Thoughts on my Top 20 Holdings that make up 40% or so of my account

  1. Yes I have a lot of holdings. There’s different styles of investing for everyone, I personally enjoy having a lot of holdings, picking stocks and opening new positions give me joy and motivation to continue investing. Also love the constant inflow of dividends.

  2. I kinda like the same feel to that. I don’t see what’s wrong with picking 50-70 stocks that you like and feel diversified. Helps you learn new industries.

  3. The most important thing is to have fun and learn something. Kind of like what sports should be to kids. I look at it as almost a game in a sense. I’ve been looking for my own account to become self sufficient and not going to my paycheck, by using monthly dividend stocks like Jepi, JepQ and USOI. My goal is to be able to get to a couple of thousand a month in dividends.

  4. Looks great to me, good job! ~20 positions is just fine, I just hope your average price for BST is lower than mine :)

  5. I did this for about 6 months and then realized it was way too much work actually paying attention to the movement of individual stocks. Ended up pairing down to VTI, VXUS, and SCHD so that I have time to play some video games after putting my kiddo to sleep.

  6. This is only 40%? I salute the hours of work and DD you’ve put in; I say consolidate half of the rest of the 60% into your current 40%

  7. I have $10k invested in 52 companies. Mostly just a couple shares each. So don’t feel like you have too many holdings. You can have as many as you want.

  8. You don’t keep track of all all your stocks in all your ETFs so why are people complaining that OP can’t keep track of all the stocks he picked? I don’t get it

  9. I've created my own index ETF. It's grown over the last 12 years, but I enjoy the hell out of it and being retired I have nothing but time.

  10. Your top 20 looks nice. So you probably have another 80 holdings that make up the rest. Probably around 100 in all. Looks like you have reinvented your own version of schd or jepi. Which isn’t bad. You should report back every month or so on how you have performed against those and the sp500 in general.

  11. 80% of actively managed funds underperform the market. You have made yourself a fund manager as a hobby where you are competing against professionals who do it everyday and still lose. I personally think in the long run your fund will underperform against a mix of ETFs (VTI/VXUS/BND). It does not seem optimal but if it helps you invest that’s better than not investing.

  12. OP did say he does it bc he gets joy and motivation from it, and continues to learn, which I can understand.

  13. That's odd. I have outperformed the s&p 500 since I started investing. Somehow I am in the top 20% of all investors. Dumb luck some would say.

  14. I’m happy to see that “traditional” dividend investors which put some effort in picking stocks still exist. I know that buying ETFs is much simpler but I begin to get fed up with this trend of “ETF better than everything else”. It’s almost like a religion.

  15. ETF are the easy solution but if you Pick right and Got some volume a portfolio like this is a true nestegg :-) Proberly the yield will be better than most EFT’s after you extract the management fee.

  16. Around $6200 yearly. Yes I do Drip in everything besides BST being that there’s a good shot they cut there dividend.

  17. So do you not hold any ETFs? Most hold way over a 100 positions. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having my entire portfolio in just 10-15 positions, I don’t believe I have the knowledge or confidence I would beat the market only holding so few companies. However with the amount of companies I hold I have a market like return while collecting dividends on a daily basis almost. Also I like to try and choose the right valuations and price points in which I want to buy into companies rather then just holding ETFs where you lose that ability.

  18. Opposite of what Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger preach. Buy 1-3 companies you believe in and keep buying over the long run.

  19. Genuine question: isn't it better to invest large chunks of money in a few rather than smaller chunks in a lot?

  20. Get exposure to them through Drgo, Dgrw, and Bst. The portfolio goal is to supplement income there yield is just to low for my liking. I also feel like they are just such mature company’s that any future substantial growth is difficult.

  21. That's alot. It looks like you have most funds allocated to ETFs SCHD, DGRO, DGRW. You should double check the management fees and the individual holdings in each ETF to make sure you don't have alot of overlap. I Like a lot of your dividend picks. If your younger and you have time to keep up with many individual stocks that's good. It really depends on what your individual goals are.

  22. why not just put it all in schd. has higher average div and growth than any of these. it out performs dgrw and dgro while having less expense ratio and more dividend. theres a reason its so popular.

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