Throw in some fries too

  1. Smh she’s so dumb. EVERYONE knows to use extra virgin olive oil in your car. AKA Redditor oil.

  2. Well, vegetable oil will lubricate the engine just fine... For quite a while in fact. It performs horrifically in sub-zero engine start conditions and the carbon build-up is terrible, but it does, in fact work, and is a great emergency substitute for mineral oil.

  3. And a good cheap bottle of red for your battery can get you at least 3 attempts to start your car

  4. Should have taken half the oil out of the bottle first so it’s less obvious the cap is on.

  5. Once watched a woman pop her hood in the Walmart parking lot & just start dumping oil in. She had the right kind so I felt she was low from a leak... until it started overflowing. Turned out she didnt realize you had to drain the old first. She straight up though you just dump new oil in after 5k miles...

  6. If she has diesel engine, the oil could go in fuel tank instead of fuel. It is only as last resort, but it works.

  7. Believe it or not baby oil can work as engine oil depending on the type of oil your car uses. Dont ask me how I know this.....

  8. I worked in a bicycle shop 20 years ago. A guy brought his bike in for a tune up. Told it'd take a couple days. Then the next day we were all craving french fries...the guy had been lubing his drivetrain with old fry grease from his job lol.

  9. I know fuck all about cars, but the guy in the back looks like he's in the process of dying a thousand times inside.

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