How do you go through with life when everything you want isn't realisticly obtainable?

  1. I feel very similar 27m, 'our home' was sold off a few years ago and even though I know people in the area that I grew up with...I just can't. It doesn't work. I wanna go to school everyday and be forced to make friends but now it's all on me and I don't know what to do. Also everyone I ask just says that's what being an adult is, well I don't wanna be an adult!

  2. It’s been 12 years since my parents divorced and the family broke up. It was an ugly divorce and at the time I was 16 years old. I did not handle it well, never mourned or grieved the loss. Smoked weed and drunk a lot. I was constantly angry and aggressive, with myself and others and things got only worse from there. I started feeling sad, lonely, never loved, (socially) anxious, insecure. But I never labeled those feelings as such. I only felt bad. Besides good it was the only feeling i knew (until recently). And if I started feeling bad I would go out with friends and smoke or drink. Ignoring the pain. Until about 2 years ago I experienced some things that broke me down. Suddenly i started feeling everything that i had ignored. But it was too heavy. I developed a mood disorder, suicidal thoughts and characteristics of personality disorders. But I started to feel and mourn which was important. I mourned the loss of my family and the absence of my mother’s love. But i did so every time I was sad, and do so until this day. It’s been 2 years.. and it’s time for it to stop. Dr Edith Eger says in her book “the choice” (which I heavily recommend) to one of her patients that its important to move from mourning to grieving. And i believe i am stuck in the mourning phase and perhaps you are too. We are mourning the losses of our families, but we havent grieved. We must come to terms with our loss and choose to move on. I wish you the best and am confident you can do it.

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