The Best of John Marino 2019-20 Regular Season

  1. A Rangers fan I work with was telling me Marino was always killing them in the playoffs. Between him and Palat it’s like Fitz is just building a Ranger slaying team

  2. Sounds like I’m one of the only ones excited for this trade. Marino is a gem. Smith has a good chance to be a solid offensive dman but do we really need another one of those? His confidence is at an all time low and Marino is a piece we may have been needing to clean up what we’ve needed on the back end. Trust me this will look like a steal soon.

  3. I asked my buddy about Marino since he's a huge Pens fan and he seemed genuinely upset about losing him. Hearing that he doesn't make a lot of mistakes sounds amazing and honestly something we could really use.

  4. Pens fan here who will miss Marino a ton but I’m happy to see there are Devils fans here who are excited to have him.

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