I’m tired of trying to hide my love for Burninggreymon he’s the best dang greymon variant there is

  1. It's a great digimon but did you know it's not really a greymon? It's Japanese name is Vritramon and it's only called a greymon because they decided to translate it different and just change its name.

  2. also, what the hell is the "burning"? Literally all greymon are fire related, this one ain't special.

  3. Super love this Digimon and MagnaGarurumon. Unfortunately all I remember as a kid is that they took so many Ls against those two royal knights before theh actually won

  4. I'm the opposite. I hated that Aldamon took over for most of the rest of Frontier because I just think something about the design of the head is so cool

  5. Fun fact, he's only known as BurningGreymon in the English dub; in the original Japanese, he's known as Vritramon, in accordance with his inspiration, the Vritra of Vedic and Hindu mythology.

  6. Yeah MetalGreymon was pretty badass, dude took out Etemon with ease and even Vamdemon never wanted to tank his Giga Destroyer (he always either stopped or dodged it).

  7. I love the move he does at the end of his digivolution sequence when he shoots a bunch of fire out of his armor. So badass

  8. I hate the atrocious names they gave the Frontier Digimon in the dub. KendoGarurumon!? Nice job on the Germanic theme…

  9. Usually I get why names changed and accept it and dont get into discussions on which name is "better" or "correct" but in this case I will. Its dumb that in an attempt to draw in the older audience they shoehorned greymon and garurumon into their names.

  10. He has one of the coolest designs in all of digimon and it's a shame he was almost never used in frontier

  11. While people jerk off at the opportunity to tell someone they are technically wrong, I want to direct people to AncientGreymon who has extremely clear similarities to Vritramon, and it’s not like Vritramon doesn’t evolve into KaiserGreymon.

  12. I personally find it annoying how he's technically not Greymon family yet he's connected to ancient fucking Greymon.

  13. The english card game does not count them as a greymon the game says "any greymon beside burningeymon and dorugreymon" so no even the english translatoin does not count them as greymon

  14. well... he isn't really a greymon tho , and not even the level of Gaiomon that the DRB says he is a subspecies

  15. I mean, you can argue that it's at least a closely related Digimon to the species on account of being a Spirit born from AncientGreymon, in that sense I don't think they really need to point out it being a subspecies. At the very least, I'd put it in a category closer than Agumon, and Agumon already seems like an honorary member of the Greymon-species with it being basically the sole "official" Rookie for many Greymons.

  16. I always love posts about BurningGreymon because there's always multiple comments of "Did u kno it vritramon in jp?" as if we're not all Digimon nerds on a Digimon sub

  17. I remember his introduction episode in Frontier were he was a badass and felt like a force of nature kinda like SkullGreymon or Megidramon, he should’ve been more used.

  18. VictoryGreymon and BlackWarGreymon X will always have my heart. But OG Wargreymon obviously has his place in there too.

  19. Out of all the ones out there I can think of (which is less then 10 I think) I also think he’s great. It also helps for me he was basically a power ranger when you think about it.

  20. Greymon variant or not, this is still my favorite design out of the Beast forms and one of my favorites out of Frontier overall. I wish we got to see more of him as Takuya only used him when he really needed the power which made him a rare occurrence, otherwise he defaulted to his Human Spirit and then he was ignored almost entirely for Aldamon when he got unlocked.

  21. He's cool, but I don't think he qualifies for being the best Greymon variant...on account of not being a Greymon variant. dub apologists dni

  22. I'm not much of a Frontiers fan,but I do admit he's pretty cool on his own merits. I particularly like how he seems like a mid-point between the more saurian Greys and the more humanoid WarGreymon.

  23. Why would you try to hide it? I love burninggreymon the most out of the many,many greymons out there(although rizegreymon is amazing I still love burninggreymon more).

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