What feats would you give the existing backgrounds?

  1. Any background thats just "I'm a soldier/knight/guard" should get the Fighting Style feat, can't remember what it's called

  2. This is good. One problem with the heroes is Krynn backgrounds is that the background feats were redundant. What does a knight in the fight class need armor prof.

  3. It's very odd seeing as Feats are stated as an Optional rule, to then attach Feats to the newer Backgrounds.

  4. Feats replacing asi is the optional rule, you could always get a feat if the dm gave it to you or now, via background

  5. I hope that there will be more than one feat coupled to one background. Like when you take Soldier you should be able to chosse from Fighting Initiate, Martial Adept, Crusher etc.. Or else I'm afraid that one background outshines the others because it is the optimised(R) way to take one over the other.

  6. I remember once reading that they dont consider it important to have a balance. Some things are better and something are worse, which i agree will lead to every wizard has to take that background A and all ranged shooter will take that background B etc. kind of situation.

  7. I probably wouldn't assign most backgrounds set specific feats. I'd have some backgrounds that allow you to qualify for special feats, but also have xyz class be alternative prereqs for said feats. Using the krynn ua as an example. If you take squire of solamnia you qualify for the feat of the same name as your level 1 feat. You can also be a paladin for fighter to qualify for the feat.

  8. This, I already do this with a limited number of feats (non of the "must pick") ones, gives characters some fun feats and fleshes out ideas more

  9. Honestly, not sure. I personally do not like the idea of backgrounds giving feats, especially feats that can mechanically change things in the game. If I had to, I would try to give the backgrounds less mechanically powerful feats, and more roleplaying/fluffy feats. Things like Keen Mind or such, which would not have a large impact on the game at first level.

  10. I love the idea of background feats because it provides more opportunity to create a unique/flavorful character to the extent that I was already letting my players have a free feat that “can be justified by your backstory”. But I agree it shouldn’t be things like GWM and the big ones. I let a player take inspiring leader and it’s been a lot of fun for our table but it’s definitely a huge boost for a low level party

  11. I didn't like background feats either, but I'm coming around on it. Definitely weaker flavor feats make a lot of sense. chef, inspiring leader, keen mind, grappler, dungeon delver, or linguist would be a great additions Maybe even new situational but fun and flavorful feats.

  12. Ignore the above. After reading the One D&D Playtest that is out now on D&D Beyond (had to create a D&D Beyond Account for that, which I never did, and only have the physical books) and how they did the background feats is something I could get into. First level feats not adding ASIs, stuff like magic initiate giving specific choices. Could work for me.

  13. I’d say that the sailor/pirate background should get one of the three following feats: Tavern Brawler (probably the best option for DMs looking to retrofit older backgrounds without making them broken) or (and these are largely suggested because of the association of pirates with early guns, these are probably bad options balance wise if you don’t want players with sharpshooter+1 at level 1) gunner/crossbow expert (again the latter two options would likely be broken, especially with a vuman/custom lineage who took sharpshooter, but what’s more iconic for a pirate than a rapier in one hand and a flintlock pistol in the other?).

  14. I’d give Chef to Outlander. If you’ve learned to live apart from civilization you’ll need to know how to feed yourself.

  15. Feylost=fey touched, criminal=skulker, entertainer=inspiring leader, hermet=keen mind, charlatan=actor. There would be no Asi gained or ability score requirements for these feats. That’s all I got for you today.

  16. Personally, I feel like background feats should be limited to specific settings to create a unique feel. I like them in Strixhaven, but personally I don’t really like the idea for regular gameplay.

  17. I think the list is going to be pretty small, I don't have specifics but: They can't have any prerequisites as you're taking them on their own, independent of other things. They can't also give an ability score increase, as that would be redundant on top of the floating racial bonuses. On top of that you can't really let people choose things like Lukcy, GWM, SS, etc.

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