NATALIE DID IT !!! DGLO Champion 2022

  1. Did Prodigy dump her? Could’ve sworn she was on their team earlier this year. I remember Austin Hannum talking shit on her despite being on the same team. Weirdly, I can’t find the list of pros Prodigy sponsors on their website….

  2. My only opinion on the matter is if the women aren’t making a stink about it then why are the men so mad? Granted cancel culture is strong today, so maybe the women are afraid to say something.

  3. In my opinion, I think Hannum said something because he isn’t as big a name as Catrina Allen and if I had to guess they probably have a similar opinion on this matter. Allen didn’t want to “dirty” her name by saying something so he took the hit. When he got such negative pushback it probably confirmed her suspicions that if she said something she would get some major heat. Just my opinion though

  4. Pro players aren't going to openly voice disagreement, knowing the armchair brigade would call them transphobic and sore losers. Their sponsors wouldn't want any topical flak either.

  5. I know for sure, female swimmers who have competed against Lia Thomas have voiced that they’ve been scared to say anything because Penn State and the media would come after them and ruin their reputation. So yeah, theres definitely female pros who are afraid to say anything because of the flak they’ll get.

  6. I would imagine if the women who disagreed with trans athletes made a comment, they would be absolutely berated. So it’s easier to hold your tongue and not get involved in the controversy.

  7. Considering a lot of the women have gone out of their way to voice support for trans women only to have men online yell at them for it, I think the cancel culture is coming from inside the house

  8. Because men want to "protect women's sports", and that comment came from a friend who has played in local B/C tiers with other trans women.

  9. Im a man but for both MPO and FPO I'm just a spectator. My gender shouldn't matter from that perspective no?

  10. Maybe professionals are different, but I've talked to a few women locally (not a large sample size, granted) and in the tournaments around here, all have expressed negative opinions regarding trans inclusion in the FPO field, but they know they can only look bad by going public with those concerns, so they just keep quiet until they are away from the tournament. I'm not condoning or supporting either side, just giving an observation.

  11. So if biology doesn’t matter, why don’t they just combine all the leagues and you compete against everyone equally? What’s the point of separating the sexes?

  12. I wanted to post here because we had a HUGE amount of support from the REDDIT community for our naming contest and a lot of folks have been following along since then and so I wanted to say thank you. This is a big day for Neptune and Natalie and the community support means the world to us.

  13. Winning a tournament isn’t something I’ve done yet. I can only imagine the feeling of capitalizing on all the hard work put in to trying to win. So kudos on that front and never would I want to diminish the accomplishments of another.

  14. As someone who is a daughter, let your daughters make up their own mind on how to feel about it. Having daughters doesn't make you a woman expert.

  15. When you are born a male you have certain undisputed physical advantages. The PDGA should take that into consideration when making the rules on this for next year.

  16. I am also upset that women just lost their human rights with the death of Roe. Glad to see you’re very concerned with the rights of women

  17. Neptune, how about some more shirts for Natalie to wear on the course? Seems like I’ve seen the same 2 shirts every tournament.

  18. To respect the legitimacy of the remaining 99.99% of the FPO field DGPT needs to rethink this decision to let Ryan play. We can’t let outliers like Ryan affect the entire field. Make the tough call and remove her from the FPO field. This has nothing to do with disrespecting Ryan and everything to do with respecting the rest of the field.

  19. So many people worried about how far she can drive which is the only advantage she has. GG can drive further than 95% of the field, same for Natalie. What’s the big deal? Apparently her card mates were really supportive so it seems like y’all are the only ones who care.

  20. The difference is it’s an advantage she has based solely on physical advantage and only over the rest of her field because of that advantage she was born with . GG has been playing e sport for 25 yrs and his extremely specialized form shows it . FPO bombers like Jen and Catrina Allen are also 15 + years in with specialized form , Paige Pierce has been playing for almost 30 yrs and has some of the best form regardless of gender or body type and her distance reflects it.

  21. Lol does she really always wear the same one? I assumed it was just a coincidence. I definitely understand her wanting to rep the blue white and pink colors on big tourney days though.

  22. They got rid of the spoiler rules last week apparently. I’m not stoked about it because I love this subreddit and discussing all things disc golf, but I can’t always watch live which means I have to avoid Reddit. I wish we had two different subs. One for playing disc golf and all things related, and one to watching professional disc golf.

  23. Welcome. The sub where you get 24 downvotes for a positive and non controversial comment. The mob is strong on this post wtf

  24. I know absolutely nothing about Neptune discs. Marketing manager is hopefully about to get busy.....if they don’t have one, that may be why I have never heard of them.

  25. There's only one simple solution: there needs to be a PDGA and LPDGA. Let the ladies decide for themselves what the requirements should be for an FPO division. No one else should have a say in the matter but the ladies

  26. I’m curious if a player, let’s say Ella Hansen for example, came out and said she self-identified as Eli and as a man, would you be okay with Ella (Eli) continuing to play FPO?

  27. So long as said player isn't taking hormones to alter their body, there wouldn't be a reason they couldn't continue on.

  28. What? If she transitioned into a male, then she’d have to play MPO. If she didn’t, she could still play FPO. It’s pretty damn cut and dry lol.

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