Germans scientists say that Vitamin D increases the immune system by 3-5 times and is better than any vaccine.

  1. Fun fact, the IOM (Institute of medicine, a non government but very influential medical body like the WHO) said a decade ago that vitamin D has little benefit beyond the skeletal system.

  2. I started taking 10,000 IU of vitamin D because I read some studies regarding its association with psoriasis. My psoriasis did not go away completely, but it’s mostly gone and doesn’t bother me much anymore. I couldn’t believe it.

  3. Great post. Watch out for pharma sh!lls here. Nothing makes them more apoplectically enraged than a vitamin D thread :)

  4. Acid isn't bad, idk who started that bullshit. for example, A lightly acidic environment in your mouth helps keep your teeth from rotting out of your head. Similarly, stomach acid, although sometimes causing heartburn, is one of your bodies first lines of defense against bad microbes.

  5. Your pH would only be affected by sugar if you had diabetes type I or are insulin dependent and went into diabetic ketoacidosis - which is life threatening and you would know. Any pH less than 7 is life threatening. Otherwise, sugar does not affect your pH whatsoever.

  6. I've been taking vitamin D supplements (along with some others) since the beginning of the scamdemic when recommendations first came out. Still haven't gotten covid and never "sheltered in place."

  7. It's very telling to me that in Canada, the non-prescription limit for vitamin D is 2500 IU a capsule. This was only changed in 2021 from 1000 IU. I couldn't even buy a 5000 IU supplement online from the USA.

  8. I've had vit D deficiency, I thought I was dying. That's not an exaggeration. I was both relieved and embarrassed that it was something as simple as Vit D.

  9. Everyone, ask your doctor to do you a panel. Most people who live above the 25th parallel are deficient. Both our lazy indoor, capitalistic lifestyle has fucked us up and most of us are chronically low or on the low end.

  10. I was extremely d deficient and felt fine. In fact taking vit D pills made me feel terrible. Sunlight doesn't feel bad at all. Theres something up with synthetic vit D and I really recommend to get your vitamins naturally.

  11. I work in a factory and the folks on 2nd and 3rd shift have so many vitamin deficiencies. It makes me so sad. All their nutrition comes from fast food and the breakroom vending machines.

  12. My doctor said the same shit too. Because he told me i had been taking vitamin D the whole pandemic and to this day im the only one i know whos hasn't even gotten a symptom of covid

  13. I average 14km walking a day, outside on non work hours. I haven't gotten COVID in Japan and I work all over with 1000's of kids and take trains daily.

  14. So with the whole Corona thing I thought we should know about natural approaches to medicine and how effective they can be according to others.

  15. Vitamin D is not a profitable business model, it’s so cheap and you can get it anywhere. Therefor they created a shitty vaccine that doesn’t protect you one bit. And to make it even more profitable/sustainable they ”invented” boosters to keep you hooked. Fear of death is a great motivator. What remains to be seen is the long term effect of the vaccine.

  16. I think this is one of those “not mutually exclusive” things where if you want to be safe the best choice is both rather than one or the other.

  17. How does Vitamin D train the immune system to recognize certain diseases? Do you think any type of boost to the immune system is the same thing as a vaccine?

  18. Fauci advised it in an off-hand comment only when specifically asked. They should have platformed vitamin D far more than these C19 shots.

  19. Instead of taking useless supplements during the summer months or any time of the year when theres enough sun, just walk 10 minutes per day and get a real dose of vitamin d.

  20. My wife got Covid, I didn’t get it and we slept together the first two days of her sickness. Thank God nothing happened to her or to me. Idk why I didn’t get sick, I’m vaccinated with the Latin American vaccine (probably just vitamin C or something like that), I drank a lot of orange juice the weeks before the infection, maybe that was it, or maybe God protected me.

  21. Scientists today say anything for a buck. Not saying it's not true, but Jesus Christ they used to be held in such high esteem until the rotten ones who sold their souls ruined all their credibility. In the Fifties, Doctors says they preferred Camels over competing brands, and it scaled upwards from there.

  22. I have no doubt that this is true. Does enough Vitamin D in the bloodstream equate with optimal health with chronic illnesses? If you are going high k2 and high bioavailable magnesium with vitamin D.

  23. I started taking vitamin d to prep in case I got covid and kept taking it afterwards. Some days I miss and I can definitely tell an energy and mood difference. I’d love to get more sunlight instead but when it gets dark so early and with work it’s hard getting enough sun

  24. its true, and more still, your vaccine wont work at all if you have no vitamin D either... the vaccine isnt a replacement immune system, it uses what you already have..

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