Never Forget how they vilified this woman on her deathbed as an alcoholic and addict... toxicology came back showing no impairment on day of crash...

  1. Anne Heche toxicology came back showing she was not impaired on the day of the accident. This pic was from a post I posted that day that shows her trying to sit up on the gurney before being pushed back down. But she was reported as unresponsive.. I admittedly learned a lot that day from 1st responders chiming in. Still the whole incident is chilling imo

  2. You’re not under a rock, because I honestly don’t believe for a moment she’s dead. Didn’t you see the video feed from the accident where she was sitting up on the stretcher literally at the seen of the “accident”. But hey that’s just my old poor cheap two cents opinion on the matter.

  3. I had kidney stones, squirming a ton cuz in so much pain, ER took two hours to get to me and put me in corner to find out they thought I was only trying to get drugs.

  4. Last time I went in for stones they did the same thing. 3 hours waiting in their bed for them to tell me the pain is comparable to childbirth and then handed me a scrip for 300 mg Motrin.

  5. That's nothing. I was shot 13 times with a .40sw handgun in a robbery, broke both hips. Broke my right knee, left ankle, my left femur shattered in 4 pieces and reassembled with a 12 inch titanium rod, lost 6 out of 10 units of blood and all they would give me after surgery anesthetic is 4mg of Dilaudid for the first two weeks .... But My 64 yo father gets regular maintenance doses of 120 10mg Percocet on top of 30 30mg sustained release 12 hr morphine per month... I had a blood clot tangled in my heart valve the year before and got 4 times the pain meds from the same hospital.

  6. I’ve never had a kidney stone that I know of, but I’ve had a couple of salivary stones and those hurt like a bitch. Sorry they made you sit so long before helping you out dude, that must’ve really sucked. Hopefully since you now have an established history with it, if it happens again, they can scoot you in faster.

  7. I had a stomach ache and went to the ER to make sure it wasn't related to my appendectomy a couple of weeks before. They gave a shot ton of fentanyl and I dont remember anything that happened afterwards. I woke up at home. I was in pain but some extra strength Tylenol would've been just fine.

  8. I was 15 and had a aneurysm at my buddys house. EMS came found weed in my pocket and said I OD on weed.. took me to the hospital and luckily the doctor knew i was not overdosing but having a stroke..

  9. Same. Had pancreatitis and was almost passing out from the pain for 2hrs+ in the ER, even had to do an mri first before I got an IV of morphine (which didn’t even touch the pain) and it took another 2 to get something stronger

  10. Well you also have to understand that er is not a first come first serve kind of deal. Literally all day making decisions about life and death based off of quick assessments and vital signs. Just cause you had kidney stones does not mean that you are dying. Also blame the addicts that exploit the situation.

  11. Pro tip: call an ambulance and you won’t sit for hours waiting in pain. Sure there’s more of a hospital bill but who tf pays those anyway

  12. There were numerous reports of her acting depressed with odd self-harming behaviors the week she crashed. Her death was caused from being pinned in her car for 45 minutes breathing in hot toxic smoke which causes severe lung injuries. It is quite common for burn victims to live and act fairly normal, but as the damage from the burns take hold they pas fairly quickly.

  13. For a second, I was going to ask who's Chris Chester, when I realize you meant Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington...


  15. She was not, the only thing she was working on was a lifetime movie about sex trafficking. She wasn’t a documentarian

  16. SS: The media slandered Anne Heche as a crackpot alcoholic & addict. All to make her look crazy and seem like she was most likely intoxicated during the crash. Turns out the toxicology report shows otherwise.

  17. So we believe Yahoo reports now? Do we only trust these sources when they report what we want to hear?

  18. Why do you believe they did it? What reason do you believe they had? So far you don't have a conspiracy, you have ?

  19. I gave a her a very long Lyft ride to downtown LA about 5-6 years ago. She was trying her hand at stand up comedy for the first time at a random bar that was having an open mic night. It was her and what I'm assuming was her assistant/yes-woman. Can confirm she is a bit batshit.

  20. Is that piece of shit or their roommate in the military? I called the police once because the dude that lived above was firing a pistol off his balcony like it was fireworks. The cops came and refused to do anything because his roommate was in the army and if they pressed charges on the trigger-happy cunt it would have gotten his roommate in trouble with the army. They ignored his reckless behavior because of what his roommate was.

  21. I work with the police as a firefighter and I'll tell you the sad truth. Since they can't prove your neighbor was the person who pulled the trigger, they won't arrest him because it would be a simple charge to get dropped. Yes it can be proven it came from his apartment but there were probably no witnesses of him pulling the trigger. Police work is mostly putting fear and deterring people from committing crimes. Ever wonder why so many go missing without a trace? Or why all those serial killers only got caught when they got greedy? Sadly there's never much evidence unless you can get someone to admit to the crime

  22. I don’t believe you. If you get shot at regardless of whether or not it was accidental the people are going to jail and being charged with a felony. We’re missing some part of this story

  23. For me, the craziest thing about this story is how the woman, who's house Anne Heche smashed into, and was later interviewed, looks exactly like Anne Heche...

  24. I think I remember this one, isn't she the one with the dead body tarp over her then she rises up in a sitting position while they are taking her to the ambulance

  25. It wasn’t a dead body tarp, it was a hospital sheet, which is protocol for burn victims. They lose body heat very quickly.

  26. I tripped at a landscaping job and fell on a steel stake, it did not go through the skin, left a very dark bruise. Immediately I could tell something was wrong. like I was being stabbed every time I tried to breathe in.

  27. It seems like a weird way to kill someone. 99% of the time when someone drives a modern car into a house, they won’t be severely injured much less die. I’m not sure if there’s a way to increase the chance of a fire in a hacked car?

  28. Ah.. so to say enough to be detected but not enough to impair and cause her to erratically speed into a place of residence?

  29. “The actress's blood tested at the hospital showed the presence of benzoylecgonine, an inactive metabolite of cocaine. That indicates past use, the Los Angeles medical examiner confirms.”

  30. She really doesn’t look extra crispy at all after supposedly sitting in a burning car for 40 minutes…the escape attempt from the body bag was “just nerves”

  31. Any body who knew her or seen her lately knew she was on something heavy and out of her god damn mind. So you think the Illuminati killed her?

  32. My understanding is they found metabolites of cocaine, not cocaine itself, which indicates she had done cocaine relatively recently but was not high on cocaine at the time of the incident.

  33. You don't have to.. and I'll applaud you for not believing everything you see or hear. Just don't forget if it's possible they lied about that what else could they lie about?

  34. Her final film was about trafficking and she was with Ellen Degenerate for years so probably knows something and was probably about to talk

  35. Surely the bottom left pic is edited? You can see the ears so perfectly, not like a blanket over a person’s head. Kinda looks like an alien lol. Very sus situation though. And why her? Maybe she knew too much about the Hollywood crew?

  36. Genuinely curious... I'm watching the upvote count swing 20-30 votes at a time back and forth for hours now... are those bots vs people? Or just people down voting and also up voting.

  37. Also according to all the witnesses that day she seemed chipper and in a great mood. Her car "malfunctioned" super weird she was in the midst of an "eyes wide shut" type of movie. Which unfortunately I dont think will see the light of day

  38. She was in a car accident 15 minutes prior to this crash based on eye witnesses and pictures. Not weird to have a car in a hit and run and then things not work properly.

  39. If anything that’s even worse. She drove like an insane person and endangered peoples lives just because she felt like it? Also let’s be realistic, she drove her car into a house, basically burned to death, and had a vodka bottle in her cup holder.

  40. Why was washed up, old actress Anne Heche so important she had to be suicided? She's wasn't exactly a Kanye, or even an Isaac Kappy or Corey Feldman - a celebrity popping off with some wacky Hollywood-related conspiracies. Why did Heche have to be bumped off?

  41. I don’t think it was completely unwarranted. She how photographed right before the accident with a pint of vodka in her cup holder. I know it’s not proof but I also don’t think it’s a stretch to assume she had been drinking.

  42. I bet Kirstie Alley and Chadwick Boseman didn't have colon cancer either, something fishy is going on in Hollywood.

  43. I don't find it unusual she sat up. Burns get you with a delayed effect. So many people who you see burned are up and about and killed by the subsequent shock and infection.

  44. the suggestion is that this was yet another example of a targeted hit on a famous person made to look like an accident.

  45. The 93 on the top of the fire fighter truck is a little symbolism . 9 to 3, base conscious to enlightenment.

  46. She was still alive and that's a burn blanket to keep dirt and spit and shit from sticking to her blistered, oozing burnt skin so she won't get crazy infections all over.

  47. they usually put stories out real quick cause the real cause probably had something to do with the vaxx. not sure if she got it or not(probably did), but most times when they did get it, and died suddenly, they try and push some type of believable cause to the normies.

  48. Then explain the other video where she crashed into a storage unit and the security guard said she was acting out of her mind like she was on drugs (meth or crack)

  49. Just like that maple flavoured syrup that doesn't have any maple syrup in it. Canadian government has been lying to us.

  50. Is she passed away? I could not for the life of me remember her name so looking it up for me did not go far

  51. My question is if they didn't find drugs in her system but said they did but kept her on life support to harvest organs. Does anyone else think it was just JUST to harvest her organs??? It's really fucking scary how hospitals hold rights over our lives and will just take what they please. Please seriously, look it up. Even if your not an organ donor in some states in the USA they will wait to call your lived ones or even not call and just say fuck it and harvest you anyways. There's a paper you can put in your wallet bringing up some basic laws to remind hospitals what they can and can't do. I live helping people but I like living as much as the next person you know.

  52. Stop letting them distract you with shit like this. 90% of the people in this group think they're awake but are far from.

  53. I questioned her death. The first thing I thought of was her split from Ellen. Was this long awaited revenge or payback? P3ople with money can do pretty m7ch anything and get away with it.

  54. If that's the first thing you thought you should go research Ellen's ex girlfriend Kat Perkoff and the circumstances around her demise 😬

  55. In withdrawal enough she goes out for a new hair cut and coloring? And the hair dresser that said she showed no signed of impairment?

  56. Kaitlyn Jenner? Well she was Bruce when he killed a lady, then he became Kaitlyn right afterwards but I don’t recall if they can do autopsies on dead names

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