A woman’s perspective on Transgender athletes in FPO

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  2. One of the most frustrating parts of conversations around this topic is that so many people feel that you’re either 100% supportive or you’re transphobic.

  3. Yeah, I'm trans and I'm pretty conflicted about it. My sister plays football and trains for it all year round. I just do a normal daily light exercise routine and I still leave her in the dust when we do football drills together. It would be insanely unfair for me to play in her league.

  4. I agree. I'm a trans woman, but I personally struggle with the solution to this issue since there's no universal correct answer. That says we need to extend grace to others and stop drowning out reasonable discourse because someone doesn't know the finer connotations in transgender terminology.

  5. It’s a scary topic to touch. People will osint your ass and get you fired from jobs, out you as bad in your circles.

  6. I'm honestly still trying to figure out what the right answer is here, and I have been looking for more women's voices in the conversation, so I appreciate you sharing yours.

  7. Love this take. Natalie is not the enemy and not at fault. She's playing within the rules and won, and that win should be celebrated. I do think the rules need revision, but let's not vilify the athletes. Couldn't agree more.

  8. As a girl who plays in sports, I know tons of trans women who love playing in sports, and frankly, they all suck ass at them lmao.

  9. She only won by 2 strokes and only from her hot second round. She never scored outside the norm for the FPO division. I think it’s far too early to make a decision removing trans athletes from the FPO. If we had a situation where trans athletes were dominating the field I would say the rules need to be looked at but that’s not the case.

  10. Why is it that complicated? Shouldn’t trans athletes always compete with men, because either way, trans athletes would have advantages over women? Any situation where a trans person is playing with women results in the trans person having an unfair advantage.

  11. Yeah. A few weeks ago I remember thinking but probably not posting something like “it’s not a big deal because she hasn’t won yet.” As a reply to someone saying the players weren’t even making a drink about it. Now she won, and the pot is starting to boil. I think it’s good. Good, civil discussion is always good. Respect each other and leave judgment at the door.

  12. It's so obvious that they shouldn't be competing with women though. I don't hate on the girl or anything but something needs to be done here cause it's ruining some girls experiences to get recognition when someone stronger because of their biological gender beats them at their sport.

  13. None of the major sports are exclusive to men either. Woman can play in NBA, NHL, MLB, etc. However, it just doesn’t happen. Not saying it won’t EVER happen, but so far it hasn’t because they would be at an EXTREME disadvantage genetically.

  14. I feel like all professional sports are open or (mlb,nfl) don't have a clause that excludes a gender. If they are good enough to play at that level a pro sport team would let them. Cause Money.

  15. What would happen if a Men’s Professional Division was created? You have a division for cis-men (MePO) cis-women (FPO) and mixed division (MPO) for anyone/everyone who wants in? Some top tier women may prefer to play MPO for the competition, but there would still be a female protected division for those concerned about disadvantage (like OP). Just a little thought experiment…

  16. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have stated before that women should get to determine how the women's divisions are run, and right now that is still not happening. All the major governing bodies are comprised almost entirely of men. Fair competition is the heart of sports and I feel that fairness in women's sports is again being compromised by the decisions of men. Respect for speaking your mind.

  17. After having been 145lbs and 6'3" (18) and now 205lbs 6'4" (34) I would say that the strength gain aspect has amounted to minimal increases in speed at the fingertips for racquet and throwing sports. What has gotten better is the amount of control I have (dexterity) while going through the motions. I'm firm in my belief that motor neuron recruitment with stronger muscles can definitely be an advantage and that male skeletal structure is being massively downplayed.

  18. It's baffling to me how some people think this is in any way fair. This current stance ruins competitiveness and sports-integrity at the highest level. It must be infuriating for women who compete in these settings.

  19. I've never played disgolf, and likely never will, but I have a daughter who's into competitive swimming, and OP's post hit

  20. Yeah I’ve been seeing “we just don’t know”… a lot lately it’s very odd, because we do know and have for quite some time. All other points aside I have no stake in this game as I’ll never go above MA3 lol.

  21. The mental gymnastics of others trying to say they are clary against something while still remaining virtuous or inoffensive lol. Everyone with a brain or basic understanding of biology knows it’s obviously wrong. Just say it. Stop being so afraid of offending everyone. The reason this is happening is because people are so afraid to be offensive.

  22. Or just take away all leagues, create only open leagues, watch all the money go to exclusively men. Then watch every transwomen and women suffer and take away an opportunity in athletics completely, forcing them to live in a society where there’s less opportunities.

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  24. When was the last time you saw someone transition from female to male and dominate a sport? I'm pretty sure the answer is never. That in and of itself should show how much of an advantage male to female transitioned athletes have in almost every sport.

  25. Theres actually quite a few examples: surfing, bowling, and wrestling have had trans men winners. And we will see more as they are accepted

  26. There are a lot of good points being made in this discussion from all sides. However, the fact that MPO stands for “Mixed” open, is not one of those good points. That literally has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Mixed means it’s open to anyone, not it’s for someone who is transitioned or transitioning… in fact that’s pretty weird if you think about it.

  27. At least in the United States, if the science truly isn't in yet, we "err" on the side of inclusion. Keep in mind that trans women who compete have lower testosterone levels, on average, than cis women. This is because they have fewer sources of testosterone in their bodies (cis women get testosterone from their reproductive organs, whereas trans women get a very small amount, as cis women also do, from their adrenal glands). Any bans are essentially putting all their eggs in the "bone mass/length" basket, and will have to bear the burden of overcoming the inclusive presumption in a sports-specific way, and establishing that bone mass/length is significantly more important than the testosterone disadvantage. Also, a blanket ban based on bone mass/length is likely still overbroad, as it presents short trans women from competing even though they quite obviously don't have that advantage. It's okay to be undecided on the issue, but this is a scientific issue and if "common sense" is telling you something about the science here, and a majority of relevant scientists disagree with that "common sense" then it's probably not common sense at all but received and unexamined bigotry (but it doesn't have to stay that way!).

  28. Obligatory "as a trans woman", i largely agree. Given my personal medical history, I can't fairly compete with cis women. I absolutely despise talking about this issue, because 'phobes use it as a way to attack me and people like me. But as for the issue itself, at the very least, going through male puberty seems like a dealbreaker to me for women's sports - even after years of HRT. This is based mostly on my personal experience (btw, I have never played women's sports).

  29. Okay, trans female here (not that anyone asked) but just for some perspective from another side of the corse (not like it matters). If I play in a women’s league and win, it’s gonna be a big problem. If I play in a mens league and beat the guys. It’s gonna be a problem. If I lose to the guys in mens league it’s not a surprise. Obviously not purposing a fix cause I can’t think of one but just wanted to throw it out there. I love competing in sports but due to the decisions I’ve made in my life to better my personal experiences transition wise I also CHOSE to only play in Rec leagues and unisex leagues. I’m sorry to my peoples but like you can’t argue the clear advantage we have over cis females and it just looks really bad when we try to debate it. We’re just saying you have a clear advantage and it’s NOT fair in the name of sportsmanship. Sorry not sorry.

  30. There are track and field records held by 14 year old boys that are superior to Olympic Records set by the greatest female athletes of all time.

  31. If there is no advantage why not just have everyone compete together? It should just be a free for all. Have the men and women compete together and you wont have this problem….oh wait there is a reason the men and women dont compete together.

  32. The International Olympic Committee has been studying this for years, has very specific protocols to allow trans-women to compete with cis-women. The NCAA has also developed policies to allow trans-women to compete with cis-women. I believe the DGPT follows guidance set by the IOC.

  33. Isn’t it something like the level of testosterone has to be below a certain amount? If that’s the case does it have to be that way for a certain length of time?

  34. These conversations may do better with cited sources especially when referring to the IOC’s research and findings. I think it would help people on both sides.

  35. There really isn't as much evidence as you think. We have some small studies about muscle mass and bone density, but it's pretty obvious that limb length can't decrease with hormones (nor skeletal proportions significantly change, like shoulder width) and that's a big factor in a sport like disc golf. At least, it seems to be.

  36. So many repetitive threads when this is the only point that really matters. It isn't like PDGA is approaching this all willy-nilly. They are building on research and standards set by the global leaders in competition and supplementing it with their own expert research and recommendations.

  37. I’m a cis woman competing (not in FPO). I have no issue with trans women competing in Female divisions, providing they follow the rules that have been determined by the PDGA. As far as I’m concerned medical researchers, sports physiologists and gender biologist’s opinions have far more weight than my own or anyone else on this sub. If, following a review of new scientific data it is shown that trans women have a significant and detrimental advantage over cis women then I would support a review of the rules. I do wonder however what the impact of a potential exclusion from female divisions would be. Would preventing trans women from playing with other women, and also effectively forcing them to reveal their trans status to other MPO competitors be worth the perceived benefit of preventing trans women from winning the odd tournament? I’m not so sure.

  38. The eye test is also what lead to a number of people thinking Ella Hansen shouldn’t be in FPO, a ten year old girl shouldn’t be playing in junior worlds, etc.

  39. I could be wrong here, but I think it maybe means "on first inspection"... example, it looks like Natalie Ryan can throw farther than her cis competitors.

  40. Just wanted to say I highly respect and admire you for going out there and doing what I feel I can’t.

  41. “Eye test” sounds so gross. Cmon. We’ve gotta be better than this. My mom is a buff ass woman who wouldn’t pass these folks fucking eye test. Thinking that should matter at all is so fucked.

  42. Hello nova, glad to see you in the discussion. I think she might have meant eye test from a ability standpoint. I use this phrase frequently in other sports to mean it this way.

  43. It sounded to me like OP was saying they don't look like women, don't pass the eye test, and therefore should be excluded.

  44. This should be the top comment and OP should have responded in an appropriate timeline. Nova, I think you’re great and I hope you have a stellar day.

  45. So many men have masqueraded as women on this topic. Including those two Mississippi pdga board candidates. This OP has a very new account and very little interaction.

  46. You’re missing the point that there are lot of people who are uncomfortable vocalizing their opinion publicly for fear of backlash. There’s no conspiracy here or phantasmal allies. It’s not a topic that welcomes open discussion unfortunately

  47. There’s so much thinly-veiled transphobia that they pass off as “concern about the integrity of women’s sports”.

  48. The amount of effort that one has to make to transition and qualify for the current PDGA policy is immense. No one would ever do that JUST to play in FPO. So, for the few that have transitioned, that are women in every other place in life, I think it is completely fair for them to play in FPO. They add to the cash pot, they add numbers (albeit small) to the division. Ratings and play-wise, disc golf honestly is great because they are right where they are supposed to be. I don’t see them taking away from anything. It’s like saying Ohn playing FP40 is unfair and takes away from the division just because she’s had some big wins. It’s sports. Nothing will ever be totally fair from every perspective. Hell, it’s not fair that I didn’t start competing in high school because the sport was so small then I could’ve won all the tournaments! I’m a woman PDGA member and these are my thoughts.

  49. Thank you for that perspective! It’s odd how people have a problem now and not screaming like this when the season started. Natalie played amazing golf (above her rating) on a given weekend. That’s what it takes to win! She played great!

  50. When you say you aren't Anti-trans, just pro-women you are stating exactly what your belief is, which is that you don't believe trans-women are women.

  51. Another woman's perspective: I wholeheartedly support trans women in women's disc golf, and my local scene is welcoming to them.

  52. Please STOP with this idea that you need to be part of a selective group to understand an issue. It is so anti-liberalism and populist that it just assumes only certain subsets of the population get it.

  53. I completely disagree. The more information and discussion out there no matter what the demographics are, the better. All sexes and genders have an impact on any high level decision such as this

  54. It’s one thing to have a casual ladies night including transgender women, which we do as well. It’s another for transgender women to be competing at the highest level of the competition against cis-gender women.

  55. Heres how I stand on it. I asked my gf, who plays against all the trans FPO players, how she feels about it. She said she doesn't care so long as they follow the protocol. Why should I care if she doesnt?

  56. You would like this subreddit to discontinue this conversation because you are beginning to see the sentiment shifting.

  57. so when would be a good time and place to have this discussion? should this discussion ONLY be held by women in a room with a sign on a door that says no men allowed? and if thats the case should trans women be allowed to participate in this discussion since at one point they were men themselves? do you see the flaws in making this discussion exclusive to only one sex? people, regardless of gender, are allowed to have opinions and the moment you start limiting that it starts to look, walk and smell like you're excluding valuable opinions on the matter based off sex.....which isnt that what most pro trans women competing in womens divisons are expressly fighting against???

  58. I agree with you, as a female disc golfer! I support trans women in disc golf, I’ll gladly welcome them on any card I play on, and I compete as often as I possibly can.

  59. Why is that ridiculous? Are men not smart enough to know the difference between a woman and a man? Or do their opinions and arguments to be discounted and ignored because of their gender? Ironic.

  60. The fact that your post spends more effort on talking about having to be "PC" and dunking on "mainstream opinion" instead of forming an actual argument really makes it feel disingenuous.

  61. If anything this thread shows that they actually do feel perfectly comfortable sharing these opinions, I've never met a transphobe that was shy about it honestly.

  62. I think my take on the subject is that I am 100% in favor of trans rights and love that they are able to be able to be who they are. That said, there should really be a certain level of self-awareness among trans-women that the body that they were born into, though not the one they belong in, does tend to come with certain genetic advantages for athletics.

  63. This is where I am. I’m 100% trans people being included and socially accepted in our communities and being able to find their happiness in peace like the rest of us. However, that freedom to pursue happiness stops at the point where it infringes upon the rights of others to do the same. Part of that, when it comes to participating in a sports, is the presumption of equal competition, which is unfortunately violated in this specific sport when it comes to trans women’s inherent advantages. I believe that is part of what OP is addressing here.

  64. Genuine question. I see a lot of people talking about creating a mixed division. This, so far, would include 2 people. There are simply not enough people that are trans to create their own division so I’m not sure that would work either.

  65. While there are always going to be some unreasonable people that will attack anything, it is the internet after all, I don't think there needs to be much concern about voicing an opinion in this way that acknowledges trans women properly but disagrees with the current state of the scientific opinion on it. I may not agree with you (I'd argue that Natalie Ryan passes the eye test just fine, she's a strong thrower but isn't doing anything that a decent number of cis female competitors can't also do) but don't have much reason to criticize the way you presented your opinion

  66. Weird, when I said yesterday women were too afraid to speak out against this due to fear of retaliation I got called a transphobe and was told to let women speak for themselves.

  67. Ryan may have a few feet of distance on the completion in FPO, but so do Paige Pierce, Catrina Allen, Hailey King, and others. Jennifer Allen holds the distance record. Should they be not allowed because they beat every other female player on tour? Ryan's record hasn't been stellar at all. She's been beaten by Pierce, Allen, and King in events that she's competed in.

  68. There is a female protected division and there is a mixed division. Anyone who is not a female would logically participate in the mixed division.

  69. To your first point. These women have worked extremely hard to get to where they are. A lot them have been playing most of their lives. You’re almost invalidating that fact. These are our absolute top female athletes in the game. She may not be beating them all the time but she is beating a lot of other women who have also worked incredibly hard to get to where they are. I’m not saying Natalie hasn’t worked hard. I’m sure she has. But you can’t change all the biological differences between men and women. Calling women transphobic for having this stance is exactly why we don’t want to speak up. None of us want to hurt anyones feelings but we just want a fair game.

  70. Completely agree. Pretty obvious there is a competitive advantage for male born individuals. Most of the top FPO players are rated around 950. It’s pretty common to see mens amateur advanced players in that same rating. I understand the tour players are playing more difficult layout than most MA1 players, but there is no denying there is a skill /physical gap between biological men and women

  71. Most people are against trans women competing in women’s sports but still demand they are respected. The corrupt media is marketing/manipulating the hell out of the narrative, to keep us arguing about stupid things instead of the important issues.

  72. Natalie Ryan competes for the entire year, highest placement being 2nd - virtually no comments / discussion about her competing.

  73. These "conversation about trans women in FPO" threads only ever get raised when the trans players play well, but are completely absent when they don't. Seems like it's not that they are playing in FPO that's the problem for some people, but that they play well.

  74. Well no shit, detective. No one ever complains about the NBA and MLB allowing women in their leagues because they never make the cut. If women started dominating the NBA men would ask for their own exclusive league (like women did with the WNBA)

  75. You're absolutely right. Women have fought hard to have their own space in sports but know they mostly sit silent scared to speak. This society is stealing your sports and your voices.

  76. “not enough is known about gender and physicality to make a comprehensive ruling” look at the world records of every major sport by gender. Men have an undeniable physical advantage

  77. What a bad take, so why even have the female division then? Just play with the men and train harder, right? There are always going to be differences so Why not just have one division and never have any women ever win anything or be in the top 1000 of 95% of sports? Just never allow for them to win anything or get sponsors or get brand deals because I mean that’s pretty much what your saying.

  78. Coming immediately from a place of "Why should trans women be included?" rather than "Why should trans women be excluded?" /is/ kinda anti-trans, because the default position is that trans women can't belong. So is framing it as "pro-woman". If excluding trans women is a "pro-woman" move, you're already starting from a place where trans women aren't women, which is kinda the essence of transphobia.

  79. You are in the majority, unfortunately everyone to afraid to say anything without being labeled transphobic. Women are biologically different than men, that is a fact. MPO (MIXED Professional open not “Men”) includes anyone who wants to compete. FPO is Female Professional Open.

  80. We have several friends and a couple of family members who are transgender and who have transitioned.

  81. Id like to hear the defenders of trans women playing in FPO talk about what would happen to the sport if someone like Paul, Ricky, or Eagle went through the changes that Natalie Ryan went through.

  82. While there certainly is an important discussion to be had about trans women in sports, phrases like "this feels a bit like an occupation of our gender" wholly undermine your own claims that you support trans rights. Trans women are not "occupying" womanhood, they quite simply *are* women.

  83. The root problem of all of these talks is, where do you draw the line for what is "equality" in sports. Too many people think they can draw it at "If you have a peepee, you go here and if you have a V-hole you go there" and like... things don't work that way.

  84. Here's a human being's perspective - It's a damn shame that Natalie worked really hard to be a great disc golfer knowing that every time she does well, you're just going to talk about her genitals. Is there literally a sentence in this rant that says they don't pass the "eye test"? For shame.

  85. The problem so far with medical committees is that they have been set up to answer the wrong question. It shouldn't be their job to assess whether transgender women have an advantage over cis-woman. That investigation is set up for failure as either way these propositions are difficult to prove. Their job should be to determine whether THT (transgender hormone therapy) undoes the advantage.

  86. I think we'll see a shift towards this in the next decade. I think the IOC got caught not paying attention to how the world was changing, then thought there would be limited instances, now is trying to play catch up. It feels like a very reactionary policy that has basic science attached to it.

  87. Thought you were laying your point out well until "It certainly doesn’t pass the eye test in the cases of Natalie Ryan and Nova Politte" - seen plenty of CIS women who are more masculine looking that these 2. Recently transphobes were also including Ella Hansen (a CIS woman) in their hate cos "they can always tell".

  88. There was a player from Iceland that the people here were speculating was trans too recently, because...get this...she's tall.

  89. We should make a fully open divisions based on rating. Look if your 1000 rated player or whatever they should all be able to play in full open. 950-999 open division 2. Keeping mens and woman’s pros separate but if you want to play full open everyone Falls into the category. I really don’t know a better way as this. Similar to ma40, fa50 and etc. i know it adds more divisions but I think this is as fair as it can be based on skill on courses.

  90. I'm a woman. I play sports. Trans women are women. Stop trying to find the longest possible list of excuses why woman have to be coddled and protected or somehow isolated from "real" competition just because we're women. All people have significant variation in ability, anti-trans hate is 100% about finding the easiest target to isolate in spite of zero - ZERO - evidence that anyone has ever transitioned solely in order to compete in a women's category of anything.

  91. I absolutely agree. Trans athletes deserve to compete and they deserve to be recognized. However, by trying to be so inclusive for trans athletes, we end up excluding the rest of the female athletes. Going through puberty as a male undeniably imparts an unfair advantage to these trans athletes. Body composition, crural index, knee valgus, bone density, muscle mass will be affected.

  92. Before the NBA was integrated, people argued that there should be a separate league for black people because they had "obvious physical advantages".

  93. And, to no one's surprise, that's still happening. The women being flagged for gender testing at the olympic level are predominately Black women.

  94. I don't think 20 years of estrogen will undo going through puberty as male. Do I think that a trans woman can compete at the level of CIS men? No, they are stuck somewhere (biologically) between CIS men and CIS women.

  95. I am pretty sure that enough is known about gender and physicality to make a comprehensive ruling - and it just not fair for trans women to compete against cis-women.

  96. We are talking about the livelihood of these women. If you look at the arc of Natalie advancing through competition in the PDGA, there very few women that would compare. Testosterone driven puberty creates differences that can’t be undone with suppression. Even something as simple as hand size can have a marked impact on throwing a disc.

  97. Y’all are acting like every trans woman is Michael Jordan. Let me tell you they aren’t. There is not an epidemic of trans women dominating sports. There is however an epidemic of freaks who wanna do genital inspections in high schools. Y’all can fuck off.

  98. Transwomen should not ever compete in a female born league. Whether you like it or not women and men are on two different levels when it comes to sports. It should never happen and it’s honestly a disgrace to women sports. You can hate it but it’s the truth.

  99. I think this is a well thought out way to address the concerns. The issue I have had lately with many in the disc golf community is transphobia disguised as a concern for competitive integrity or women.

  100. Let me put it to you this way. I’m an above average rec player. I played a tournament this weekend where Tees were the same between M and F divisions and I tied the top female FPO player. It’s not fair at all. If I was a higher level player I would have wiped the floor.

  101. Transwomen competing at the top levels in women's sports probably do have a physiological advantage, but so does every top level athelete. None of them are competing on merit of hard work alone.

  102. I think it boils down to what you consider the purpose of women's only tournaments to be. Presumably it's to give a group (women) who would otherwise be shut out of a sport an opportunity to compete. However, this is only necessitated by the practical realities of male vs female physiology, so the question then is do the practical realities of trans-women vs cis-women physiology shut out cis-women from competing in the same way? So far it doesn't seem like it. However, if it were to get to the point where cis-women were effectively excluded from women's sports the way they are from gender-neutral sports, it would probably make sense to create a separate league/division for only cis-women.

  103. I work with kids alot. When I ask the girls if they want to go against the boys, the answer is always NO. Then we become adults and are afraid to say that same thing out of fear of being called names.

  104. On the other hand, trans women are now searching for that very same inclusive space to compete. You said yourself that not enough data is yet present, so why not default to include trans women until more is known rather than exclude them?

  105. As a women that competes in the FPO field this is 100% accurate. Many of the players on tour do not agree with this and are too afraid to speak out about it. It is not transphobic. I am 100% in support of people being their true authentic selves and would never want to hurt anyones feelings. Hormone therapy will not change skeletal structure, lung capacity, heart size. All things that give bio males an advantage. There is a reason very few females can reach 400 feet on their drives and men can do this with ease. For people out there saying “she’s not winning all the time”. 1. Our top players are amazing athletes who have worked their entire lives to get where they are. And 2. She is still beating and taking money from other women who have also worked very hard to get where they are. This is no way hate towards Natalie as she is following the rules of the game. She is doing nothing wrong. I just think the rules need to be addressed.

  106. Once she wins everything for a year+ i think the discussion has a lot more merit. Idk if 2 strokes is enough to ban an entire group of people

  107. Reading the comments here keeps reminding me that it almost seems like people just want to argue semantics around the word "woman". I guess the solution then would be to "grab the issue from the other side". So are trans women actual women? Sure. In that case, then women's sports leagues should start officially being known as cis women's sports leagues. Trans women athletes then couldn't complain about being excluded from those sports leagues because they aren't cisgender. Problem solved!

  108. A question I have is what if an athlete does not openly disclose they are transgender? Will there be some sort of mandatory testing? What is the criteria for failing?

  109. These threads always come off as some sort of slippery slope being inevitable. I'm sure all these men are going to transition to women to come and dominate disc golf tournaments for less money than they spent on the gas getting there. Notice, too, most of the comments that are so against it because they "love fairness for women" are written by the same handful of commenters. Enough of this anti-trans rhetoric, it's tiring.

  110. I think you mean well, and I certainly don't have the answers but what I can say is being pro-trans IS being Pro-woman. Trans women are women. Saying that your not anti-trans, but Trans people aren't invited into your spaces is suggesting they aren't women in your eyes. If they aren't women then you're being anti-trans. You don't have to be protesting and throwing around slurs to be anti-trans.

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