For which sub classes do you hope for an update in "New 5e"?

  1. Moon Druid. Never have I seen a subclass with such bizarre scaling, and it's remained basically completely unaddressed since the PHB.

  2. I can easily see a rework for all of Wild Shape that uses one or two Tasha's-style statblocks instead of dozens of random animal stats. Maybe Moon druid has an alternate one they can use that's slightly buffed compared to the base class'.

  3. Give Hunter Ranger spells so it doesn't feel bad to pick. Actually, give the two pet subclasses spell lists as well because it's stupid that Battlesmith gets a spell list, every other Ranger subclass (outside of Hunter) gets a spell list, but Drakewarden and Beastmaster don't.

  4. They need to buff the various Hunter options. Colossus slayer is far and away the best level 3 option. The other choices should be reworked so they're all on fairly equal playing fields.

  5. I don't think any subclass needs a major overhaul, generally the core idea is good, I just think some deserve either something more, or fewer restrictions.

  6. I want cavalier to be picked up and reworked into class that actually makes mounted combat worth something. And then have subclasses that specialize the type of rider. Valkyrie, dragon riders, shadow riders, warhawks, primal riders etc. This is also to help with pains everyone has with drakewarden where everything was so backloaded for people that did want to be dragon riders.

  7. While that would be sick... dnd isn't really the game to have a singular mount class 1st, most dungeons tend to be too small for mounts of any kind. Even moon druids may find it difficult going into many of its Huge forms. 2nd, mounts are like stealthing. It needs to be all or nothing. Assassins get slack because of their necessity for it yet lack of practicality of doing it solo.

  8. I want to name all all kinds of martial classes, but combat in general needs to be revamped and made more complex which would make them all work fairly well. Because of that, i cant name amy of them.

  9. I'm glad somebody said it. I've wanted to play one flavored as a gunslinger. I honestly felt like the subclass would be too weak with the hard campaign we'd be playing

  10. Oh! Also if the Sorcerer isn’t totally reworked, add an expanded spell list to the older subclasses to put them on par with the Tasha’s subclasses. Draconic might get messy with a bunch of different lists for each dragon color/element, but at the least Storm would certainly benefit greatly, and my goodness would I like to ride the lightning.

  11. I'd also like to throw out a rework of the capstone feature at 20, I think it would be great for that regeneration of sorcery points on a short rest to be combined with your new 3rd pick of metamagic at level 10, a thematic mastering of your internal power. As for a capstone maybe then increase the sorcery point regeneration to 8 and learn two more metamagic options one of which can be switched out on a long rest kinda like how elves change proficiencies the same way. Metamagic is the stand out feature so more choices is always welcome.

  12. Based on what we've been seeing from UA lately, I've been thinking that maybe classes and subclasses in general will be stripped down to their essential features while minor features will come from feats or ability pools. If that's the case, then we'd see significant changes across the board.

  13. Honestly, i really like twilight and peace cleric. They are really strong, but they are support subclasses, and they help buff clerics up to the same power level as stuff like chronurgy wizard, shepherd druid and clockwork soul.

  14. level locked stronger options for battlemaster (and psi warrior and rune knight too, but those have something similar already)

  15. I really want the Champion Fighter to get a rework to basically be the UA Brute. It just feels so much better while still being simple.

  16. I know you said subclass but core Sorcerer & Ranger, the only reason I'd play one is for multiclass dipping but never as a pure class because their options feel so underwhelming unless synergized with another class.

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