Does every delhite believe that sugarcane juice (ganne ka rus) is the best drink for the extreme summer heat of Delhi...

  1. without ice though..... Adding ice, just invitation to throat difficulties followed by mild fever n headache..... Aam panna, bel ka juice and sattu are quite as good too. Ye sab cold drink wagr bc bkwas chiz h just drink luke warm water n see how well you feel.... Ghade ka pani is unbeatable rather than fridge ka paani(it's sweet poison).

  2. Agreed. Unpopular opinion but sugarcane juice is straight up gross. Not taste wise but how it's prepared.

  3. I dont feel like any juice is hygienic in market. I always end up noticing the hands, utensils, surroundings etc which makes me kind of puke 🤮 Because of this reason i never drink any fresh juice outside 🥺🥺🥺 how I wish to take my own glass and jar in these shops with me. :(

  4. I used to drink this a lot until a friend told me about how lizards crawl into the ganna for shelter from the heat and get juiced along with the sugarcane🤮. Stopped drinking since.

  5. I used to love ganne ka juice but idk how but now I feel disgusted like I find it very unhygienic the way it is made.clearly nimbu paani is the hero

  6. Not necessarily. Though it will provide glucose if you have already sweat a lot and had released a lot of electrolytes, but since it is high in sugar, it will contribute to dehydration.

  7. No, I don't believe that as I prefer clean, tasteless, slightly-cold water. I get that it's popular, but sugarcane juice vendors must put up their machined stalls at places other than blind spots and roundabouts and metro underbridges, which make them a traffic nuisance for pedestrians and vehicles alike, especially with the lines of patrons involved.

  8. The only & only concern is hygiene. You'd rarely come across a tidy place that serves fresh Ganna Juice. Otherwise topped with ice, mint and you have your own piece of heaven.

  9. South Delhi wale says ...... "Bhaiya please ganne ka rus without sugar denna"...... and the guy is like haaaaaaaaaa

  10. It's simple heat will dehydrate you and also your energy.. Sugarcane juice gives your body a boost of sugar needed and also ice keeps you cool. It's more to do with sugar content which gives you a dose of quick energy you need..

  11. This is very unhygienic, 3 Days ago I was passing by a sugarcane juice seller (just like same baggi in the pic for extracting juice) and I felt like drinking one glass and when the seller was giving the glass to me after pouring juice in it, his thumb went the glass aur bhai ka angootha jhaag se labalab tha and I was like @#&$€¥ and when I was drinking it he pulled his shirt upwards and started scratching his stomach full of hair. Meri aankhen fat gayi ye dekh k. Mujhe lga aise iske haath kahan kahan gaye honge pehle 😰🤮🤮

  12. I'm an American, I was in Kolkata years ago and my hosts told me not to drink it. They said it was prepared in unsanitary conditions and would give me an upset stomach.

  13. The problem is my friend got typhoid because these manual machines are very poorly kept. And after that I'm scared. I've not had this drink which i really crave for about 10-12 years.

  14. I contracted leptospirosis after having this in Delhi. I've observed here, the vendors, do not take off the bark nor do they wash it properly.

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