Thirteen and her overreliance on the sonic screwdriver

  1. Jodie’s Doctor doesn’t necessarily rely/use it more than anyone else in the reboot, it’s more that she seems to use it randomly for very little reason sometimes. Previous Doctors typically scanned things for a reason, either to unlock something, get information, tweak a machine, self defence, etc.

  2. Every doctor since the reboot has over relied on the sonic. I honestly think they should ditch it again, just like they did with the 5th Doctor. Maybe they have to keep it in now so they can sell toys, idk.

  3. Literally, I feel like people are just nitpicking, all because it ain’t David or Matt smh 🤦‍♂️ Also I don’t think Chibnall is as bad as you’re making him out to be, just because you have a preference for Steven Moffat or whoever

  4. Really? In all honesty she seems to use it less than 10 and 11 did and even when she does use it, it's more of a scanner. 10 and 11 essentially used it as a magic wand to fix all problems and don't even get me started on 12s Sonic Sunglasses lol

  5. Yeah I agree she definitely overuses the sonic, but tbh it goes back further than 13. 11 and 12( when he wasn't using his sonic glasses) was almost as bad. They even made a point about it in Twice Upon A Time. So even Moffat knew it was a problem

  6. It could have been an interesting quirk of her character; how she feels the need to explore everything! And that could have been reflected in her over use of the sonic.

  7. The Eleventh Doctor used it just as much if not more so, so this is hardly a current era issue - this has been an issue for some time. and there are plenty of scenes where she doesn't whip it out, in fact she doesn't use it at all in Revolution of the Daleks (which was quite refreshing)

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