Alright folks what are we thinking about some BDCs.

  1. MAIN is the only one worth looking at IMO. Lived through 08'-09'. Most have negative price return TBH, MAIN has performed better (actually up since being listed) but still not great compared to growth investments. Div growth is in a similar spot, exists but barely.

  2. I own HTGC, ARCC, and MAIN in my Roth and ARCC in my regular account. Plan to continue holding/adding to the positions.

  3. There are a lot of garbage BDCs but I’ll echo what many have said as good ones: ARCC and MAIN have proven stability. HTGC probably a little riskier but worth checking out. I haven’t seen anyone mention GAIN yet but it’s also a good one.

  4. Only one I have so far is MAIN. Their price fluctuates from like $35-45. I feel if it's under 40 it's a good buy. It's a nice monthly div and they have been giving out special divs as well.

  5. The big question is how their loans are doing. Are most of the loans floating-rate? If so, what will their customers do when the interest rate on their loans doubles or triples? Can they still pay?

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