. No wonder so many break.

  35. Worst of humanity. Social media influencers, Publicis Groupe, Media Matters, military units, government intelligence operatives, all trash soulless bloodsuckers.

  36. Don't forget Russian and Chinese troll farms. They are the worst of the worst. You should read some of their run-on sentences on this sub.

  37. You lost me when you said demons, don’t dehumanize. These are humans, treat them as such. Don’t apply theistic terms to real human actions.

  38. Updoots and downdoots are a fucking awful system that breads group think and as we all know groups of people are dumb and easily manipulated

  39. I fully agree with this. I’ll guarantee there have been many people who haven’t voiced their opinion on something because of downvotes. I also see how ppl delete their entire accounts over downvotes and I always feel bad because I think it was some teenager who cares what people think. It also took me along time to post on social media. I’ve always been scared of backlash or ppl just being mean but I know that’s a me issue that I’ve worked on heavily. I’ve also done my own experiments and because Reddit hides heavily downvoted comments, before I click on them I’ll try to guess what political party the person affiliates with (when the conversation is about American politics obv.) It’s almost always just one party that gets heavily downvoted.

  40. Even when a comment makes sense, if it doesnt fit the narrative of that current post it will be downvoted by the masses.

  41. My gods are significantly stronger, wiser, and much more human than your Christgod, the bringer of plague, floods, famine and death on his own people.

  42. Not Reddit the internet, internet gave arseholes a place to be publicly heard rather than them just moaning in their house’s.

  43. They want me to start acting like a bully but I'm not. They are cowards, unable to face me with any sort of truth, only lies and deceitfulness coming out of their mouths. Poor excuses for pathetic behavior.

  44. Really disgusting people who refuse to admit they have a problem. They prefer to just point the finger. Own up to your own mistakes if you've been mean to people, and simply stop doing it.

  45. Sounds like you said something dumb in another thread and a bunch of people called you out for it and now you're butthurt. I miss the days when the internet wasn't full of thin skinned whiney babies crying about being "bullied". Grow up Martha. It's just reddit.

  46. Okay so when you're talking about bullying what do you mean. Are we talking dog piling someone for saying that they have some conservative views. Or are we attacking some Christian that says all trans people are groomers and want to fuck your kids.

  47. While you make some good points, you also seem awfully quick to judge and label others yourself. Perhaps Reddit isn’t for you? It’s difficult to discern tone when debating anonymously via chat and so it requires thick skin and strict adherence to the concept of “assuming good intent.” While there no doubt are people like you describe, there are also people who feel strongly about something and unintentionally convey (or you incorrectly infer) the wrong tone. Lumping those groups together based on how they make you feel instead of what they are trying to say is narcissistic and unfair.

  48. You are falling into the trap man half of these people aren’t even real. They try to sway public opinion through psuedo grassroots astroturfing and it’s been wildly apparent since 2019.

  49. Reddit is sprawled with self righteous narcs, its been like this for a while so its definitely not the place for those with crippling mental health issues and i strongly advise not engaging with people on here if you fall into that category, its just the worst place to be for ones mental health. Certain communities on here are more toxic than others, things people would never have the confidence to say in person, they move towards social media to be the keyboard warriors they so desperately wanna be.

  50. Religious views aside (or not), this is, for the most part, wonderfully said. If only we had a stronger respect for all of those around us, perhaps we'd engage in meaningful debate instead of mindless name-calling and rhetoric. We've become so vain, insecure, and dependent on a fruitless reward system; the only way to recover and, oh, I don't know, perhaps get humanity on a road to something that looks like true progress, is to remove these senseless, coercive habits from our lives.

  51. A community where debate is banished, where the common answer to anything that goes against the common belief of the sub. Is that it's a bot, an infiltrator, a CIA operative, a shill.

  52. All those snarky or mean comments just prove your point. You're absolutely right, but it has nothing to do with your religious beliefs and preaching them like that towards thousands of people who believe in different gods, spiritual views, who are of different nationalities, religions etc. is harmful and it ruins the message of your post tbh.

  53. You do know Reddit is a platform you choice to be on. That’s like saying I hate drinking at that bar there is always a fight yet you go their every weekend. Telling others how to live their life while not controlling your own is laughable. You my friend are part of the biggest bullying club out there with organized religion. Is it really a holy endeavor to follow the lead of organization that burned history and cultures of people before them. Look up the crusades and tell me who is evil

  54. Mention Jesus and everyone loses their minds!! OP look at November 24, 1992. Something. crashed in Long Island. Revelation 2 says Satan falls like Lightning. A blue crash came down. I got your back. Reddit and most social media is a CIA op. The number of beast and AntiChrist is 666. The degrees of a triangle is 60 each side (Illuminati triangle). The AntiChrist will come.

  55. We all are sinners and the worst kind - it’s only because of Jesus’s perfect sacrifice we can be made holy and righteous before a sinless god. I’m not the perfect christian - only saved by a perfect saviour.

  56. They just want this whole thread to get shut down by making it "too controversial" or some bullshit like that. They want to rope me into argument after argument but I won't stoop down to their level. I won't engage them any further. They already hung their own noose.

  57. A lot of people are just mad because this absolutely exposes and terrifies them, they see it as a threat to their existence and way of life. There's no controversy or argument here, just straight facts that you can deal with or not. It's up to you. Be a grown man or a grown woman or keep acting like a bully and see where that gets you (absolutely nowhere).

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