I am officially a spurs fan today.

  1. No issue with new fans. But why do people feel like they need to post this crap looking for a pat on the back.

  2. Assuming this fan is American like myself, chelsea are definitely a normie team here especially since they signed Pulisic. I’d say chelsea and arsenal are probably the jerseys I see around most often

  3. "Man Utd would make me look a plastic ronaldo fan. Arsenal & Liverpool had toxic fanbase. Chelsea looked like a normie team. "

  4. Hi y’all. With so many emotions swirling around right now in the wake of the gooners absolutely BOTTLING top 4 (lads it’s A***nal 😎), I felt duty bound to share my story of how I found this beautiful Spursy club.

  5. Best way to pick a team is to follow the league as a neutral and then wait til you realise that you've developed a bias for someone and just stick with it. Supporting often works the best if it actually comes from something tangible over just picking something arbitrary.

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