Throwback to earlier in the semester, and seeing this graphic

  1. Apart from the visualisation issues given by zonination, the heading makes the first bar really confusing; It took me really long to notice they just want to provide a baseline; I think it would be way more sensible to visualise the percentage of each group that gets suspended; I'm not entirely sure how you would visualize that in a compact way though

  2. My guess is that it has a minimum size for the numbers to be readable instead of just putting the numbers outside the box (what I think is a more sensible way to solve it) and that distorts everything else but that doesn’t account for the size of 3% and 4% which should be at the minimum size instead are a bit thicker

  3. Other than the stupid proportion of the bar something like this doesn’t even factor in how many people of a specific ethnicity are there...

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