Why is Christianity the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted?

  1. Now go to the Mideast and mock the largest religion in tht Arabic speaking world. Doesn't parallel? Must be another reason.

  2. My problem with the mockery of Christianity isn’t because Christianity is mocked, but because you can’t really mock Islam or Judaism without some sort of outcry or backlash. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but it is a double standard for sure.

  3. The difference is this is a christian society, the mocking is coming from people raised Christian or just generally raised in a christian society. Mocking your own culture is much more accepted than mocking other cultures. Its the same reason a chinese person doing a stereotypical asian accent is accepted by our culture but a white person doing it is not accepted.

  4. because the people in those religions don't take this type of disrespect lightly.. they will defend their religion, unlike most "christians" these days who have become so far off christianity that i don't even know how they still convince themselves its the same religion. they change the rules as they wish and take everything lightly..

  5. It's a double standard that's been culturally engineered into existence. Terms like "antisemitism" and "Islamophobia" were vigorously promoted and folks seen to be engaging in them shamed in media. There's no popular term used as a cudgel against critics and open haters of Christianity.

  6. It’s not complex. It’s called punching down. If a group is a minority it’s called picking on them. If Christianity becomes the minority and let’s say Islam becomes the majority, the rolls will switch. It really is that simple.

  7. I think you can mock Islam, people do and usually its taken as acceptable from what I have seen. The problem is if you offend Muslims then you can become at risk of bodily harm (e.g. publishing pictures of Muhammad), though that really only applies if you're in Europe. American muslims seem to be very different from european muslims (you can look up data on this).

  8. Because the Catholic Church within ur parents lifetime was once a huge cultural institution in the United States, and as a result the counter culture was born and in 2022 it has become the new culture. That's how the world works, everything including American culture itself is constantly evolving.

  9. Catholics for the most of US history have been viewed with distrust, due to the majority Protestant population. It was a huge deal when Kennedy was running for president because they were worried about having a leader that answers to the pope.

  10. Because Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords and the way, the truth and the life. They know this and that's why they mock Him. But God will not be mocked.

  11. Yeah... This post makes no sense. The lack of satire around world religions is easily disprovable.

  12. Yeah these are American artists/publications, we have freedom of speech and (for now) separation of church and state.

  13. Yeah, the most popular things are the most attractive to rebel against. Just like it's cool to rebel against Pop music or celebrities, but how do you rebel against underground music and nobodies?

  14. Right, just as in Mohamedan countires, Islam is the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted, ... oh, wait ...

  15. The pendulum has swung to the opposite side. For pretty much the last 2,000 years people were routinely persecuted, punished, prisoned and/or executed in the name of Christianity. It's history is as bloody and repressive as any other religion. Think of all the people burned at the stake because their ideas were unorthodox or contrary to what the church deemed as normal social order. And it wasn't just those considered to be heathens and sinners who faced the wrath of Christian zealotry. Blasphemy was an actual crime around the world and it could land you in jail or worse, even if it was just a joke.

  16. Because most Americans are brought up in a Christian household of some sort and actually form opinions on the church from their own experience

  17. Mormons are definitely made fun of. Book of Mormon and they are getting dragged on social media right now.

  18. Getting dragged on social media for allowing child rapes at the moment. Mormonism deserves to by mocked as much as the Catholic Church.

  19. As a Christian, by all means make fun of me. I’m not going to harm you as a matter of insult. That’s the idea of turn the other cheek.

  20. Used to be religious, not anymore. Have had both experiences. When I was religious, I had non-religious assholes wrongly quote the Bible, just to misrepresent what it says. However on the otherside when I stopped being religious. I had religious assholes misrepresent and wrongly quote the Bible to try and win their arguments.

  21. Agreed, I hate when Christians say that “God hates abortions”. Clearly, the penance for such a thing is a bag of coins or a goat as showed in Exodus 21:22-23

  22. As an American Muslim, this is like the converse of reality for us. I cant even put on a kufi without some dumbass thinking i am from some foreign country and I want to put a black garbage bag on my wife to protect her from seeing her beauty. The reality for us is the same for you, but just like everything else in America, there is a wall of division created by those who cannot afford you and me to be friends. We would understand too much and realize that we are almost the same in everything and can easily get along and live together in peace. Thats the reality, everything else is just emotions caused by political campaigns, wars and straight up BS that has been played since the crusades. As a Muslim, I tell you with uttmost sincerity, the boogeyman you speak of is no different than the snake charming preachers in your religion. Peace my man, Peace <3

  23. Because Christians have been the head of our social hierarchy for hundreds of years and they need to be knocked down a few pegs. Just because you believe in a person who was the son of god and taught good morals does not mean you are a good person. 95% of Christians do not practice the teachings of their faith and only use their Christianity as a social tool to ingratiate themselves with others.

  24. Lived in south india for a bit. Hindus were never targeted, mocked, or hated. They announced days of murder for radical Hindus to target Christians, and would routinely murder Christian pastors. Probably differs based on the area being more Hindu or Muslim.

  25. Because they MEDDLE into everybody else’s lifestyle and expect our government to adopt their rules for everyone else.

  26. I don't know, I've been an atheist all my life and always thought it was disrespectful to mock a religion unless you're pointing out the bad things they stand for. Sometimes a belief in God is all some people have.

  27. Because you get politicians making decisions in the name of God rather for the good of the people.

  28. I think these are rebellious acts against Christianity because of things like "We are a christian nation." This is all a reaction to them having a negative mindset towards Christians for they have been affected by Christianity in a negative way. Probably because the religion is often used to manipulate and control people.

  29. It's not? Here in America, you can make fun of, mock, badmouth or fully devote yourself to whatever faith you want. Christianity is the most widely parodied religion in the U.S because there are more former Christians here than anywhere on Earth.

  30. Write one comment about Christianity in a negative light on Twitter. Do the same about Judaism on twitter. let me know which one gets you banned.

  31. We offer salvation for eternity! But you must believe. It is a long, hard journey to find the truth, but to speed things up, be sure to make your regular payment to ChurchCo.

  32. Because In America it's the largest religion and people tend to legislate on principles from this religion, but we are a secular nation. People push back because they're overstepping the church and state separation. Also, we have freedom of speech.

  33. In the name of your lord Jesus Christ, you people have to stop whining about this so much. This has been true for less than 20 years, and only in the US, and isn't even true now unless youre only talking about Abrahamic faiths. Sure Judaism has been mostly given a pass since WW2, but people were mocking Islam relentlessly, even hatefully for years after 9/11 and getting away with it no problem, that's a recent turn. Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Spiritualism have never been taken seriously in this country and get treated as a joke fucking constantly, and always have. Minor religions beyond these are never taken seriously and made fun of all the time. The fact that you're posting this, that you think it's true, really just shows how little you pay attention to anything besides your very narrow worlsview or else hiw willing you are to swallow propaganda spouted on conservative airwaaves.

  34. Do you understand the function of art in society? Obviously not. Also what would Christians be without their need to constantly be the victim?

  35. this annoys me a lot because it's disrespectful and very double standard. either its ok to mock every religion or you can't mock any.

  36. Because it’s the one true religion. It’s virtue of patience is why we’ve allowed others to live how they want and eventually, “trespass against us”

  37. Because Christianity is not a religion, people claim it is. But to truly be a Christian you must have a relationship with God. You don't need a pastor or a priest to be a Christian. You just have to believe that Jesus is the Son of God that he died on the cross for our sins, 3 days later He rose from the dead. He then came back to prove He conquered death. All you have to do then is ask Jesus into your heart. Religion is about money and power, you don't need a church to become a born again Christian. God never required that of his children. He loves everyone equally whether you are evil or good you must ask for forgiveness for your sins and he wipes them clean never to be brought up again. You then are clean and new. It's true and the relationship you then build with Our Heavenly father becomes a personal relationship. But Satan has deceived humans to believe that God isn't real and neither is he, that is why he is called the father of lies. The conspiracy to remove God from the minds and hearts of humans is the biggest conspiracy ever. All who don't agree, you have made my point abundantly clear. We have the free will to choose the oath to God or the path of this world. Christians live eternally after dying here on earth. All who don't believe will have a serious wake up call when it's too late unfortunately.

  38. I will admit I make fun of Christians more but that's because I live in the south and I am just surrounded by them all the time. Organized religion is a scam and anyone really sucked into any of it I am more than happy to give shit for it. Nothing personal, you give me shit for not believing I give you shit for being a shill. It's a win win!

  39. So judaism should be mocked equally as often as christianity? And you think jews won’t accuse those critics of antisemitism?

  40. It Christianity is true then Christians are the only group that won’t spend eternity in hellfire. Yet they’re still feeling like they have it rough?

  41. I'm calling bullshit on the Christian victim card that this post is. I grew up watching cartoons and seeing advertisements with PLENTY of racism and anti-Semitism that GLORIFIED Christian beliefs and demonized all other religions and races.

  42. If this is a real question, it's because it's the largest religion wherever you're from, the religion that yourself and those around you have had the most interaction with, and the religion whose followers are most likely to knock on my door and tell me that I'm existing wrong, as they've decided to define purpose their own way, and make it a point to evangelize, telling those around them to change. Mocking things we don't understand is generally frowned upon. Mocking hypocrisy is less so.

  43. It's just because it is the dominant religion within western society. Islam is not mocked because muslims react violently and even with lethal force in islamic countries. Judaism isn't mocked because of the scars left after ww2, although their religion should be mocked for alot of the same reasons that christianity is mocked. Buddhism isn't very mockable as their parables and wisdoms are universally helpful. Hinduism is mocked in Pakistan and other countries of that region because it is the dominant religion of south asia.

  44. Because western nations where Christianity has been the dominant religion is also where the religious tolerance* and freedom** have developed the most. In those sense wester countries are the most advanced

  45. Because most American Christians will lean towards forgiveness rather than go full Charlemange on a mf'er. This tolerance is a product of a comfortable and usually polite society.

  46. Scientology is just so punchable. I feel that way about most religions...but damn....Scientology.....hilarious.

  47. Because it's funny. Youre right though - we should be free to mock any and all religions as much as possible.

  48. Because of their stature and power and the freaking Catholics, of course. In the name of the father, the son and holy frijole ghost.

  49. These appear to be US entertainers. It's the most popular religion in the us. It's edgy and creates press when entertainers mock religion or use religious symbolism.

  50. Because in its truest form Christianity contains the truth of this world. That truth is hated by those in power... like all truth they do not wish the masses to be completely exposed to it. Ergo the campaign against Christianity is justified in the eyes of the Elite... There can be only one path. There can be only one truth. 2+2 will never and can never EVER equal 5.

  51. Because we're the biggest/we won everything? So what? What if Madonna mocks the Crucifixion? Nothing happens, it tickles, we're too strong

  52. Because Luciferians/Satanist know that God/Jesus is real. They know it’s all real. Ofcourse the know demons exist too and satan is real. The only people who seem to be in denial are atheist

  53. It's because Christianity is true. Jesus lived, performed miracles, died on a cross and rose from the dead. There are numerous Old Testament prophecies about Jesus. From Zechariah 12: 9 On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem. 10“And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit a of grace and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.

  54. Because our society is becoming increasingly corrupted, weak, and degenerate. Our enemies are laughing at us while they focus on promoting traditional strengths and virtues among their youth

  55. Could it be that there are unseen spiritual, transdimensional or extraterrestrial powers competing to promote their own ideologies in pursuit of their own agendas for mankind & earth? Or perhaps their goal is to just keep us fighting against each other? What is truth? Who can know it?

  56. You live in a western world and are subjected to western culture and thus it’s counter culture.

  57. The only religion? I don't know about that. But when it comes to mocking Christianity, the perpetrators only hurt themselves in the long run.

  58. I wondered too, I came to the conclusion, the ppl in charge don't want all people to love each other and treat eat each other as a God would be treated. That seems to be less in their best interests, and have vested interests in the separation of groups of people by a number of different personal characteristics.

  59. All religion deserves to be mocked. Its all fruit from the same poision tree. Christians are just the goofiest of the bunch, and surely the least devouted.

  60. Because after the religious reform hundreds of years ago beliefs around criticizing religion changed. However other religions don't necessarily have the same. This is a big point against Islam because of how violently they react to any criticism.

  61. The behavioral standards of Christianity run counter to basic human survival instincts. Rather than say turn the other cheek, Christians just don't walk the talk. So the religion breeds hypocrisy. And hypocrisy breeds satire.

  62. Most 'Christians' don't really believe in the teachings of their own religion. The morality and ethics of most christians are the complete antithesis to what Jesus Christ actually said.

  63. The answer is more closely like; Christ = Truth. The truth will ALWAYS be mocked, exactly like the bible says. I suggest everyone RE-READ the damn thing and swap out Jesus for Truth and just see how far that gets you.

  64. Because it’s fear based and it’s easy to shove it into peoples faces and make them stay scared of the afterlife instead of worrying about the life they are experiencing now

  65. Because they don't want you to believe in the simple messages like do unto other as you would have them do unto you, he without sin cast the first stone. helping the sick and poor.

  66. That would be great if the majority of Christians actually stood by those views. But clearly that’s not the reason you can mock Christianity.

  67. Non of those messages are unique to christianity and people followed similar tenants way before the bible was written.

  68. The Christian’s I know do the opposite of all that. They vote against feeding the poor (down to voting against free school lunches for kids), the vote against providing healthcare to people, helping people who are poor is anathema to them.

  69. Organised religion does far more harm than good. Have you forgotten about the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and all of the pedo priests?! And how do you think that Christianity spread throughout the West and beyond? It wasn't by just asking nicely! Literally thousands of years of pain and suffering.

  70. I actually see a lot of religions being mocked, at least in America. Jews are ridiculed endlessly, if not for their religion, they’re mocked for their ethnicity. Didn’t South Park mock Muhammad?

  71. Every religion gets mocked just like flat earthers... You are just salty because its "your" religion. Crying about it is not a good look...

  72. South Park has been on air for 25 years with a running gag of a main character making fun of another main character because his family is jewish. Plenty of stand up comedians, especially Jewish ones, rip on Judaism constantly. Criticism and mockery exists, you likely just don't consume that type of media.

  73. Judaism gets attacked all the time, especially on social media where you can remain anonymous. These big social media sites don't care enough to do much about it most of the time.

  74. Because these things are mostly American and people have been around Christianity more so it makes sense it'd be mocked and we're less about murdering blasphemers and more about ignoring it

  75. Because the vast majority of Christians don't follow the teachings of Christ and should be mocked? It's like a guy eating chicken every night but loudly and often proclaims how he's a vegetarian and demands everyone else should be one too.

  76. Maybe because christians always acting like ninnies, show me a hindu or buddhist spamming forums about "flat earths" and "firmaments" and "antichrists" and "you're going to hell!" etc. You give it, you cop it. Self-righteous bastards, gee wiz.

  77. is using religious imagery always a mockery? No art is allowed to use christian imagery? Are you against free expression or just for religious supremacy?

  78. Because the west is mainly Christian so it's the number one religion to get shit on here. They have a habit of trying to force their "moral" beliefs on everyone. so people have good reason to dislike them. I do also think we should shit talk other religions more too tho. Lots of people have had bad experiences with Christianity. I never had a Muslim tell me I'm going to hell or try to tell me I'm immoral over being bi-sexual or listening to metal, or watching Harry Potter, or playing Pokémon, or calling Christmas x-mas, or thinking being atheist or any other religion is OK, etc...... Stop your persecution fetish

  79. I know Tyler is mocking the cross, but the upside down cross is actually not a symbol meant to mock Christianity. Iirc it's called the cross of st Peter and is symbolic for "I am not worthy of Christ's salvation"

  80. This some of these pictures in the OP are dumb because 99% of practicing religious Christians dont actually read or know their own religious history or greater expanded cannon. Alot of the saints and early Christian martyrs such as the Good men & women of the Cathars were crucified on upside down, x, & T crosses because they felt that they themselves were not worthy of dying in the same way Christ did.

  81. Why are the people who get upset when you mock Christianity the same people who'll march with Tiki Torches shouting "They will not replace us". Christians are domestic terrorists.

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