Day After Draft Debrief - Free Talk Friday | Jun 24, 2022

  1. I’m thinking of writing a huge manifesto of all my Nuggets takes. And then taking a hiatus from Nuggets reddit because I think I spend a little too much time on here when I should be grinding harder. But it would be a shame to not be here because I have so much to say. So getting it all out in one go will be a nice solution

  2. I browsed the Twitter accounts of all players drafted in the first round yesterday. Only 3 of them have changed their profile picture to something with the team they got drafted by. Their names are:

  3. Watson seems like a really cheerful good kid man. This is going off social media presence and how he conducted himself in UCLA. He could have easily pulled a Sharpe.

  4. Someone tell me who to blame for this. I'm really good at shitting on the refs. I can also say the hockeyballs were deflated. Maybe it's Christian Braun's fault for bandwagoning and this is just God's way to punish bandwagoning. Maybe the players just couldn't see the hockeyballs like me.

  5. Watching the game. First ever hockey game I’ve watched. Tbh, I’m not a big fan. But thats just me. I’m not a fan of baseball or football, soccer or any other sport. Straight up basketball. But I’m watching and rooting for u all! Them winning could make Nuggets want to be next!


  7. Should probably clarify: I am not Team “Make a Trade Just for the Sake of It”. I would much rather the Nuggets not have made any trade (and kept Barton, Monte, Bones) heading into the season, and retained their 2027 pick, if for no other reason, because then they have more flexibility to make a “win-now” upgrade (if necessary) at some point in the next 2 years if the right trade comes up.

  8. This team often just lacks intensity in general it goes into slumps where it seems like everyone is falling asleep or just wants the game to be over. I think the contrast to that was whatmade Bones stand out so much last year (and I'd argue even Facu the year before when he first earned minutes with defense).

  9. Australian national team forward Jack White will play summer league with the Denver Nuggets, a source told ESPN. The 24-year old Duke graduate emerged as one of the most versatile defenders in the Australian NBL this season with Melbourne United.

  10. Sorry if you follow me on Twitter. Im unhinged right now. Really upset and not changing my stance on this stuff going on. But I am gonna chill out a bit. Sorry for possibly ruining the timeline.

  11. Learn how to exercise properly, and temper your expectations. Find a healthy balance between challenging yourself, and not risking form.

  12. Hardest part is getting through the door, if you can manage to do that consistently you’ll be fine. As for lifting advice, it’s all dependent upon what your goal is.

  13. Jazz fans are pretty weird. They are really intense and passionate in the arena and during games but pretty chill otherwise. At least in my experience living in Utah for a few years.

  14. Maybe it’s because I was to stupid too attend but college rivalries have an absurd amount of animosity that I really just don’t understand. Coworker fucking hates the Braun pick because of college loyalty and that is just weird to me.

  15. I enjoy reading up the "calming" factors on the sub. Not sure why anyone would hit the panic button over a draft class not severely impactful with talent.

  16. So I was listening to the Matt Moore podcast to see what they had to say about the draft. They said the offseason is a failure as of now in terms of the win now mentality but if we were to make a move such as Barton and Jeff Green for KCPoop then the offseason is not only saved but actually a successful one.

  17. The main question we should ask when it comes to evaluate this offseason is “did we improve our top 9-man rotation ?”

  18. All-in should definitely mean "we are trading for a good, proven starting-calibre defensive role-player." The word "aggressive" was thrown around too, which definitely should confirm that that's what it means. So yeah, trading for a KCPoop or Thybulle (or better) would definitely be an all-in move (at least in spirit because I don't agree with the Thybulle trade idea).

  19. Remember when Malone started Bol against KD that one time against the nets? I can totally see him not playing Braun for a while and suddenly telling him to go guard Ja against Memphis one game.

  20. Bol did well, I'll die on that hill. Stopped KD for a half, and got roasted in the 2nd. That's roughly half as good as anyone ever does in the league.

  21. The fear of a block is way more important than the actual block itself. If the opponent knows you can easily block their layup attempt, then they're way less likely to attack the paint.

  22. A block is worse than a steal because a steal is always a turnover but a block might not be. A block is a glorified deflection

  23. One of Christian Braun’s future press conference answers leaked. When he is asked “who on the team do you know or have talked to?”

  24. I hope we face OKC early in the schedule this year so Jokic can give Chent his welcome to the NBA moment. Imagine Jokic posting that twig up

  25. The Knicks are giving away players for TPE to get more cap space for Brunson. We could easily snag reddish or burks for free (similar to woods or grant) if we wanted to

  26. I mean that's a little cherrypicked. The Ringer gave both our picks a B, Sam Vecenie from the athletic also liked our picks (he doesn't give grades)... Either way draft grades just after the draft are meaningless, and have always been meaningless.

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