The link between Balenciaga & CP just keeps growing and growing…..

  1. Utterly ridiculous for anyone to suggest that a shoot of this magnitude wasn’t gone over in almost forensic detail by dozens before its approval. The chance of anything in these photos being accidental is absolutely, unequivocally, zero.

  2. Even if they were accidental, that would almost be worse. Who accidentally leaves all of these strange objects related to CP laying around? In one commercial you have a little girl holding a teddy bear in a gimp suit, and in the very same commercial you see a document about a court case that was in some way related to CP (haven’t done much research). Now we see this crappy picture with a book written by a guy who painted naked children who were shown engaging in cannibalism. Who the fuck would have these kinds of interests other than a pedophile? Why would this company ever deliberately associate themselves with pedophilia? What could possibly be gained? Why aren’t they being canceled or de-platformed? Is their company banned from Twitter or Facebook? Wouldn’t advertisers be afraid of having their product displayed next to a logo of a company that candidly and shamelessly promotes pedophilia?

  3. If you look at all the little details and take them together it creates a narrative a single thesis or manifesto that’s pretty strongly reasoned out through imagery. The linking of the legal debate in the ashcroft vs court decision and to the work of michael borremans to the rest of the sets it all seems to have a pretty apparent flow of logic. Hard to not see it as very deliberate.

  4. It is zero. I used to be an assistant art director for shoots and nothing we put in frame is accidental. Everything is meticulously picked, down to the paper clip. Just a little tidbit for y’all. Sick world. Even the poses down to the finger is directed to the T. They don’t care.

  5. Honestly at this point couldn’t it be intentional? They’re plastered all of the internet everywhere and there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The woke crowd can buy stuff from them to “own the Q-cult”. Hell if you want to get really tin foily maybe they’ll dig up some people bashing them as pedos for hate speech claims when that sort of thing becomes mainstream. I know several now woke people who would be in for a rough time if their gay bashing of a decade ago came to light today.

  6. And honestly, if they are accidents, it is a little concerning that this kind of content is just laying around everywhere, and so easily becomes accidentally involved so often.

  7. I work as a make up artist for ads like this one and I can assure u every single items within the shoot is maniacally selected and approved by DOZENS of people. There’s no mistake. They know what they are doing.

  8. I googled it just now and got pages and pages about it, is there something in your filters that may be shutting it out?

  9. Could it be they're trying to generate (tasteless) publicity? There are a lot of people looking at this in the past few days. More coverage than if they had a "normal" shoot.

  10. Fire from the Sun includes small- and large-scale works that feature toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence. The children are presented alone or in groups against a studio-like backdrop that negates time and space, while underlining the theatrical atmosphere and artifice that exists throughout Borremans’s recent work. Reminiscent of cherubs in Renaissance paintings, the toddlers appear as allegories of the human condition, their archetypal innocence contrasted with their suggested deviousness. Other paintings in the exhibition depict obscure machines, whose enigmatic presence appears foreboding in the context of the toddlers and suggests an element of scientific experimentation.

  11. When the older “rich” generation are dieing out and u need new rich people to join ur cult. But, u cant openly invite someone so u started posting controversial picture online which goes viral for wrong reasons. Backlashes ensues BUT it has reached your target customers and the new RICH people are joining to ur little cult.

  12. hahaha dude, go look at the main stylists instagram, this has nothing to do with a marketing ploy. It’s not a distasteful attempt at growing their business, no one in their right mind who knows absolutely anything about marketing would consider bordering CP as a healthy way to generate controversy or sales. I appreciate your positivity but it’s much much deeper than this

  13. Your first paragraph is one of the most delusional things I've ever read but you're right about this being genius marketing tactics. I have an edgy dark taste when it comes to art and the fact they got the balls to double down on this is kind of based artistically imo.

  14. Only because it interests me I simp for fashion. The creative director is demna gvasalia, in the past his runways have had themes that often comment on society or American politics:

  15. do you really think it would make a difference what kinda books they are using? Nobody except some conspiracy guys like us is going to ever notice.

  16. Has anyone even made sure the actual kids pictured in their Baal campaign are ok? Do we know who they are and that they’re safe? Random thought..

  17. This isn’t a conspiracy any more then that commercial where the three frogs each say a syllable of the name of a beer brand got people to buy more of that brand of beer. They got you. They set out with the intention of making an ad that directly implied child sexual exploitation to garner engagement and get people who absolutely have not spent more then 4 seconds thinking about the brand to spend a LOT of time speaking about the brand.

  18. It’s funny how Alex Jones was exposing all of it before he went sandy hook crazy. It’s sad because in all his madness he did shed light on a a lot of dark stuff. It is a reality that there are people out there who are abusing children in nefarious ways and nothing is being done about it.

  19. I hope no one thought this was a fluke, the crime hidden in plain sight, what do you think happens to some of them unescorted kids at the border picked up by “relatives “ and driven away never to be seen again

  20. Just like directors get off by putting references and little easter eggs in their movies and games, this is their easter egg. Also their calling card. You know who "they" are.

  21. This ones pretty straight forward, but how much you want to bet Balenciaga will play the victim here once it starts getting hot, that they are the victims of an online smear campaign by “right wing conspiracy theorists”?

  22. Im thinking lately that this kind of advertising is a misdirection of attention to direct people away from the other things going on. The same way that q tells people to do nothing and wait for nothing to happen.

  23. My theory is Kanye probably paid the photographer to put all the court docs and pedo books in the shoot to look like a q anon dog whistle. He probably told Tucker his plan as well, considering he was the main guy covering the story two days in a row. It seems like a based, alt-lite Ye + Tucker Psy Op😂

  24. There was “personal” pics flying around yesterday of Kim and Kanye was accused of leaking them. My guess is she leaked them to make it look bad and get the “me too” movement on her side because all this is making her look bad

  25. The question we need to ask ourselves is how do we help fight against this shit, what can a common man do to push back against this type of shit. I wish there was a way for me to channel my fucking anger towards these people, of course without violence

  26. On the same topic, dont forget former reddit CEO Ellen Pao admitted to knowing about Ghislaine back 2011 during a party she attended.

  27. aside from the use of the questionable imagery, for some reason what I get out of the artist statement is, "the loss of innocence" in all of us. . but thats me

  28. They do it to show how little the masses actually care. This will go completely unnoticed and uncared about and talking about it you’ll get called crazy, it won’t get media coverage. They’ll be laughing at how obvious what they’re doing is and how little the public cares about it when the answers are looking them dead in the face. It’s a test, we’re failing. They are untouchable. We’re fucked.

  29. Can someone explain to me what the point would be of purposely including cp easter eggs into a campaign? Wouldn't elite pedophiles do all they could to keep their predilections as secret as possible? What do they gain by putting shit into media and purposely "letting" people know what they're about? This is a genuine question not trying to argue against this point of view.

  30. I seen the pics from the photo shoot and immediately saw the b.s but this one I'm lost on, was she convicted on something or is it something placed in the photo like the bear in snm gear? Real question by the way, not trolling

  31. The book in the back has Michael Borremans name pointed towards the camera and when u look his art up, a common theme is nude children

  32. You have to assume, as with anything you're trying to sell, that there must be some type of advertising platform for this business because putting out subtle hints are exactly how you would do it and if you hide it well enough the casual person looking wouldn't think anything. However if you purposely conceal in plain sight but leave enough for someone who knows what to look for then these photos are the perfect marketing tools.

  33. Borremans art show is up in Hong Kong and this is probably subtle promotion. I gave in and looked at the full images. Supposedly the show "speaks about" the forgotten trauma from childhood that we carry around with us. Displays exceptional skill as a painter, not thrilled about the subject matter. Art is always pushing the envelope

  34. I just need someone to explain to me why y’all think these billionaire ruling class blah blah blahs insist on playing I spy with their secrets.

  35. This is how the pedos get their kicks, they subtly nod to their fellow pedos with shit like this laying about in plain sight

  36. Michael Borremans Paintings are very disturbing. I’m curious if he shows up on Epstein’s flight logs. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation donate money to Balenciaga. They also linked the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to Jeffrey Epstein. Why is the Gates foundation donating money to a child trafficker? Bill Gates is on record saying he barely knew Epstein. Now it’s coming out that They met over six times and had business dealings together. There’s also a woman named Rachel Chandler and she is a model recruiter for Balenciaga. She has been on the Lolita express and has posted pictures of herself on Epstein‘s island. Bill Clinton was on Epstein‘s island 27 times. look at the Clintons top guy John podesta’s artwork. All these sick fucks are linked.

  37. Im not a conspiracy guy i come here for fun sometimes but i have to say this balenciaga stuff is fucking crazy. Theres so much purposeful messaging here its unbelievable. The fire from the sun stuff especially super disturbing imagery

  38. My brain is melting.. a simple google search of the artist and galleries that have showcased him show that it’s got nothing to with pedophilia. The art is supposed to be creepy it shows them playing with fire and corpse limbs and their lack of fear to such things. People are looking too hard into stuff and trying to find meaning where there isn’t any.

  39. More likely it was some bullshit, meant to discredit real allegations. They got a guy to run up into a pizza shop with a rifle, which made national news and was the beginning of the “red herring” phase.

  40. I mean something has to be done in this specific set of cases we can talk all we want about this as part of a pattern and fighting the cabal but I want to know those specific kids are ok.

  41. I googled the paintings you blurred and there’s no actual genitalia in the paintings, calling it cp is a stretch. It’s just art, this is a total

  42. “Art” is a cover for sin and always has been. If it’s not ok for your kids preschool to paint them like that and post pics on their website then it’s not ok for anyone else either no matter if someone calls it “art” or not.

  43. idk it just seems like art to me, art can be weird and disturbing but it’s art nonetheless. i don’t like rich people but i don’t think this is cp.

  44. Edgy? Evil is evil. If it’s not ok for a preschool to dress your kid up like that then it’s not ok for a textile company.

  45. Why do y’all keep using the term “satanic panic”? It’s weird. Wtf is “edgy” about sexualizing children? You’re actually defending this? Gross.

  46. No one said I’m the one that perceives it as porn, dingus. I said the link between Balenciaga and CP is growing— these are paintings of children naked. Pedophiles will most certainly look at them and perceive them in a sexual manner.

  47. I’m not a psychologist, but I’m willing to wager if someone is attracted to naked children, and sees naked children (whether or not it was intended as such), they’ll be attracted to them. Now, in regards to the “satanic panic redux” part of your statement, I have no clue wtf that means.

  48. But… this is a different campaign than the one with the children. This image was taken from Nicole Kidman’s campaign with Balenciaga. If what you’re saying was true, don’t you think Balenciaga would’ve clearly stated that that’s what the theme was? It would’ve certainly generated a lot more positive PR. “Fashion giant Balenciaga seeks to educate the world about the horrors of child sex trafficking and prostitution through their newest campaign.”

  49. You guys are a bunch of dorks, this is such a stretch. Michael Borremons is an internationally recognized artist who makes figurative paintings and drawings with a wide variety of subject matter, most having a surrealist and classical influence. if you want to be really “shocked” look up the other book under there - the Cremaster Cycle, you’ll will have a good time with that one

  50. Censoring paintings that are already effectively censored by the artist and are completely innocuous anyway. Genius sleuthing you guys. Keep the inanity coming.

  51. A few days ago it came to the knowledge of the public that Balenciaga, a ridiculously overpriced popular designer brand marketed usually by so called celebrities, posted during a marketing campaign extremely inappropriate pictures of children holding dolls dressed up in BDSM gear. Other pictures showed children in questionable poses - lying on their stomachs with wine glasses all around them. One of the pictures used in the campaign happened to show an office scene with business-looking paperwork lying around. A keen observer found that one of the papers in the picture was actually a court transcript of a legal case of child porn. This post is another keen eye who noticed one of the books used as a prop was of a painter who made his name in the art community painting extremely disturbing pieces of naked underage children in very provocative poses and sometimes covered in blood (look up the paintings and you will understand). In short, Balenciaga went out of their way to add an element of child abuse to their photos. Too many coincidences to dismiss the evidence as accidental.

  52. Anyone heard of Baal? He ate his children. That’s who these people worship. Very obvious. Research some of the old ‘gods’ people used to worship. They elite still worship them. This is the shit Kanye’s onto but can’t outright say it

  53. Guys, I think Amazon.Uk is in on the conspiracy, because they actually appear to be selling Borreman's depraved "art" on their website. Google, btw, also appears to be in on it because they're showing this depraved content on their Google image search engine. So the conspiracy just gets deeper and deeper!

  54. Your post is 100% valid I’m not sure what their goal is but they’re making things very obvious. This is one where the clues are not a collection of random shit connected by a schizoid mind. This is real.

  55. The Democrats and liberals are going to be promoting this. This is the Democrat party agenda 2023. The msm agenda, the "woke" agenda. Welcome to Pedo Pete's America. These are not democrats or liberals or woke. Stop with the pleasantries and call out these sick fucks as evil.

  56. Also look into sigil magic. That’s how it works. By basically telling you what their doing and leaving obvious clues. It clears their name they think by telling you and us doing nothing about it it absolves them of their sins and thus their ‘magic’ prevails. Same thing with 9/11 it was a ritual. The falling of the two pillars of society the patriarch pillar and the matriarch. The mother and the father which is the foundation of any healthy persons life and society as a whole. Look it up. Educate yourself in the ways of the truly enlightened. Protect your families and keep your eyes ears and minds wide open. Shits gonna get real weird soon.

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