Hatch spawns right under me as killer tries to mori. Probably the luckiest thing to ever happen to me on DBD!

  1. Once killer droped me because he had mori and I got Adrenaline, he was looking for me in tall grass and I was escaping to the gate. That was hilarious

  2. Just yesterday a Leatherface knocked me and the two others down as we were doing the last gen and it got done like a millisecond after I was downed and popped my adrenaline. I bolted to a door without skipping a beat and was opening it while he was hooking the other two. I don't think he realized I was up until the door opened.

  3. I basically just said "LOL" and clipped this immediately after, so you wouldn't see the entire post-game chat. The 2 other dead survivors were still spectating and had a good laugh too. Killer didn't seem too angry, just a little annoyed (justifiably so!).

  4. Bro I swear to god I went against a spirt last person died as I vaulted a window I landed on the ground and as soon that person died hatch spawned right next to my hands I tried to crawl but the bitch ass spirt closed it in front of me and Tormented me by waving no no ;) then she faked giving me gate and killed me that’s the reason why this game gives me depression :(

  5. I've experienced all kinds of bullshit: survivors triggering Adrenaline before they fully bleed out just because you close the hatch for extrapoints or survivors literally having the hatch spawn in front of them after a down. This bullshit has turned me into an absolutely paranoid wreck and I'll gladly make survivors bleed out in their silly corner while standing on the open hatch if I can find it.

  6. Killers like you are the exact reason why I don’t play as often as I do anymore. Y’all let this game mentally shatter you 💀 Hope you get into a better headspace, seriously.

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