Which opponent fanbase in general you guys find chill and have good interactions with.

  1. 76er Fans are my favorite. They are very calm and reasonable when discussing the MVP candidates

  2. And it’s funny too for me- if it’s not the Nuggs, I really wouldn’t mind seeing Philly win a championship. I think Embid is easy to root for. But the fans were just fucking beside themselves over Jokic/MVP. They hate Denver as a result, whereas I don’t mind them at all.

  3. Back at ya! Nuggets are my secondary team and I spend a lot of time in this subreddit. Good level-headed folks here.

  4. I’m a spurs fan and I actually became a bit of a nugs fan since that series, and even more so after the bubble. Rooted for y’all in the playoffs the last 2 years and really just can’t wait to see a fully healthy nugs team again.

  5. I heard Pascal hates Denver? And the Toronto fans are actually super fucking annoying. But being born there and living in Canada I'll always root for them, but now I much prefer ja and the grizzlies over the Raptors

  6. I saw a highly upvoted comment on the Knicks sub after the Porzingis trade that said “at least we don’t have to pretend he’s better than Jokic anymore”

  7. Bucks probably. Even when there is a clear conflict in say whose player gets the MVP there is little hate between the two camps. And the distance allows us to respect each other and mind our own businesses

  8. I’d say Spurs fans. And most definitely NOT Jazz fans. They’re almost as toxic as Philly fans. Maybe more so, there are so many stories about racial slurs thrown at players in SLC.

  9. Yo is this satire? Jazz fans are the most pathetic fan base in the NBA, one of the most pathetic in sports. The ultimate little man syndrome, they are delusional every year about their championship aspirations, they hate on Jokic for literally no reason, and are unbearably unintelligent when it comes to basketball IQ. Anyone but the Jazz (I’m a Denver transplant currently living in Utah). I struggle to talk sports with anyone from Utah, to be frank. Their sports IQ is below average.

  10. As a Nuggets fan born in Colorado but living in Utah. Letting you know right now, Jazz fans have no sympathy for Nugs post 2020. Lots of bitter people here

  11. Have never had a bad interaction with a Pacers fan. Have also been approached more in public by Pacers fans wanting to talk basketball and Nuggets when I’ve had gear on.

  12. I mean imagine you live in Utah. It’s gotta be the least hip place to live in the States. Like at least Alabama has muscle shoals and some good barbecue.

  13. Prior to this year, I would say put on your helmet and hunker down in a trench before saying anything negative about the Jazz because they're gonna be in fucking attack mode. And I've heard podcasters (Russillo) express the same sentiment.

  14. +1 for ATL. Lived there most of my life before moving to Denver and I gotta say most ATL sports fans are pretty self aware because they haven't turned into entitled monsters who want to shit all over everyone and everything (ok except UGA fans we're not perfect). It's fun to be fans amongst people who love the local teams and the sport above all and not this weird fanatic Kobe/Jordan vs Bron shit or the like.

  15. Blazers fan here. The Nugs are one of the other teams I enjoy supporting unless we're playing each other. LOL but yeah, our fan base has the habit of over valuing our own players. For example, Sharpe, our pick at 7, who has no decent footage to watch and has never played against even college level opponents, is the next Paul George LMFAO!

  16. I have a lot of Blazer fan friends and I was actually surprised by the lack of inclusion of Blazers on this list. Might just be my friends but even when we are playing each other the banter is friendly and we both appreciate the things that are fun about each other’s teams. Unless you are talking about the Blazers this past year where nothing was fun.

  17. As a Jazz fan I’ve always viewed the Nuggets like brothers — I can’t really summon antagonistic feelings toward Denver.

  18. Bucks, Raptors are my favourite subreddits. Bucks fans are just chill and we mutually respect both Jok and Giannis. Raps fans are also pretty chill and we share a hatred of Philly

  19. I’m a laker fan, but I’ve been a fan of Denver since the insane games I saw from Jamal and Jokic during the bubble. This is the first time I really commented but you guys are chill, little to no vitriol and I really appreciate it

  20. Probably Dallas fans? They just love Luka and aren’t toxic from people that I know. Absolutely cannot stand Suns and Heat fans

  21. Suns fans shocked me. They are so obnoxious! I had to get off Reddit during the playoffs after I kept seeing some say Chris Paul deserved mvp over Jokic. Also I can’t stand clipper fans.

  22. Dallas fans are only nice because we haven’t had to play them head to head yet in a series. Ton of my friends are from Dallas they will not be chill haha

  23. Probably any fanbase outside of The Suns, Jazz, Lakers, Philly, and NYK. Inner conference chillest are probably Portland, Dallas, Spurs, and GSW.

  24. Everyone saying Knicks are delusional. The only reason they are 'reasonable' atm is because their team sucks and they have nothing to flex about. Just wait until they start to succeed, they will be insufferable.

  25. Lakers fans are by far most down-to-earth. On the east - you have the level headed Sixers fans. Suns fans are also pretty chill lately, and GSW fans seem like a bunch of old heads, so its cool to talk to them. I really can't pick between those guys.

  26. I just posted basically the same thing but didn't list the 6ers and should have. I like the way you think Mr Storm

  27. You forgot about Celtics fans - it’s amazing that a team has won that many titles and fans never ever ever bring it up in conversation. Plus Bill Simmons and Ryen Rusillo seem like the type of people I would want to hang out with.

  28. sixers-no way they fucking hate us cause of the mvp lakers-alright besides the bronsexuals suns-obnoxious af gsw- pretty chill at least from what i’ve seen

  29. All of them, there's good fans in all teams, just like how there's arsehole nugget fans. Im not gonna interact with dickhead fans

  30. Bucks fans I’ve interacted have been really cool, I’ve also met some cool Mavs and Spurs fans as well.

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