Did the CDC just end COVID-19?

  1. but could someone point out where does the cdc state "No more asymptomatic testing" ? ur link about the new guidelines don't appear to show that?? PLEASE HELP WE ARE TRANSLATING THIS INFO for everyone around the States to know what's truly happening!!! DM or Reply if u find the source please!!!

  2. Just in time for the midterms! Wrong-think on COVID crosses party lines. So declare victory and expect the voters to reward the Dems, RINOs, and their uniparty entrenched administrative state for a so-called return to normal.

  3. The CDC saved us! They finally eradicted covid. God Bless Fauci and all the hard working people at the CDC. Our planet would have ended without them. Their policies and guidance save Earth and its inhabitants. /s

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